22 San Francisco Coffee Shops You’ll Instantly Fall in Love With

22 San Francisco Coffee Shops You’ll Instantly Fall in Love With

There’s nothing like San Francisco’s crazy-cool coffee scene. On our super-exclusive peninsula, the hyper-local Blue Bottle reigns supreme, while the rest of the country is still running on Dunkin’.

And sure, we don’t discredit the yumminess of a Dunkin’ iced coffee, but in SF, the bar is set pretty high when it comes to even the simplest cup of joe. So whether you need a nice space to settle in and get some work done, or are just on the hunt for the best latte, we’ve got you covered.

  • Blue Bottle

    Blue Bottle in San Francisco
    image via Vinnesa G. | Yelp

    The coffee king of San Francisco (they’ve got 15 locations around the Bay Area) still makes our list for their consistency in deliciousness. Head to their Ferry Building shop for the perfect end to a walk on the Embarcadero, or stop by the one in Mint Plaza for a low-key brew. Looking to buy some beans? Good news — this is the place to get ’em. Bella Donovan or Three Africans are always solid choices. And if you’re just in need of a coffee to-go — try the New Orleans: a perfectly sweetened and punchy iced coffee that will make any day in SF a little zingier.

  • Cento

    Cento Coffee in San Francisco
    image via @amandajamieson

    If you’re in SoMa and happen to have cash (always a good idea in this city) then head to Cento. Filled with quirky band relics, this cafe is decorated like your cool older sister’s closet, plus a few coffee geniuses making you the perfect drip behind a bar. Stop in for a serious caffeine dose before conquering the rest of your agenda. Cento is also opening a new spot in North Beach (taking over the old Fora Think Space coffee shop!) in the coming months. So, if you love their coffee but avoid SoMa at all costs — keep an eye out!

  • Equator Coffee & Teas

    image via @caffeinate.la

    Coffee, tea, and homemade granola — yes, please. Perfectly positioned mid-Market St., this local chain serves up amazing Scratch Caramel Lattes (with caramel made from scratch, of course) and other coffee-sweet pairings. Make a stop after your next meeting or errand and watch the comings and goings of SF’s busiest street. If you can’t make it to this location, but love their coffee, there are tons of others around the city (and outside!). Our favorite? On your way to a hike in Mill Valley.

  • Réveille Coffee Co.

    Réveille Coffee Co.
    image via Olivia V. - Yelp

    As the French say, “Wake up!”, or as the San Franciscans say, “go here for some strong coffee”. With four full-time locations (including one nearby tourist fave, City Lights Bookstore) and a wandering truck, Réveille’s delicious coffee can be found in all corners of the city. So there’s really no excuse not to try it. Fitt Tip: they are also one of the few coffee locations in SF that offer Wi-Fi and a full-service menu, so settle here when you need a work spot.

  • Lady Falcon Coffee Club

    Lady Falcon Coffee Club San Francisco
    image via @simone_anne | Instagram

    This bright pink, woman-owned and operated coffee truck is situated smack dab in the middle of Alamo Square Park Friday through Monday afternoon. Their coffee is delicious and locally-roasted (and not to mention, a perfect spot for a picture!). Fitt Tip: if you buy a bag of beans, your coffee is free!

  • Mazarine Coffee

    Mazarine San Francisco
    image via @yungthaii | Instagram

    This coffee shop is a little Parisian haven on Market St. — perfect for an afternoon pit stop or out-of-office meeting. Try their nitro cold brew or sparkling sodas for a much needed pick-me-up. They also have tons of seating, both outside and inside, for meet-ups or alone time.

  • Ritual Coffee Roasters

    Ritual_image via Ritual Coffee Roasters | Facebook

    Ever wonder what that red hammer and sickle symbol is on some cafes in the city? Don’t worry — it’s not a call for Russian Communists. It’s just Ritual Coffee being their ultra-hip selves. With five locations in the city, there’s no excuse not to try this strong, delicious, and locally-brewed coffee at least once. So skip the beer garden in Hayes and enjoy a coffee from one of the cafes that’s as cool as they come. Fitt Tip: since there’s no seating at this location, grab your coffee and enjoy it at Patricia’s Green before heading on your way.

  • Verve Coffee Roasters

    Verve Coffee Roasters Pacific Ave.
    image via @tiffanystidings | Instagram

    Santa Cruz-based Verve Coffee’s outpost in The Castro is your go-to for coffee delicious and all the modern, cool vibes. Seriously, the interior is stunning — it’s a nod to the breezy style of Northern California in the 1960s. Don’t let their eye for design and attention to detail turn you away — the staff is all super-welcoming.

  • Sightglass

    Sightglass Coffee
    image via @wholesomelyhannah | Instagram

    One word: Atmosphere. This cafe (there are two locations actually, but the Mission one is our preferred spot) is about as charming as it gets. From their copper ceilings to their delectable (and overpriced) pastry, this is one of the places to go for an expertly-crafted latte. Word to the wise: you may’ve caught on that many SF cafes (like this one) are sans Wi-Fi — just something to keep in mind if your date is a laptop. P.S. you’ll also find that many of your favorite restaurants and shops brew Sightglass coffee, too — so you can get your fix no matter where you are!

  • Samovar Tea Bar

    Samovar Tea Lounge
    image via @graceperdiem

    Who doesn’t like taking in the scent of cinnamon and cardamom while sipping the perfect homemade Masala Chai? No one. And that’s exactly what you can expect at this little tea bar outfitted with a super-modern feel and a tea menu that’s perfect for that friend “who doesn’t drink coffee” (we’ve all got one). Grab a mochi pastry for a yummy twist on this Japanese dessert, then choose from a variety of chai and herbal teas on their menu. They also recently opened a brand new location on Fillmore in Lower Pac Heights, which has the perfect minimalist style.

  • Four Barrel

    thebuffington Four Barrel Coffee
    image via @thebuffington | Instagram

    Some will call this the best coffee in the city. And there’s no doubt that they’re pretty damn good. Nestled between chic vintage clothing stores on Valencia St., this cafe is about as San Francisco as it gets. Case in point: they have a separate drip coffee bar. And when you go in, be sure to admire the boar heads and antler chandeliers before choosing the espresso line or the drip bar. If you’re craving something sweet, try the donuts. They also have an awesome outdoor seating set up, so you can get some fresh air while you sip your brew.

  • Philz

    Philz Coffee - Mission
    image via @jinlovestoeat | Instagram

    Feeling brave? Then head to Philz (find one — they’re everywhere) and get an Iced Mint Mojito. Don’t ask what’s in it. Just get one. Unless (spoiler) you’re not into mint. Then try any of their delicious flavored brews — and be sure to order sweet and creamy. They’ll ask you if you want cream and sugar, and the answer to that question should always be yes. If you’re counting cals, sub the cream for milk for a similarly perfect flavor. Fitt Tip: all Philz have Wi-Fi.

  • The Coffee Bar

    Coffee Bar
    Coffee Bar_image via Coffee Bar | Facebook

    You need The Coffee Bar when you want to hang for a few hours and get some work done. For their plentiful outdoor seating, reliable Wi-Fi, and healthy eats, this place makes the list. Catch some rays on the patio, lunch on a salad or made-to-go quinoa bowl, and enjoy the rare beast that is free internet in a SF cafe (you already know). Also, take a peek at their extensive iced coffee list; horchata cold brew is definitely one to try. They also have two semi-new locations in the Financial District if you need a coffee break there, too.

  • Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters

    Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters
    image via Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters | Facebook

    Hidden in Cow Hollow on the less-trafficked side of Union St. is some of the city’s best house-roasted coffee. They pride themselves on scientifically perfect pour overs and espresso drinks. So kick back, relax, and taste the science.

  • Jane

    Jane on Fillmore
    image via @minseo.kwon | Instagram

    We’d be remiss not to mention Jane on Fillmore and on Larkin as one of the best coffee shops in the city. Not only do they serve Stumptown Coffee, they make their own chai concentrate for chai tea lattes (if you’re not a coffee drinker), and have a bevy of sandwiches, salads, quiche, and, of course, pastries to snack on. Oh, and they also have a bakery on Geary Blvd.

  • Provender

    Provender Coffee
    image via @phoebestoeckel | Instagram

    Provender’s Maplewood iced coffee—a cold brew coffee that is poured over milk, maple syrup, and a dash of pure maple extract—is worth the trek out to the Potrero Hill. You can also grab breakfast or lunch to go from their selection of pastries, sandwiches, and grain salads. Consider yourself satisfied.

  • Andytown Coffee Roasters

    Andytown Coffee Roasters
    image via @drew____85 | Instagram

    It might be cold in the Outer Sunset but go for the Snowy Plover, named after the bird that can be found all along Ocean Beach. Andytown’s Snowy Plover is a cold drink composed of Pellegrino, espresso, house-made brown sugar syrup, and—best of all—topped with homemade whipped cream. You can also get this creative concoction at their cafe on Taraval St. Fitt Tip: if their corn muffins are fresh out of the oven, be sure to grab one of those, too.

  • The Richfield

    The Richfield
    image via @prestonmcpeak | Instagram

    The Richfield is a bit of a hidden gem in The Richmond. If you want a quiet place to sit with a book while you enjoy an almond milk latte, you’ll love this place. They also have a modest offering of breakfast and brunch options, like black sesame toast.

  • Bluestone Lane

    bluestone lane coffee
    image via @bluestonelane | Instagram

    This Australian coffee shop that’s made waves on the East Coast finally made their way to San Francisco. No matter if you’re craving a flat white, avocado toast, or some much needed relaxing vibes, Bluestone Lane is your spot.


    Best Coffee Shops
    image via Fifty/Fifty | Facebook

    Perched off Geary St. in the Inner Richmond neighborhood, this quaint, small, minimalist coffee hub uses organic coffee beans and teas to brew lust-worthy caffeinated (and decaffeinated) concoctions. Order their batch brew for the day or sip on of their milk teas, specifically either there salted caramel or honey coconut flavors.


    Best Coffee Shops
    image via @colazionearoma | Instagram

    Featuring exotic beans in a no-frills industrial environment, Flywheel Coffee Roasters is one of the new kids (roasters) on the SF block, but they’re already attracting legions of loyal coffee connoisseurs. They use a bevy of brewing techniques, from siphoning machines to Chemex drip stations, to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Don’t forget to snag some of their snazzy, high-tech coffee gear, if you’re keen on practicing some of those skill sets at home.


    Best Coffee Shops
    image via Contraband | Facebook

    Once you walk into Contraband’s reclaimed wood interior, it’s hard not to be instantly enamored with this SOMA and Nob Hill coffee shop. If you’ve never been before, we recommend ordering one of their cold brews — which are so smooth, you won’t even feel the need to reach for creamer.


    **Updated by Matt Charnock, November 2018