Get to Know Yoga for Skateboarders, San Diego’s One-of-a-Kind Mash-up

Get to Know Yoga for Skateboarders, San Diego’s One-of-a-Kind Mash-up

Goat yoga, sloth yoga, cat yoga. Been there, done that. But have you experienced skateboard yoga? Enter: Yoga for Skateboarders in San Diego, your new favorite way to find your zen.

A unique duo

You may be thinking yoga and skateboarding don’t go hand in hand, but founder of Yoga for Skateboarders, Bridget Gamble, has been proving otherwise for the last nine years.

After receiving her yoga certification in 2010, Bridget didn’t have the confidence to walk into a studio and lead classes. So, she turned the skatepark, her home away from home, into her very own teaching space, with her friends as her students.

The group found that doing yoga stretches before and after skateboarding sessions helped so much that combining yoga and skateboarding was a no-brainer. Eventually, her casual, sporadic, friends-only “classes” turned into regular meet-ups open to the public. One class per week quickly turned into several, and “Yoga for Skateboarders” was born.

Balancing act

So, how exactly does Bridget tie yoga and skateboarding together? She says the two have more in common than you might think. Both a spiritual experience and a form of individual self-expression that requires you to be in the present moment, they share a synergistic relationship. They teach you balance (hello, core!) and can be done solo or with fellow yogis/skateboarders.

Bridget looks to both yoga and skateboarding as a way to view life — yoga has taught her how to be aware of her fears, while skateboarding has taught her how to face them head on. She thinks of skateboarding as a moving meditation, and we can definitely get on board (pun intended) with that.

Using the skateboard as a prop (much like using a yoga block), she combines jumps with stretches and tests your core strength with yoga poses like triangle and pigeon on the board. Bridget explains that each pose tells a story about your own body, helps you correct imbalances, and readies you to skate. The best part? You’ll build better balance, stronger abs, more flexible joints, and just “pure, unadulterated bliss”.

Keep Calm and Skate On

Bridget is also all about giving back to her community and shares her passion for yoga and skateboarding with non-profits like EXPOSURE Skate, dedicated to empowering women through skateboarding.

Whether you catch Bridget teaching Yoga for Skateboarders at an EXPOSURE clinic in Encinitas or at an event around the city, you’ll nama-skate your way to a more balanced life (in every sense of the word).