Seattle has a killer fitness scene. We’ve got hardcore CrossFitters, mindful yogis, chalk-handed climbers, the cycling-obsessed… you get the idea. Find your next workout right here, right now.




Flywheel Sports


Flywheel in South Lake Union and Bellevue understands that you have a life. If you’ve got to get to work, brunch, or home to binge-watch Netflix, they’ve got quick and intense 30- and 45-minute classes you easily can squeeze into your schedule. Or, if your only Thursday night plan is a long, burning ride, their 90-minute themed classes might the move. Either way, you're in for a high-intensity, cardio-heavy ride infused with energizing music and rhythm-based choreography.

Bala Yoga


Okay, there are a lot of yoga studios in the city, but there’s something just cool about Bala Yoga. It might have something to do with their bright and minimally-decorated studios, consistently gorgeous and inspiring Instagram, which always makes you want to roll out your mat, or perhaps it’s the workshops and incredible retreats they host (hello Italy). No matter why you head over to one of their three Seattle studios in Sammamish, Fremont, and Kirkland, you'll be glad you did. Fitt Tip: if you're flowing at their Sammamish location you can grab a coffee or healthy bite on your way out at their in-house cafe.

Seattle Bouldering Project is just as much about community as it is about climbing. That’s why they don’t just offer amazing space to get vertical, they also offer yoga and fitness classes, rock climbing technique classes, workshops, and the West Wall Bar — a chill stop for a pre-climb coffee or post-climb snack and beer. Whether you’re a bouldering newb or climbing junkie, you’ll fit in perfectly at this Central District gym.



If you’ve ever taken a barre class, you know just how intense this graceful, ballet-inspired workout can be. We’re talking limping-down-the-stairs-three-days-later intense. If you’re looking to make a change from your typical mid-week yoga class or circuit training, head to one of barre3’s handful of Seattle-area studios get ready to have your strength and balance tested.

True to its name, Capitol Hill’s Ritual House is a beautiful space to get on your yoga mat, get in tune with your body, and get sweaty. Their bright, clean yet eclectic space evokes a deep sense of calm, reminding you just how much the ritual of showing up to flow (even when staying home sounded better) means to you. And major bonus: no matter what kind of practice you’re looking for—Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Hatha, or something else—they probably have it.

‘The stronger you are, the stronger we are.’ This is FUELhouse’s inclusive attitude. They are all about the collective, going out of their way to support anyone in their tribe. So, whether you’re a fitness rookie or a boxing pro, yogi, CrossFit veteran, you’ll find the sweaty community you’ve been looking for here. And definitely don’t miss their FUELSTRONG class — as they say, “You will sweat. You will feel your butt the next day.”



If you haven’t tried a Lagree Fitness class yet, don’t panic — there’s still time to get on the bandwagon. With the precision of Pilates, intensity of strength training, and intention of yoga, Lagree is truly a total-body workout. Developed by Seattle University (represent!) MBA grad Sebastien Lagree, these fitness classes aren’t just ice bath-worthy exhausting, they’re methodically proven to be effective. Head to one of Inspire’s light-filled studios in Queen Anne, Ballard, or West Seattle for a muscle-shaking sweat sesh.

TITLE Boxing Club


There’s a reason boxing has been an exercise staple for so many years. Actually, according to TITLE Boxing Club, there are three: simply put, boxing is empowering, exhilarating, and addictive. And that doesn’t even cover the physical benefits. If you’re looking for a full-body workout that will make you feel like you can take on the world, grab your gloves (or if it’s your first time, borrow a pair for free) and head to one of their gyms in Greenwood or Redmond — there will soon be a lot of them.

You might have fallen in love with CrossFit because you love the “if you’re not puking, you’re not trying” adage. But our guess is what really makes you come back again and again is the friends-turned-family, uber-competitive community. If that sounds like you, this Capitol Hill box has your name written all over it. From intense group workouts to nutrition challenges, community is always at the center. So, lace up your trainers and throw around your bodyweight in their next HIIT class.

You’ll find everything you’re looking for in a high-intensity ride at this Greenwood studio. The instructors are amazing, the playlists are on-point, and funky lighting offers playful, energetic vibes. Not only that, but this studio puts all the emphasis on what’s most important: you and the bike. No frills, no fuss. No calorie counters and no RPMs displayed. Fitt Tip: check their schedule, they often host music mash-up and themed rides.

If we could imagine a gym that had an ideal combination of everything we love, it would look a lot like Athletic Form. All of the machines, free weights, and turf you need for a well-rounded workout, minus the frills. They offer classes that will kick your butt all throughout the day — including HIIT, CrossFit, ‘Ab Lab’, ‘Booty Blaster,’ and even an amazing infrared yoga studio that offers athletic Vinyasa flows and recovery-focused Yin. Most importantly, their expert team has nailed that perfect combination of elite training and tight-knit community. Don’t take our word for it — head to this SoDo gym and prepare yourself for a serious sweat sesh.

If variety is what you're after, then you'll love TruFusion in Bellevue. Offering a whopping 240 classes per week in everything from boxing and kettlebell workouts to cycling, Power yoga, barre, and TRX, they're out to keep your muscles guessing. Not only that, most of their classes are heated. That's right, if their heart-pumping workouts weren't enough, they turn up the thermostat for an added challenge. Though, if you're thinking this all sounds intimidating — don't, if there's something else this boutique studio is known for it's their top-notch trainers and incredible community that will be with you through every burpee, cycling interval, and box jump to help encourage and support you along the way. Fitt Tip: they also have an in-studio cafe where you can refuel after class.

Bohemian Studios


There's a lot of reasons we love this Phinney Ridge and West Seattle studio. Not only are they brimming with positive, feel-good vibes, they also offer some of the best workout classes in the city. We're talking interval-based mash-ups that combine barre, yoga, and Pilates exercises in one muscle-fatiguing combination and empowering music-driven Vinyasa flows. The best part? They have also created the type of environment where everyone can feel comfortable unrolling their mat and grabbing a hand weight, no matter your shape, size, or fitness level.

**Updated May 2019.



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