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MAY 1, 2019



Forget the juices, San Francisco is all up on the latest “functional” beverages—none of which include kale. From golden lattes made with turmeric to Bulletproof-style coffee (famously blended with grass-fed butter and coconut oil) to bone broth to a locally fermented kombucha, healthy is just a sip away.

Read on to find some of our top faves to snag one of these cozy drinks, just in time for the foggy season.

The god of chai in San Francisco, this local chain has every delicious form of turmeric a spice-seeker could ask for. Turmeric lattes, homemade chai (with turmeric, of course), and turmeric-ginger mochi bites. So if you’re looking for a spicy snack and find yourself near Valencia Street or Yerba Buena Garden, stop in for some golden health.

There’s definitely more than one reason to love this Mission cafe, not the least of which is that it’s open late—a rare beast in this city. But it also takes golden lattes to a whole new level, offering Golden Milk (a sweet creamy blend of spices mixed with coconut milk) and Bulletproof Turmeric Coffee—for those of us who also need a little caffeine boost while we health-rage.

The much-loved bakery on Fillmore is also one of the most reliable places for an awesome homemade chai (with that secret ingredient, no less). If you like your turmeric straight, try their cold tonic— a quick health boost to cut through those delectable pastries.

For another take on the golden latte, visit this farm-to-table venue in Presidio Heights. With a strong and soothing combination of ginger and turmeric, their latte is packed with healthy deliciousness. Side note: this place also offers a beet latte—which is exactly what it sounds like. Try one (we dare you).

For a quick bulletproof coffee in Bernal, stop by CoffeeShop. This tiny hole-in-the-wall isn’t meant for camping out and getting work done, but it makes some of the best butter coffee (and pastries) in the neighborhood.

The perfect way to get in your Omega 3s, this FiDi cafe offers bulletproof, aka “sherpa” coffee with coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and vanilla. It seems Foundation also took a note from Philz as the drink also comes in a mint-flavored variety.

This Polynesian bar in Berkeley primarily serves up kava — a healthy plant (that becomes a drink) that islanders have been consuming for thousands of years. This isn’t your normal watering hole, with favorite menu items like a Kava Colada (virgin) and Kava Chai, as well as a locally-brewed kombucha on tap. You can even try a few flavors of kombucha at once with a tasting flight. Cheers to that.

This Oakland cafe has an awesome selection of coffee drinks, teas, and fresh juices. They also serve Revive kombucha on tap. If you plan on going with a friend who’s a little less into the kombucha, be sure to mention their house-made almond milk, which is every bit as delicious as it sounds.

This isn’t your average kombucha. Although Sidewalk Juice is best known for smoothies, juices, and acai bowls, this popular health chain (with two locations in the Mission) is also killing it on the kombucha scene. Serving up 12 varieties of its kombucha on tap (paired with fresh fruity bursts of flavor), these blends have all that tea-goodness and then some.

A sustainable farm, butcher, and grocer based out of Mt. Shasta, California, this place also ships its delicious bone broth directly to your door. Offering both poultry and beef-based broth options, 28 oz. containers can be purchased online for $15.99. Unsalted and delicious all on its own, these also make for a great soup starter for the chefs among us.

This SF-based lunchtime favorite offers $5 cuppa chicken bone broth — which means you can have your fried chicken and be a teensy-bit healthy too. With locations on Market St. and also in Oakland, this perfectly-named fried chicken staple might just be our new favorite.

While the cuts of meat may change at this trendy Berkeley butcher every week, one thing isn’t going anywhere: the bone broth. Offering a huge variety of soup stocks and stews, they also offer plain old bone broth. So be sure to grab a few containers of stock then save the broth for straight-up sipping.


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