UPDATED DEC 22, 2019

Seattle is crawling with yogis. Likewise, our city is packed with yoga studios. Whether you're looking to perfect your flow or just touch your toes, this list has your covered.




Bala’s gorgeous white-walled, wood-floored Fremont studio is the minimalistic setting you crave when you want to unplug from all distractions and get in sync with your body. In addition to standard Power Vinyasa and chill Yin practices, they also offer an incredibly interesting range of deep-dive workshops, like the Wim Hof breathing method, arm balances and inversions, and acupuncture, plus high-energy Hip Hop Yoga classes. Not near Fremont? No problem, you can also find them in Kirkland and Sammamish.

Eight Limbs’ four branches across the city have helped them earn one of the best reputations among yoga studios in Seattle, and for good reason. They offer 23(!) different class types for everyone from beginner yogis still getting the hang of things to experts who can nail a headstand with ease. Plus, they also host workshops focused on mindfulness that will really help you dive deeper into your practice. Fitt Tip: keep an eye on their schedule, they regularly host community classes along donation-based meditation sessions.

What’s not to love about a studio that focuses not only on yoga, but on smiling through the experience? The Grinning Yogi in Capitol Hill and Greenwood gets that yoga shouldn't only be a workout, it should be fun, too. So, they've thrown a quirky spin on things, labeling their heated Vinyasa classes with names like Groove, My Happy Place, and Chill and Release. And trust us — you'll be having such a good time in these flows, you won't even notice the sweat. Bonus: They also offer workshops like Acroyoga from time to time!

In Sanskrit, Sangha means ‘community’ — and that’s exactly what this Queen Anne studio provides. Sangha and its owners and teachers have made it their goal to help facilitate your growth on and off the mat, fostering self-discovery and inner peace. Looking for a space that will offer you not only a workout, but also a community and the encouragement to grow your practice? This might just be your place. When you go, don’t miss the beautiful 10,000 Buddhas mural on their lobby wall!

Walking in for a class at Urban Yoga Spa in Belltown you may think this place feels a bit more like ‘spa’ than ‘yoga studio’, but this modern, downtown spot means business. Their classrooms are huge and the class sizes follow, which means you'll always be surrounded by fellow yogis while you work up a sweat during Power Vinyasa or sculpting flow. Afterward, you can recover with one of the seven spa services they offer or refuel with a cup of Stumptown coffee courtesy of their on-site cafe. Stress? What stress?

Breathe Hot Yoga has three studios in the Seattle area, but their Belltown location is a can’t-miss. When you’re busy holding a triangle pose, you can peer out the window at the unobstructed Space Needle across the street! But their Capitol Hill and West Seattle locales also feature some notable benefits, including 12-foot ceilings and showers (a must after one of their classes). When you want to kick things up a notch, they also offer Hot Pilates classes.

Seattle has a lot of great hot yoga studios. Almost too many. So when studio owner Datza Uldrike decided to open her own space, she knew she had to do something different. Enter: Datza Studios, offering not only the classics (Vinyasa and Yin) but also a wide range of unique workshops and Seattle’s first-ever ‘Alchemy’ classes. These workouts offer a mesmerizing component: geometric patterns expanding and contracting, projected on the wall so that in addition to a great workout and mind-body connection, you can also practice visual meditation.

Planted in Fremont, The Yoga Tree is an inviting studio with plenty of class options to choose from and expert instructors happy to show you the ropes on everything from Hatha and Vinyasa yoga styles to Yin and meditation. Even more appealing, they offer all sorts of experimental and fun workshops, including Friday night Yoga Nidra sessions.

Seattle Yoga Lounge is a staple in the yoga community, offering everything you need for your practice — an incredible community of yogis, a tried-and-true roster of well-known Seattle teachers, and a simple, beautiful hot studio to sweat it out in. Whether you’re new to yoga or have been in the game for a while, this Green Lake studio is the perfect place to take your practice to the next level. Major bonus: it’s basically across the street from the lake, which means you can cool down post-Vinyasa with a jump in the water or with a walk around the lake’s three-mile loop.

If you’re looking for a welcoming and inspiring place to unroll your mat, Ritual House in Capitol Hill is your jam. This simple studio is warmly eclectic, the the teachers are amazing (just Google Natasha Lady Krishna), and they offer tons of classes, so you're sure to find the fit to your flow. From Vinyasa to Ashtanga and Forrest Yoga (yup, Forrest Yoga), this gorgeous studio has your inner yogi covered.

Have you ever come out of an amazing yoga class—great energy, killer playlist, dripping sweat—and craved a smoothie or acai bowl? Good news: The Six has your back. Tired of bumping into each other in the small lobbies of other yoga studios, the owners created Eastlake’s The Six to offer yogis a space to chill before and after classes. Not only do they have an amazing acai/smoothie bar, they also offer infrared saunas, cryotherapy, and weekly artists spotlights. Consider this your got-to for incredible yoga flows infused with a little self-care.

From atop Beacon Hill, you can see so much of Seattle and the surrounding area. You can also spend some time seeing how long you can hold poses at Yoga on Beacon. Through one of their many class styles, you’ll find your center. And if you're a newbie interested in dipping their toes, they also offer a basics class, where you'll learn all the fundamentals while working on building strength and stability.

If you're looking for a slow, gentle flow, this is not your place. CorePower Yoga has made a name for itself by offering challenging, fast-paced flows meant to get your muscles burning and your whole body sweating. If you're new to the game, sign up for their CorePower Yoga 1 class, which is an unheated session that's perfect for beginners. And when you're ready to move on to a more high-intensity practice, their signature heated class or Hot Power Fusion is the move.

Modo Yoga may have studios peppered all over the US, but this Greenlake spot has built an environment here in Seattle that feels homegrown. Specializing in hot yoga, you can tone and strengthen in their signature Modo or Power Flow class, or connect your breathing with your movement for a meditative mind-body experience in their Yin sessions. And if you can't quite swing a membership, they often offer donation-based flows, along with community classes that are just $10 for a drop-in. It doesn't get much better than that!

A staple in the local scene, this modern, laid-back yoga studio is known for its inviting, tight-knit community, mind-body flows, and hippie vibes. Plus, they have a everything from fast-paced practices to slow, breathwork-focused classes that vary in intensity depending on the instructor. Even better, a membership here comes with some pretty sweet perks like unlimited first-time guest passes and 10% off all workshops.

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