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UPDATED SEP 17, 2020

In San Francisco, the fitness scene is on fire. So, it only makes sense that when it comes to cycling studios, we have our pick. Luckily, we've kept tabs on all the best ones. Grab your cycling shoes, and get ready to clip in!




Lavation is a cycling and HIIT studio right outside of the Presidio in Haight-Ashbury, and it’s the perfect place to offset your weight training with some intense cardio. But at Lavation, they are not into “swampy” rides, so their studio is pretty beautiful. Think: tall ceilings and huge fans to make sure that you’re sweating but not feeling like you’ve accidentally cycled into the Amazon. Fitt Tip: if you live in the neighborhood, don’t forget to snag the “Neighborhood Discount” — $18 drop-in classes and $70 off an unlimited monthly membership!

Looking for a new cycling experience? Look no further than this Russian Hill boutique studio that’s all about giving fitness junkies a high-intensity sweat. Pelo classes are structured by “power zones”, which is a tool that helps riders understand how much resistance they’re really using (we were always confused about that), so you can turn it up and let a little off when your muscles really start to take a beating.

Chances are you’ve been dragged to a SoulCycle class before. If you have, the odds are good that you are now utterly addicted to the mind-body-soul cycling experience. There are several locations around the city and surrounding suburbs, so you don’t have any excuse to not tap it back (that’s cycling lingo you'll learn after more classes).

There are seven CORE40 studios in the city, and each will rev up your workout. CORE40 started as a Pilates studio that quickly added cycling to their class roster. And trust us — their cycling class is no walk in the park. You’ll keep your core engaged all 40 minutes, so you’ll leave class feeling powerful and of course… sweaty. If you’re feeling really inspired, try their CoreCombo class which is 25 minutes of cycling followed by 25 minutes on the Megaformer. Prepare for a full-body burn.

How many of us can honestly say, “yeah, that workout was fun” and really mean it? Well, it’s possible if you’re sweating at uforia studios. Nestled in Nob Hill, this place offers a 45-minute dance and music-inspired cycling class that will have you thinking you’re at a nightclub while getting in an ab workout.

Whether you have 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or a full hour, there’s a Wheel House class for you. Set up in the Embarcadero Center, this fitness powerhouse often hosts themed-rides — which is the perfect motivation if you’re searching for an excuse to skip your workout after leaving the office. We’re also fans of their WH Rhythm Flow class for recovery; it’s 30 minutes of cycling followed by 45 minutes of yoga. No matter what class you choose, you can always count on a killer playlist to carry you through the muscle fatigue.

Grab your cycling shoes and head to one of BODYROK's several San Fran locationsd for a 40-minute stamina-building workout. Like most cycling classes, you’ll be fueled by the beat and likely end with a sweat puddle underneath you. What’s different? Since they also offer Pilates, you can take their Sculpt & Cycle class that starts on the bike and ends on the Reformer.

Looking for a cycling class that will fly by? Hop in the saddle at this spacious and airy Tendernob studio. They offer a variety of classes, but their cycling classes are some of their best. You’ll get a mix of sprints, jumps, hills, and climbs all set to the beat of some awesome tunes. Fitt Tip: if you’re gearing up to take on the Marin Headlands and the weather has been a drag, get your training in on one of their Studio Road Ride classes.

Cycling classes have finally made it across the Bay (no more three-hour commutes for Oaklandites). Check out Oakland’s first cycling studio, RiDE Oakland, where teachers are friendly and towels are always fresh. No need to be a cycling pro either — you can always drop in and get your sweat on; they’ll show you the ropes.

CycleBar, an East Coast-based cycling studio, is getting glutes burning in Berkeley. Their aim is to provide an “intoxicating” experience for every single rider. Thanks to their top-notch sound, video, and light systems along with custom bikes and heart rate monitors, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Clip in, and get ready for a sweaty ride in their CycleTheater — their tiered space where the magic happens.

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