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APR 18, 2019

During the summer months, it’s easy to workout outdoors in Seattle — or at least it should be. There are mountains to hike, lakes to kayak, and rivers to raft on. But what’s a person to do when the dreaded rain starts? Don’t worry — there’s plenty of action going on indoors so you’ll have no excuse to sit on the couch.

From Capitol Hill to Fremont, cycling studios have your back with a wide range of heart-pounding, quad-crushing options. When taking your workout outside is a wash, turn to these indoor cycling studios to turn up the heat on your workouts.

Flywheel Sports


From dawn til dusk, Lake Union’s Flywheel offers high-energy classes packed with dedicated members getting their spin on in their moody, mostly dark rooms. A fun motivator, a leaderboard is displayed periodically throughout class, offering a little friendly competition with your neighbor. Believe us — people take these scores seriously and will make sure you know they beat you, so make sure you come ready to pedal hard.

After a night of bar- and restaurant-hopping, Rival Fitness is where many Capitol Hill-ers end up the next morning. Your clothes will be drenched after 10 minutes into this hour-long class where you’ll do short sprints and quad-burning hills. If you’re feeling like pushing yourself to your physical edge, try the high-intensity 45-minute class that ends with 10 minutes of core work. You’ll leave feeling way better than when you came.

A yoga studio might seem like a strange place to have cycling classes, but it makes perfect sense at Live Love Flow’s Capitol Hill location. Their class combines both yoga and cycling so you get the best of both worlds. Pretend you’re Lance Armstrong racing in the Tour de France for the first half of class and then attempt twisting yourself into a pretzel for the second portion. But if yoga isn’t your jam, no sweat: they offer a cycling-only tempo class, too.

ZŪM Fitness is the place to build your aerobic stamina. Huff and puff your way through the 75-minute class as you go over imaginary hills and race your fellow bikers. If you’re really short on time, check out their 20-minute cycle and ab class to get started on that six-pack and up your speed — they’re not called ZŪM for nothing!

Fremont may be known for their bar scene, but it’s also popular with bikers due to the trail nearby. When it’s pouring outside though, head to Beautiful Bike to get your cycling fix. They hold both “on the bike” and “off the bike” classes to help you cross-train and feel your strongest. In one of their more unique classes, a live musician plays drums to really get you to feel the rhythm of the bike. With motivation like that, there’s no way you can stop before the hour is up.

Community Fitness


Roosevelt’s Community Fitness is packed with a variety of classes, but cycling is always crowded. With three different types to choose from, including just cycling or CYCLE STRENGTH (cycling plus weightlifting), there’s no way to get bored. And they throw in a twist by being one of the only ones in the city who have a cycling + barre class. Warm up for half an hour on the bike, and when your heart’s about to pump out of your chest, you’ll practice small, refined movements at the barre, guaranteed to make your legs shake.

If you’re looking to let go of a long work day and get lost in a driving tempo, City Cycle’s classes are for you. You’ll love everything about this Greenwood studio: the inspiring instructors, killer playlists, and super-fun lighting. And unlike most studios, the bikes don’t display the calories you’re burning or your RPMs, which means you get to focus on what matters most: tuning into your body and enjoying the ride.



It’s time to tap it back. SoulCycle in South Lake Union is giving us all the indoor cycling feels, and we couldn’t agree with them more — “sweat looks good on you”. One dose of their high-intensity 45-minute ride will have you cruising to the beat, dripping sweat, sculpting muscle, and getting an all-out endorphin high. If you like your workouts to mimic the musical intensity and camaraderie of a good night out — this is your new happy place. Fitt Tip: classes fill up quickly, so book ahead when the schedule opens every Monday.

CycleBar in South Lake Union rode their way into our hearts with a killer workout and all the amenities you could ask for. We’re talking fully-stocked locker rooms complete with robes. But before we get there, let’s not forget about the ride that puts the burn in your quads, beat in your heart, and pump in your body. With 55 custom bikes in their CycleTheatre, there’s not a bad seat in the house. Plus, your CycleStats (the six key metrics of their workout) are emailed to you after every ride so you can keep track of your fitness journey.



Burn Cycle is on an outrageous mission: to change your day. They know what most of us who have caught the workout bug have learned, that one small action paired with a positive attitude can have a profound ripple effect on the rest of your life. That’s why from the time you enter their Capitol Hill studio to your time crushing on the bike to your post-endorphine-blast shower, you’ll be met with constant inspiration. Just check out their walls, lined with quotes from your favorite artists like Beyoncé, Drake, and even Kurt Cobain (this is Seattle, after all).

**Updated by Ariel Grob, October 2018



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