The Train Run: Ride The Coaster to a Far-Off Stop And Run The Whole Way Back

The Train Run: Ride The Coaster to a Far-Off Stop And Run The Whole Way Back

No, the Train Run isn’t some sort of daredevil-y stunt where you play chicken on the tracks. It’s not even about who is faster, you or the train (the train always wins). Nope, the Train Run is actually a way to use the Coaster to go far, far away from your car and run the whole way back.

Trust us — it’s a good thing.

  • So where do the tracks go?

    Coaster train
    Image via @GoNCTD

    If you’re all laced up, you’re ready for the journey. The most logical place to park is in Solana Beach, right on the 101 near the Coaster station. It’s the best starting point and also near some yummy grub for post-run (hello, Naked Cafe). From there, it becomes a little “choose your own adventure”-ish. Pony up your $4 for a one-way ticket and head north, but the choice of distance to run is all up to you.

    Get off the train in neighboring Encinitas and enjoy a four-mile jaunt back to your car. Feeling a little more frisky than that? Bypass the first stop and hop off at the Carlsbad Poinsettia station to amble the nine miles home. Stick around for a little longer and log yourself a casual half marathon by exiting the train at the Carlsbad Village station. Longer? Seriously!? Good for you! Stay on all the way to Oceanside and head back to clock a cool 17 miles.

  • What’s the best part?

    San Diego Trail run
    Image via @thelpinsd

    Good question! And that’s a tough one to answer, but here are the three things we like the best about this run:

    First, you HAVE TO run back to your car. No ifs, ands, or buts — accountability at its finest. Second, the run is mostly downhill and has the best view ever. You’ll have the Pacific Ocean at your right the entire time. Lastly, you will have definitely earned your grub. Chow down and caffeine up at any of the Fitt favs in the North County area.

    So head on over to the Coaster’s website to check out train schedules, maps, and get your pass all ready to go. Adventure awaits!