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UPDATED JUL 14, 2020

It's no secret that San Francisco is a hub for all things yoga. But if you're not sure where to start — no worries. From a rigorous hot yoga class to a slow, deep stretch, we'll help you find the perfect flow.




Love Story Yoga is the newest yoga studio to hit the SF circuit — and everyone is obsessed. Opening their doors conveniently on Valencia Street in the Mission, it’s become a community hub for all trendy-but-serious yogis. Their spacious studio can fit dozens of people per class, and it does fill up quickly. Be sure to bring an extra towel though — all those people and a cranked thermostat make the classes get absolutely toasty real fast.

If you’re just dipping your toe into the yoga world, try out CorePower Yoga. With 200 locations around the country (and now a handful in San Francisco), you can rest easy knowing that their classes will not only be accessible, but also seriously awesome. In addition to challenging and empowering yoga classes, their studios come equipped with all the post-yoga shower necessities you could ever need.

The good vibes you’ll feel when stepping foot into this studio is hard to explain. While Yoga Tree has seven locations throughout the city and one in Berkeley, this zen-inspired studio has an altar and is outfitted with candles galore. Most teachers will start class with chanting, allowing students to arrive in the present moment before moving on their mat (don’t knock it ’til you try it!). And if you’re lucky, you’ll be treated to a live music class, which happens fairly often at this studio.

The Pad is a trendy, airy yoga studio smack dab in The Marina. Young professionals and moms with strollers swarm the studio at all hours, so get there early to grab a spot. Their thoughtful and energetic core offerings—from power Vinyasa to prenatal (even Pilates)—make this an ideal spot for every San Franciscan. Like something with a beat? Try their Reboot Vinyasa class accompanied by a live DJ while you flow.

They are big on Bhakti Yoga at this North Beach studio. That’s the yoga of love, in case you’re wondering. So plan on chanting to love gods during this practice. Bonus: Yoga is only one part of the fitness formula at Glow. Cycling, Pilates, massage, and even facials are all on the menu.

Ritual Hot Yoga is changing the we way we do yoga. Let us explain: each class is completely dark, heated, and… well, really sweaty. Instructors move you through the class in a tried-and-true flow, so don’t feel bad if it’s your first time and you don’t have it memorized yet. And the music, the people, and the focus explains why Ritual has been called the “SoulCycle of Yoga”! Best of all, you’ll be rewarded a tea tree-infused essential oil towel after class. It puts this sensory explosion over the top.

Instructors at YogaWorks might be the most experienced in the city. With a 500-hour teacher training requirement to instruct here, they can definitely help you find your flow. And with a dozen classes offered daily, class times are convenient and styles vary. The most popular class has to be SculptWorks, a resistance training and yoga combo meant to build, lengthen, and stretch muscles all in one. We’re in!

Escape the fog and warm up at Yoga Flow with (mostly) heated classes at a toasty 90 degrees. Three locations, Union, Ocean, and Noe, make fitting your flow in easier. If we had to pick one, though, the Union St. studio is it. This second-floor studio features large windows surrounded by greenery that makes it feel like you're flowin' in a treehouse. Tree pose has never felt more right.

This is some real San Francisco stuff right here. Yoga Garden, a charming three-story Victorian house in the trendy NOPA neighborhood, will yoga your socks off (not that you’d be wearing socks, but still). From the street, it looks like the quintessential San Franciscan home. Inside, there are three studios and a ton of classes. Feeling adventurous? Try Acroyoga (with a partner) or Boxingyoga mixing—you guessed it—boxing and yoga.

This East Bay studio was founded by an Oakland native over ten years ago, and it’s still going strong. Now with twp locations in the East Bay and Oakland, this light and bright yoga studio has all types of offerings — from Vinyasa and mindfulness to even massages! There are also six sliding-scale community yoga classes per week. Come one, come all.

If you like your yoga hot (like 100 degrees hot), sweat it out at Bikram Yoga. Prepare to get rid of every last toxin out of your body, leaving you feeling weightless and reenergized (we’ll just leave our juice shop post right here to help you rehydrate). You might just end up getting addicted to this hot Bikram yoga flow — don’t say we didn’t warn you.

This yoga studio (with locations in San Fran and Berkeley) has community vibes all around. It was founded over a decade ago and has focused on creating a family-like feel ever since. Purusha offers free tea, holistic services, and monthly workshops to their community. Oh, and did we mention that an unlimited monthly membership is only $108?

Specializing in heated yoga flows, this zen-fueled concept features two studio spaces (a large one for group classes and a smaller one for more intimate sessions) where you can clear your mind and get your muscles moving in their signature, fast-paced practice. But when you need to reset and recharge after a stressful day, they also offer a gentle Yin-style flow infused with meditation and essential oils. Grab your mat and check 'em out on Union St.

If you thought yoga was all about slow, gentle flows, prepare yourself for a challenge because this is not that. A friendly and welcoming studio set up in the Presidio, this community-focused spot is dedicated to—you guessed it—Baptiste-style power yoga. Here, their energetic classes will have you moving through a series of dynamic asanas as your body comes to terms with the sweat-inducing 90º room temperature. It'll take some major mind over matter willpower to make it through, but the payoff is well worth it. Fitt Tip: keep an eye on their schedule, they're known to offer a $5 community class from time to time.

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