All The Best Juice Bars in Seattle Right Now

All The Best Juice Bars in Seattle Right Now

We wish we lived in a world where enjoying healthy homemade meals was as convenient as snagging a grease-coated, double-fried burger from the local fast food joint. But our busy schedules make that reality near-impossible most of the time.

Fortunately, Seattle’s overripe with prime juice and smoothie spots. As long as you time your visit right, or plan your schedule around a 10-15 minute wait in line (that’s what Instagram is for), you’re golden. Whether you’re looking for cold-pressed, caffeinated, or maca-infused, there’s a juice in the city for a healthier you.

  • Sweetgrass Food Co.

    Sweetgrass Food Co. downtown has everything you need when you’re looking for an uber-healthy pick-me-up: amazing smoothies, juices, and lattes all in a beautiful, light, and airy space. They claim to be born out of ‘an equal love for Seattle and good, wholesome food’ — two of our favorites. Must-tries: the Good Morning Brew smoothie, Sunny Juice, and the Matcha Mocha.

  • Pressed Juicery

    Juice in Seattle
    image via Paige K. | Yelp

    If you went to Bumbershoot or an outdoor yoga class at Gasworks or Bite of Seattle, you’ve likely tried a sample of Pressed Juicery’s amazing cold-pressed drinks. Theirs come pre-bottled, making them a great grab-and-go as you’re headed to the gym or your yoga studio. Unlike most juiceries around, they also offer one-, three-, and five-day pre-packaged juice cleanses making them your go-to if you’re in need of a good detox. And don’t leave without trying the surprisingly delicious Strawberry Almond.

  • Juicebox

    Juice in Seattle
    image via JuiceBox | Facebook

    When people just can’t get enough of your product, you know you’re onto something. Of course, that’s a good problem to have. It’s also exactly what happened to the juice cleanse business Kari Brunson and Brandin Myett started a few years back. From selling at the farmers market to a pop-up spot at Le Bete and now a 25-seat cafe in Capitol Hill, Juicebox is a must for juice, smoothies, or wellness shots. If you’re in the mood for a full-on meal, Juicebox has you covered, offering veggie-centric dishes for breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch.

  • The Juicy Cafe

    The Juicy Cafe in Seattle, WA
    image via @thejuicycafe

    With four locations spread throughout the downtown Seattle area, you are very likely to cross one of these amidst your urban commuting. Their PB + J smoothie is a renowned crowd pleaser. And besides the first sip tasting just like you took a chomp out of the actual sammy, it’s only 395 calories and is rich in rice milk (healthy points galore). The Juicy Cafe also features an extensive lunch menu and caters to those of you out there working hard to stand by your gluten-free goals. The quinoa bowls (try out the Cheeky Ginger Peanut for some super spice) are on-point, and easy to complete with the added protein options — chicken, tofu, salmon, bean, egg.

  • Cocoa Banana

    Smoothie Spots in Seattle
    image via @seaofeats | Instagram

    If you’re out on the town for lunch with a vegetarian in tow, you’ve gotta lend serious consideration to this spot. And no, not just for its adorably unforgettable cute little monkey logo — it’s pretty boss, though. Wedged right in between First Hill and the heart of downtown is Cocoa Banana, an ideal spot when you’re pressed for time in between meetings, or running errands throughout the hustling, bustling core of the urban jungle. The fan favorite smoothie here is definitely the ‘Tony’ smoothie, which includes peanut butter, chocolate, banana, espresso, and nonfat frozen yogurt. So, basically, a healthy rendition of something that ends up tasting just like a dessert. Who wouldn’t be down for that?

  • Emerald City Smoothie

    Seattle's Emerald City Smoothie
    image via Emerald City Smoothie Facebook

    With 40 locations around the US, you’ve probably been to Emerald City, that is, if you’ve at all dabbled in the smoothie scene. It’s a fact that this place did start up in Washington, which pretty much requires we list it here as a must-visit spot. Emerald City Smoothie’s menu, even at a mere glance, shows a smoothie chain that hasn’t sacrificed impeccably extensive smoothie ingredients customization (like ALL the peanut butter) amidst opening new stores across the states. Anyone—the sweet tooth, the kale fiend, the tropical citrus island breeze bro—is going to find something that sets ’em right here.

  • Chaco Canyon Organic Café

    Juice Bars in Seattle
    image via Chaco Canyon | Facebook

    This vegan restaurant-meets-coffee shop—open in West Seattle, University District, and Greenwood — can mix, mash, and blend up a mean, healthy soy milk based smoothie. First-time frequenters taking baby steps into the whole vegan café scene will be best served opting for the highly manageable, absurdly tasty Choco Maca or Mango Mint Dream smoothie — both are stellar, local favorites. Chaco Canyon’s food is a whopping 90-97% organic, no matter the time of the year and sourced from partners across the state of Washington. Plus, this is the only place in the Greater Seattle area you’re bound to find a decently healthy, not easily forgotten slice of Chai Cheesecake as well.