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APR 15, 2019


Boxing is classically one of the best exercises for working your full body. So, no—it’s not just sport for creepy old guys, or banker bros trying to relive their high school glory days. A bunch of cities around the US (and certain NYC models) have been forging the path for boxing gyms to go mainstream, and the trend has finally reached the Bay Area.

But, after taking a class or two, you’ll realize that boxing is a fitness movement that’s here to stay. Check out our favorite spots in San Francisco to get your game on.

Hit Fit SF


With two locations in San Francisco, Hit Fit is a no-frills bootcamp-esque studio with some of the toughest trainers in the Bay Area. With its affordable prices, this boxing studio offers a range of classes to balance your fitness needs — from Beginner Boxing to TRX Circuit Training. Don’t expect anything less than “tough love” in all of your classes though.

This Dogpatch staple is no joke. The studio claims to be “San Francisco’s last real boxing gym” — and it is definitely an authentic experience. All class participants must come with wrapped hands (don’t worry — there’s a how-to video on their website). But do expect to come out of each class more of a “warrior” than you came in. Too scared to commit to a membership? 3rd Street Boxing offers your first class for free, so try it out!

If martial arts are more your style, definitely get involved with the AB MMA Academy in South San Francisco. This studio focuses on overall health, and works on shifting people’s mindsets out of the “gym” and into thoughtful workouts. Take one of their regular cardio conditioning classes, or learn the basics of Muay Thai. Want to take your practice to the next level? AB MMA also has a competitive fighting team, too. But don’t be shy — you can start out as a complete beginner for free.

Empower Gym is all about breaking through physical and mental barriers. Their classes reflect just that mindset, and their most popular class is called Stand Empowered, which uses the fundamentals of boxing to help understand how to work with things out of our control. If you’re looking for a full mind-body experience while learning the basics of boxing, make your way on over to Telegraph Hill.

King’s has been a staple in the Oakland community since the 1980s, working with star athletes and at-risk kids alike. But everyone fits in at King’s — the studio is the least intimidating place you could imagine. Though, we are talking about King’s, so just know who you’ll be training with — King’s has most of the experienced trainers in the game. So, if you’re searching for the real deal, don’t look any further.

With a beautiful 30,000-square-foot studio on Van Ness Street, Studio Mix has something for everyone. Whether you’re into boxing, martial arts, or other HIIT cardio trainings, you can find it all at Studio Mix. They even have one-on-one trainers for all of their offerings, so if you’re too scared to jump straight into boxing with loads of people around, practice with a helpful instructor first. And after your session is over treat yourself to one of the many amenities — massage rooms included.



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