Head to Amazon Go’s New Cashierless Store in FiDi For Healthy Grab-And-Go Eats

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Head to Amazon Go’s New Cashierless Store in FiDi For Healthy Grab-And-Go Eats

It’s about time: Amazon’s cashierless stores have finally made their way to San Francisco. As the city of robot restaurants and apps galore, we’ve all been waiting for the day when we could literally dine and dash.

Amazon Go only has five locations in the US — and one of them is set up right in the heart of SF’s Financial District. And in good old Bay Area fashion, of course there are tons of healthy options for you to try during that speedy lunch break.

Amazon Go: The Future of Fast Casual

If you haven’t heard anything about Amazon’s attempt to revolutionize shopping (yet again) here’s the low-down: Amazon Go stores have no lines, no cashiers, and (almost) no supervision. Just walk in and scan your Amazon Go app. Once you’re signed in, you’re free to literally grab and go.

Amazon Go stores will scan the items that you walk out with behind the scenes (we know, a bit Big Brother-ish). Once you leave, you’ll end up with a receipt in your Amazon account of all that you “purchased” while inside.

No matter what your mood, Amazon Go has room for you. If you just need a quick snack, you’ll be out of there as quickly as you can say Bombay Potato Wrap. But, if you’re in the mood to chill, there are plenty of seats (and even microwaves!). Talk about fancy.

Local Favorites & Healthy Snacks Galore

As soon as Amazon bought Whole Foods, we knew that the online giant would be amping up their health-conscious game. And at their new Amazon Go stores, they sure have.

Amazon has partnered with local SF favorites like Dosa and La Boulangerie de San Francisco to stock their shelves with healthy, fresh options (like Dosa’s famous and aforementioned Bombay Potato Wrap).

There are also tons of juices, coconut water, fancy beef jerky, salads, and sandwiches for whatever mood you’re in. Maybe they’ll offer hummus from Oren’s soon enough? And a quick Fitt Tip: they do have La Croix just in case the office ran out.

And if that news wasn’t sweet enough, we’ve caught wind that Amazon plans to add another Go at Post St. & Kearny St. this winter. Welcome to the future of snack runs, SF.