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APR 18, 2019



If you’re new to the gluten-free game, you are probably wondering if you’ll be able to eat anything (that isn’t a salad) when you go out with your friends.

Luckily for you (and your now GF gut), you are in Seattle. Which means you have access to some of the best GF dishes out there.

Whether you’re looking for something light and fresh or something gloriously indulgent, we’ll steer you in the right direction. Here are some of the best gluten-free spots in Seattle that you—and even your gluten-glutinous friends—will love.

If you haven’t been to Ba Bar yet, get over there right now. No, seriously. We’ll wait. Ba Bar is the answer to the question, ‘Where can I get the best Pho in the city and a great cocktail?’ All three locations—Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, and University District—are gorgeously Instagrammable; their shared plates, like the Crispy Imperial Rolls, are so flavorful you won’t want to share them; and their housemade lemongrass soda & lychee simple syrup cocktails will make them your late-night happy hour go-to.

Elemental, in U Village and downtown, is winning in the gluten-free department. They don’t just have gluten-free pizza, they make their own gluten-free dough and top it with some surprisingly fresh and flavorful toppings. They’ve got everything from the classic Margherita to Curry with Chicken (and yes, we are still talking about pizza.) Definitely check out their Yukon Gold pizza (we know, we know — but trust us) and the Roasted Beet salad.

If you’re looking for a place to go to momentarily indulge your sweet-tooth, you have to stop by Hot Cakes in Ballard (or Capitol Hill!). They serve a variety of dreamy, melty chocolate desserts that will satisfy your sugar cravings for a week at the very least: molten chocolate cakes (made to order!), boozy shakes, and dessert sandwiches. Also, if you’ve been as desperate for summer as we have, do not leave this place without trying their Honeycomb Dark Chocolate Molten Cake.

Thanks to the enormous windows that line each wall and the array of gorgeous indoor plants, Cafe Flora is light and airy, making it the perfect late morning brunch or afternoon lunch spot in Madison Valley. Known for their ‘creative vegetarian cuisine,’ each bite of their Blueberry Thyme Waffle or Rancho Colorado Scramble will wow even the most devoted carnivore — we swear. Top it all off with a swig of the Flower Child or Earl Grey French 75 cocktail, because let’s be honest — the fact that brunch makes booze before noon acceptable is half the reason we love it so much.

Nuflours is the chill, neighborhood bakery every gluten-free-er dreams of. Unpretentious. Sweet and savory. The perfect mix of the classics (hello, brownies) and the unexpectedly delicious (like their Pear Cardamom Bar). And not only is their Capitol Hill spot a100% certified-GF facility, they also offer dairy-free and vegan options, too. Our highly-recommended go-tos: the Millionaire Bar for your sweet tooth, the Sweet Potato Rum Coffee Cake with your coffee, and the (GF) focaccia bread for your avocado toast the next morning.

Casco Antiguo in Pioneer Square is quintessentially Seattle: gorgeous brick walls, amazing cocktails, and a fresh take on some of the world’s best food… tacos. Their chips, salsa, and guac are all house-made and exactly how you want them: crunchy, spicy, and fresh. Head to the bar in the back of the building to enjoy the fresh air (when the huge garage doors are open) and the almost-always-playing Frida projected on the exposed brick. Don’t leave without trying their seasonal margarita and their Tinga Tacos.

If we’re being real, Seattle has some amazing ice cream. What could possibly make the Seattle ice cream scene any better than it already is? If you haven’t been to Frankie & Jo’s in Capitol Hill or Ballard yet, we’ll tell you: gluten-free ice cream cones. Crunchy and oat-based, this cone is the perfect companion to some of the most creative (and sometimes bizarre) flavors. And an important mention: all their ice cream is plant-based and non-dairy. So, next time you need ice cream (i.e. right now), hit up this Instagram-worthy shop and don’t leave until you’ve tried the Salty Caramel Ash and the Beet Rose. In a cone, of course.

If you want to feel like you’re backpacking through Cuba, Bongos is your place. Bongos originally started as a food truck and over the past few years has expanded, first with an indoor eating area and now with a small compound of indoor and outdoor seating in Greenlake. This new spot is complete with a wooden boardwalk, strung lights, colorful chairs, and sanded outdoor floors. Must-eats: their Picadillo Plate and Traditional Tostones. You’ll be going back for seconds and checking out ticket prices on Google Flights in no time.

Not only does Capitol Cider have an entirely gluten-free (and soy- and peanut-free) menu, they also happen to house the country’s largest selection of ciders. Their menu is jam-packed with unique and delicious gluten-free dishes like the Barbecue Root Chips and Spice-Crusted Lamb Ribs. It’s a little on the pricey side ($16-30 per main) but their happy hour makes it all worth it. Monday–Thursday, 4–6pm hit them up for $5 plates and $3 ciders.

If you’re looking for a large, loud, and family-friendly brunch or lunch spot, you’ve got to check out Portage Bay. They’ve got everything from hashes to french toast (yes, gluten-free too!). But they’re most loved for their breakfast bar — a glorious, self-serve bar stocked with fresh seasonal fruits, nuts, and homemade whipped cream. Pile as much as you want on top of your gluten-free buckwheat, Swedish, or vegan banana pancakes! Set yourself up with the Farmer’s Hash and a grapefruit mimosa, and you’ll be feeling good about eating good.

If you thought hunting down some gluten-friendly food was rough, searching for a gluten-free beer will drive you nuts. At least that was the case before Ghostfish Brewing exploded onto the scene. This place has started a craft brewing revolution aimed at bringing beer to the gluten-intolerant among us. Best of all, you’ll never find yourself saying, ‘this is good, for a gluten-free beer.’ Nope, it’s just good beer that happens to be gluten-free. Bonus: their taproom menu, including the flatbreads, taro root chips, and fish & chips, is gluten-free across the board.

Biscuit Bitch is one of those semi-stilted but grungy places near Pike Place and in Belltown where you can’t tell if everyone around you is serious or not. They’ve got heavy, spicy, gut-bomb-style food… and yet they offer gluten-free biscuits, a gluten-free shiitake mushroom gravy, and an awesome tea selection. If you’re craving hangover food that won’t wreck your gluten-sensitive gut, or if you just came back from Mount Si and are way too hangry to function, definitely swing by the Biscuit Bitch for a massive pick-me-up. You’ll want to meet the Smokin’ Hot Seattle Bitch, for sure.

Okay, okay. Just about any burger can be made GF when you remove the bun. But when you’re craving a gourmet American burger, you have to get over to 8oz. Served on gluten-free bun, it should definitely earn the “Nice Buns” award (okay, that’s not actually a thing — but if it were, this gluten-free bun would win, hands down) Get your nice buns to this Capitol Hill spot for The Union Burger and a side of Brussels sprouts.

Chaco Canyon prides themselves on serving high-quality, locally-sourced raw and vegan food. Don’t panic – you didn’t accidentally stumble upon a Seattle Vegan Eats guide — Chaco Canyon has some of the yummiest gluten-free options. The Thai Peanut Bowl is everything your super-hungry, still-want-to-be-healthy body wants. We’d recommend washing it down with a crisp swig of kombucha on tap. Because of their emphasis on quality and flavor, you’ll always walk away feeling awesome about your life choices. Check them out in West Seattle or Greenwood.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and luxurious experience without busting your wallet or diet, Revolve True Food and Wine Bar in downtown Bothell is your new haven. All their meals are sans gluten, grains, MSG, preservatives, trans fats, refined or cane sugar, emulsifiers, GMO, and soy — which leaves only delicious whole foods. Meats are sustainably sourced and raised without antibiotics or added hormones, too. Basically, you can’t go wrong here… especially if you opt for the Tequila Mussels at happy hour, Dungeness Crab Benedict at brunch, or bacon wrapped dates anytime of day.

Any pizza joint that makes their own gluten-free crust and pastas while committing to organic and local ingredients is a friend of ours. Razzi’s in Greenwood and downtown is your place to satisfy those comfort cravings while also keeping your gut happy. And don’t be fooled by their modest digs — this place has a menu that packs a punch. From gluten-free and vegan pizzas (we recommend the Veggie Thai if you’re feeling adventurous) to calzones (the W.O.W will have you saying just that) to traditional pasta dishes made gluten-free, this is the place you go to satisfy the whole crew.

When it comes to having your cake and eating it too — we say you should never settle. Why sacrifice all that rich, tasty, goodness just because you’re looking to indulge in gluten-free desserts? Originally from U District, now a Fremont staple and Redmond household name, Flying Apron serves up all the desserts (and more) that your heart desires. From sweet treats (like handmade pies, custom cakes, and dunkable doughnuts) to savory goods (like seasonal pizzas, homemade mac-n-chez, and rotating soups), we love their gluten-free and vegan options that don’t make you feel like you’re going “without”. So, let them eat cake!

Rustic, farm-chic meets modern health at Heartbeet Café and we’re loving it. Superfood smoothies and juices (gluten- and dairy-free), Acai bowls (we recommend the savory breakfast bowl), raw food salads, and warm quinoa bowls are just a few of the reasons we can’t get enough of this Instagram-worthy place. And with a motto like theirs (real food that loves you back) we can’t help but feel good knowing we’re making great choices for our taste buds and our bellies.

This traveling food cart may not be a restaurant in the traditional sense, but their organic quinoa bowls are the perfect grab-and-go for a busy work week. Simple, organic ingredients are the base of their build-your-own bowls, and signature sauces mean you can make it your own. Top it off with a COCO-NUTS! Chocolate Chip Cookie and your day is complete. Catch either of their two carts downtown or in SLU. Fitt Tip: check out their cart schedule online ahead of time to plan your rendezvous.

Need a breath of fresh air? This adorable, airy, modern, PNW-inspired café is where you need to be. Their “scratch kitchen” and commitment to whole-food meals lets us breathe a little easier knowing we’re being taken care of when we walk in here. Snag a Buddha bowl (feel free to add a ladleful of broth on those chilly winter days) and a Dry Soda, then bask in the glow of their loft-like seating area. With gluten-free options for every meal, we won’t blame you if you come back twice in a day.

Itto’s Tapas in Cap Hill and West Seattle is the place to be if you’re into small plates with a Moroccan and Spanish flare. And we mean flare. These dishes—like their stuffed dates, stuffed grape leaves, and Mediterranean Gambas—are equally as satisfying to look at as they are to chow down on. Complete with plenty of options for gluten-free adult beverages like wine and cider, Itto’s is our go-to for Happy Hour (and their late night HH).

This gluten-free café and bakery in Cap Hill has everything from Nutella Waffles for breakfast to Curry Salmon Bagels for lunch to their Chopped Salad for dinner — and yes, EVERYTHING on the menu is gluten-free. So, lead with your taste buds and your gut will thank you later. This quaint and welcoming place is your spot to sit and stay awhile, but they also do orders to-go if you’re in a rush.

Setting up shop in North Seattle, just past Northgate, this gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian restaurant is worth the trek. They pride themselves on high-vibrational foods that are always tasty — “vibrational foods” mean plant power, by the way. Fitt Tip: order a bunch of the specialty drinks, juices, and small plates to give yourself the chance to try something new without being overwhelmed.

**Updated by Erin Anderson, August 2018

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