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APR 26, 2019



When it comes to eating healthy, most people count tacos out. And if your typical tacos include a mountain of cheese and/or fried fish, that may be a good thing.

But if you’re in desperate need of a taco, there’s no need to panic – Seattle is full of great taco spots that offer fresh, often organic ingredients, plenty of vegetables, and homemade tortillas. That means you can satisfy that craving while feeling really great about what you’re putting into your body… every Tuesday.

Chávez is a bit on the… fancier side, but calling in a reservation is well worth it. Their tacos are next level — don’t miss the Rajas Poblana taco (with poblano peppers, caramelized onions, and Oaxacan queso) and the Borrego taco (with braised lamb shank and chilaca pepper salsa). With amazing dishes and a beautiful, light-filled space, you’ll definitely impress whoever you take to this Capitol Hill gem.

Tacos Chukis is a small, family-owned shop with a straightforward menu that will rock. your. world. Seriously. Their house tacos have a slice of pineapple on top that makes for the perfect simple salty-sweet combo. And definitely don’t pass up their Nopal Asado cactus taco. It’s tucked far in the back of Capitol Hill’s East Broadway mini-mall, but don’t let that deter you: these tacos are the best you’ll find in the city.

Nestled in Pioneer Square’s Occidental Square Park and with garden lights strung back and forth across the brick-lined alley, Casco Antiguo wins hands down for atmosphere. Combine that with their super-flavorful housemade salsa, guac, and their amazing tacos and you’ve found yourself a perfect evening out with friends. They always have rotating vegetarian-friendly options and, surprisingly enough, their Ensalada is also a game-changer — if you opt for this uber-healthy option, you will not be disappointed.

With local, vibrant art on bright, spacious walls and one of the most Instagram-able bars around, Little Neon Taco is a new First Hill favorite. Stop in for a Cueritos taco (pork rinds and serrano peppers!) or their fresh, seasonal veggie taco on their housemade corn tortillas. But, whatever you do, don’t pass up their Elote — it’s unbelievably delicious grilled corn with Tapatio mayonnaise, cotija, and cilantro.

Tucked in Capitol Hill’s quieter 19th Street strip, Rocket Taco has a range of both the classics (like Carnitas and Ancho Chicken) and unique, veggie-friendly flavors, like their Cauliflower Chickpea or Quinoa Lentil tacos. Their small, taco truck-style corn and flour tortillas are made in-house and it makes all the difference. They recently launched a killer happy hour, too — head that way any day of the week from 3–6pm for a marg and taco pick-me-up.

No Bones Beach Club (often just called “No Bones”) hits the mark in multiple categories: Tiki bar? Check. Vegan? Check. Killer tacos? CHECK. Their taco offerings change seasonally, but if you’re lucky enough to catch their Beer-Battered Avocado Tacos, you’ll see exactly why this place is so popular among vegetarians and carnivores alike. Fitt Tip: gluten-free eaters, don’t miss this spot; most of their dishes are fair game.

Oaxaca is a fan favorite because of its much-envied rooftop mezcal bar, complete with a taco truck. That’s right — there’s a taco truck on top of the rooftop bar. How they got it up there is beyond us, but we’re glad they did. Their taco offering is simple and straightforward—tacos de asada, al pastor, de pollo, and estilo Baja (shrimp or halibut)—but most necessary if the sun is shining.

The folks at El Borracho want you to relax and have a good time — that’s why their slogan is “el take it easy.” Head to either their downtown or Ballard location when you’re ready to take a load off with some friends. They offer an amazing happy hour, great margaritas, and plenty of vegan options, which means everyone at the table is going to have a good time and leave with their taco craving satisfied.

Cactus is a Seattle favorite because it’s one of those places you can always count on. There are locations across the city (South Lake Union, West Seattle, and Madison Park), they’re a great place to stop in for brunch, lunch, happy hour, or dinner, and the food is always on point. Their Mexico City Street Tacos alone are worthy of a pitstop — especially the Spicy Potatoes Rajas, which have the perfect combination of spice and crunch.

While amazing tacos can be found all over the city, if you’re looking for something other than your classic carne asada or seasonal veggie tacos, you have to check out Marination. This Hawaiian-Korean spot (yup, you read that right) got its start as a food truck and today has expanded to four brick-and-mortar locations, all serving their super-fresh fusion tacos like their Miso Ginger Chicken or Sexy Tofu. Do yourself a favor: try these out-of-the-box tacos. You’ll thank us.

Don't let the size of this friendly little taco window set up inside Nacho Barracho fool you, they've got a whole lot going on in the flavor department. And it probably has something to do with the fact that they hand-grind the corn flour that is used to make their homemade tortillas, they only use seasonal produce and source from area farmers whenever possible. So the next time you're experiencing a can't-ignore taco craving, stop in for a Cali-inspired twist on traditional Mexican street food.


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