Get to Envelop For a One-of-a-Kind, Sound-Immersive Yoga Experience

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Get to Envelop For a One-of-a-Kind, Sound-Immersive Yoga Experience

Have you ever had the urge to jam out while taking a yoga class? If so, look no further than the yoga classes at Envelop: a new type of workout experience that places music above all else.

“A Temple of Sound”

Envelop Yoga
image via @envelopsound | Instagram

So, what? They crank up the music really loud? …not quite. Envelop is a non-profit bringing spatial audio (the next generation of surround sound) to the public through listening spaces and free software. They have a space in San Francisco, a mobile system they take to festivals and events, and are soon launching new listening spaces in other locations. Their Dogpatch digs called Envelop at The Midway is where their sound-immersive yoga classes take place each month.

Although the inside of The Midway might look like the basement where your brother keeps his surround-sound speaker system, the quality of the music is far from it. Set up in a warehouse where 32 high-tech speakers surrounding the room from floor to ceiling, you can’t help but move your body to the beat once you’re there.

Envelop hosts a variety of different types of events in their “temple of sound,” but yoga is by far their most popular. Their yoga series is taught by Jennie Chien, and Envelop’s founder Christopher Willits is DJ for the night.

Get your groove on!

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image via Envelop Sound

Envelop’s yoga classes sell out quite quickly, so snag your tickets to the next immersive yoga class coming up this November 14th. The class costs $30, and will last for about an hour and a half. Mats are not included in the price (BYOM).

Even though class doesn’t begin until 7pm, doors open 30 minutes before, so be sure to arrive early and snag yourself a spot. And while you wait for class to begin, enjoy some hot tea courtesy of Envelop and immerse yourself in the sound — it’s really a full-body experience.