Son of a Toast is Set to Make All Your Toast Dreams Come True This Fall

Son of a Toast is Set to Make All Your Toast Dreams Come True This Fall

Yes, toast is still trending and San Diego is hopping on board with its first toast bar. Setting up shop in North Park, Son of a Toast will feature savory and sweet toasts from chef Gaston Corbala.

Gaston founded the popular Grater Grilled Cheese in 2011 but sold his 50% stake earlier this year. “I’m excited because I get to explore my creativity side more on this project than I did at my previous one,” says Gaston. Get ready, SD — he has officially removed the top piece of bread to explore all new open-faced innovation.

The Toast of the Town

Son of a Toast will feature toast options like the Venetian, which is ricotta cheese, fresh tomato, basil, and Cipolline balsamic on French white bâtard, and Berry White, which is fresh avocado, sliced strawberries, and goat cheese curds drizzled with balsamic glaze on that same French white bâtard. And for those of you wondering what “French white bâtard” is, picture a French baguette, only shorter.

All the toasts will be $7 to $10, but don’t worry — you’ll be stuffed. These toasts aren’t your average store-bought loaf slices; all of Gaston’s toast creations are a full meal.

Morning Brews

Along with the 11 toast options, Son of a Toast will also feature cold brew cocktails. “I was in L.A. a year ago and went into a store that offers everything for bartending, so I started playing with ideas in my head as to how I would incorporate bitters on cold brew — no alcohol,” says Gaston. “One day, I stumbled into a bartending store in North Park, “Collins & Coupe”, who we collaborated with to bring you coffees made with bitters and fresh fruit.”

Some of these cold brew cocktails include the Aztlan Cold Brew, which is grated Mexican chocolate, mole bitter, simple syrup, and cream. You might also want to try out the Old Fashion Cold Brew, which is angostura bitters, simple syrup, and orange peel.

In addition to a balanced interior design featuring both feminine and masculine elements—pastels blended with white and black—Gaston is stirring up something “shocking” in the bathroom at Son of a Toast. So, when you have to go, look out for a little surprise!

Son of a Toast will open its doors in early November, just in time for feasting season. We’ll toast to that!