The 20 Best Sweat Spots in San Francisco Right Now

The 20 Best Sweat Spots in San Francisco Right Now

There are a few truths about living in San Francisco: you always need to wear layers, you’re never far from a good burrito — oh, and we have some of the sweatiest workouts in the country (in a good way!).

There’s a lot boutique fitness chains that have outposts in the city and they’re complimented by homegrown studios for Pilates, circuit training, CrossFit, and more. However you like to get your sweat on, you can expect there to be an innovative, challenging, and, above all—FUN—workout at on of these awesome San Francisco fitness studios.

  • Studiomix

    image via @studiomixsf | Instagram

    If you’re a group fitness class junkie, you’ll want to check out Studiomix. This high-energy, 30,000-square-foot studio on Van Ness Ave. offers an unlimited number of classes with their monthly membership fee. Get your heart pumping in everything from barre to yoga to cycling and bootcamp — and really, everything in between. We’re big fans of their TRX Bodyweight Burn and Kettlebell Sport classes.

  • SoulCycle

    Cycling in San Francisco
    image via @meganjpetersen | Instagram

    If you’ve ever walked past a SoulCycle post class, then you know this is a sweaty workout — in all the best ways. Just when you think you can’t push the pedals another revolution, you’ll pick up the weights and go through an upper-body strength series for a full-body muscle burn. With locations in SoMa, Union St., the Castro, PLUS East Bay, South Bay, and Marin, you’re never far from a high-intensity, cardio session in the saddle.


    San Francisco Pilates studios
    image via @MNTSTUDIO | Instagram

    The calming vibes at this beautiful Pilates studio in SoMa will almost make you forget about that muscle fatigue… almost. Here, you’ll focus on small, sculpting movements on their Reformer machines, and sit back and relax with a free Nespresso afterward. Think you won’t sweat? Their instructors push you until your muscles are shaking — you’ll thank them later.

  • Burn

    San Francisco Gyms
    image via Burn San Francisco | Facebook

    Whether you’re at their Russian Hill, Inner Sunset, or Mission location, you’re in for a booty-kicking, sweat-inducing Pilates sesh at Burn. Classes mix and match the springboard, HIIT drills, mat work, and free weights so you’ll never get bored, even if you hit up class multiple times a week. And it doesn’t matter if this is your first class or your 100th, you can always expect a challenge.

  • Hit Fit SF

    HIT Fit SF
    image via HIT Fit SF Facebook

    Did you recently watch Million Dollar Baby and decide you too want to take up boxing? (It can’t just be us.) Anyway, one of the quickest ways to get a sweaty, exhausting workout in is to slip on some gloves for Hit Fit SF’s boxing classes in the Mission or in Nob Hill. But don’t worry, they’re made for all levels, so you don’t have to feel intimidated if you don’t know your left hook from your jab.

  • Orangetheory Fitness

    Best Gyms in San Francisco
    image via Orangetheory Fitness | Facebook

    Keep your eyes open at Orangetheory. During your sweat sesh, your performance stats will be displayed on a board in front of the entire class, so you can hold yourself accountable and push yourself to the next level — that’s why we love working out at OTF. You’ll bring your heart rate up on their treadmills, rowers, and with TRX and free weight circuits in their one-hour workout of epic proportions. And while they also have a location in Mission Bay, their FiDi location is perfect for those who work downtown and want to sneak in a lunchtime workout or blow off steam after a long day at the office.

  • Barry’s Bootcamp

    Bootcamp San Fran
    image via Barry’s Bootcamp | Facebook

    Barry’s prides themselves on using science to craft the most effective workout possible, and after you go to class just once, you’ll be a believer, too. They’ve got three locations in the city—FiDi, SoMa, and the Marina—and each class includes an interval circuit on the treadmill and a strength-training circuit on the floor. If you’re able to walk after a Barry’s Bootcamp, treat yourself to the Malin + Goetz products in the locker rooms and a post-class smoothie. You’ve earned it.

  • Ritual Yoga

    Yoga Studios in San Francisco
    image via Ritual Yoga | Facebook

    If SoulCycle and yoga had a baby, it would be Ritual Yoga (and she’s beautiful). Flow to the beat of the music in their dimly-lit studios in both SoMa and FIDI (oh, and they’ve expanded to Chicago now, too). No need to worry about hanging up your sweaty mat or Yogitoes afterward — it’s all included in your class fee!

  • CORE40

    image via @CORE40

    Some people have kindly described CORE40 as “Pilates on overdrive”, but CORE40 is not just Pilates — it’s a fusion of traditional Pilates, circuit training, strength training, AND cardio. Simply put, if you attend one of their classes—CORE40 Full Body, CORECYCLE, or CORECOMBO—good luck getting out of bed the next day. And with seven studios around the city, you no longer have and excuse to not get to class.

  • Swing Kettlebell School

    Fitness in San Francisco
    image via Swing Kettlebell School

    Want to see results in the gym without the protein shakes and supplements? The trainers at Swing will help you reach them. Despite seeming super-intense and scary, kettlebells are one of the best ways to improve mobility, build lean muscle, and get sculpted, all while teaching your body to move the right way. Stop by their Nob Hill location to see what all the hype’s about — your body will thank you.

  • Basecamp Fitness

    San Francisco Biking
    image via Basecamp Fitness | Facebook

    Crunched for time? Basecamp Fitness get it and raises you one sweaty, 35-minute, adrenaline-boosting workout. Each minute, you’ll switch between the Assault AirBike and the mat, leaving your heart pounding and the sweat dripping. The Russian Hill studio also offers amenities like showers with toiletries, towel service, and planned happy hours, so you can get to know the Basecamp community.

  • Epic Hybrid Training

    Fitness Training in San Francisco
    image via Epic Hybrid Training San Francisco | Facebook

    When you walk into Epic Hybrid Training in SoMa or Hayes Valley, you might think to yourself, “Wow, what’s the big fuss about?”. Then the workout gets started and the room turns into eight workout stations — and you’ll hit each and every one of them during 45 minutes of straight-up sweat-dripping fun. You’ll spend 30-60 seconds on each station, which could be anything, really: sandbags, TRX, box jumps, rings, or kettlebells — it all depends on the day, so make sure you’re prepared for anything.

  • The Dailey Method

    Gyms in San Fran
    image via Dailey Method | Facebook

    Ever leave a barre class wondering if you even worked any muscles or feeling like you didn’t get the attention you needed to get the most out of your workout? Then you weren’t leaving The Dailey Method. Their instructors here ensure you’re working the muscles in the way they’re meant to move, meaning no strained back or sore knees after class. And they’ll be with you the entire way through. You can find The Dailey Method in Cow Hollow, FiDi, the Mission, and the Sunset, and each studio has showers and toiletries, meaning you can fit in a class before work, worry-free.

  • BodyROK

    San Francisco
    image via BodyROK | Facebook

    BodyROK’s Megaformer classes will fly because you’ll be focused on working your legs, core, and arms. And don’t worry—you’ll leave their studio feeling like you got in a solid workout—not just a good stretch. Want to switch things up a bit? They also offer cycling and yoga classes. And all their classes are kept small, so you get the attention your workout deserves. Check out one of their six studios around the city (and outposts nearby in Berkeley, Oakland, and Petaluma) and get ready to rock that body.

  • Dogpatch Boulders

    Rock Climbing in SF
    image via Dogpatch Boulders | Facebook

    Looking for a workout that doesn’t include cycling, running, Pilates, or yoga? Then trek out to Dogpatch Boulders will be well worth it. Try your hand at a range of routes varying difficulty level on each wall. Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve scaled El Capitan, they’ve got a challenging problem for you to solve. There’s even a wall for toddlers and kiddos, so you can bring the whole fam for an afternoon of climbing fun.

  • San Francisco CrossFit

    image via Malu M. | Yelp

    Throwin’ down the Presidio, San Francisco CrossFit is the box you need to check out in the city. This hardcore gym has some of the best coaches in the country, including their founder Kelly Starrett. And there’s not such thing as a workout routine here — each WOD changes the moves and intensity to make sure you don’t get bored—or injured—with repetitive movements. Still getting used to this whole CrossFit thing? They’ll talk through modifications for each level, so you won’t feel intimidated by any exercise during class.

  • CorePower Yoga

    Yoga in San Francisco
    image via CorePower Yoga | Facebook

    CorePower Yoga made quick work of expanding from Mission Bay to FiDi to Nob Hill to the Marina — and they even have locations in Duboce, Hayes Valley, and FIDI coming soon. Wondering what all the fuss is about? Two words: yoga plus light-weight training. No wonder we’re in love. Their Yoga Sculpt classes are heated and will leave you sweaty, but their locker rooms have showers and toiletries to help you clean up after class.

  • Body Temp Yoga

    Body Temp Yoga
    image via Body Temp Yoga

    The Marina’s Body Temp Yoga offers a number of different classes—Hot Power, candlelight Yin, foam rolling, and Pilates mat—to name a few. Think it’s a little toasty? It is — rooms are heated to around 95-102° using infrared heat. You’ll leave feeling looser, relaxed, and, oh yeah, sweaty.


    image via @aliceinwondrland

    Don’t let the beauty of SALT SF fool you — you’ll definitely get those muscles working at this studio in the Haight. They offer both 60- and 45-minute class options from Barre Fight (a barre-meets-kickboxing class) to 7X7 circuit training and mash-ups of the two. Looking to turn up the intensity? Try out their Hella Salty workout — a HIIT class that will give you one hell of a workout.

  • The Boombox

    San Francisco Gyms
    image via | Instagram

    Love group fitness but want a little more one-on-one attention? You’ll want to check out The Boombox in The Castro. This studio only allows six students per class and your “box” (aka station) will be set-up for your personal fitness level once you arrive. They integrate a mix of bands, kettlebells, jump-ropes, TRX—and just about every other fitness tool available—so no workout will ever be a repeat. Though, you will always sweat.


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