8 Healthy Takeout Spots in Seattle You’ll Actually Love

8 Healthy Takeout Spots in Seattle You’ll Actually Love

Eating healthy is hard to do, right?

Well, kind of. But it doesn’t have to be. Seattle is full of healthy snack spots. And we’re not talking about plates of overcooked broccoli – these places actually taste good.

If you’re looking for grab and go eats, look no further. These eateries will hook you up with healthy takeout in a hurry. Hit these spots to eat well without slowing down. No excuses!

  • 45th Stop N Shop & Poke Bar

    45th Stop N Shop & Poke Bar
    image via @shannonbruno

    Fact, poke is addictive. Lucky for you, 45th Stop N Shop is here to curb your cravings. This Wallingford shop is a mini-mart, but it’s clear from the constant line of people the poke bar is on point. Every bowl comes with your choice of protein (there’s even tofu for our vegan friends) and is loaded with rice, seaweed salad, and other veggies.

  • Taste

    Taste in Seattle
    image via downtownseattle.com

    If you’re willing to spend a bit more for healthy eats, you’ll love the high-end menu at Taste. Crankin’ out hot eats in the Seattle Art Museum downtown, each dish is made with local and seasonal ingredients. Indulge in a fresh herb marinated Draper Valley chicken sandwich or a grilled zucchini and tomato flatbread. It’s easy to ignore all the greasy bar food in the area when healthy food tastes this good.

  • Thrive

    Thrive in Seattle
    image via @theholykale_

    If you want to eat healthy–and we mean really healthy–grab lunch from this raw cafe in Roosevelt. Everything on Thrive’s menu is gluten- and dairy-free, from smoothies to power bowls. And they don’t stop at just serving food – they consider themselves a community, hosting classes on how to do a juice cleanse and a delicious course about all things coconuts.

  • Flying Apron Bakery

    Flying Apron
    image via dirtplate.com

    The huge selection of healthy, good-for-you breakfast options at Flying Apron Bakery will make you forget all about the McGriddle. Everything is vegan and gluten-free, so even your healthiest friend can eat here. With locations in Fremont and Redmond, you’ll want to go here early (perhaps a sunrise hike) before their amazing pastries sell out.

  • Tilth

    image via Jasmin E. - Yelp

    Looking for a date night spot that won’t put you in a food coma? Tilth is here to help you out. Order a chilled cucumber soup with smoked mussels and homemade gnocchi, and pretend you made it yourself. When you get caught with the bags, remember this: All ingredients are certified organic from local farmers, so you can feel like you did your part for the community at least.

  • Homegrown

    image via Paleo Local

    If you’re trying to order lunch for the office that’s not pizza, give Homegrown a call. They use only local, certified organic produce from a farm just outside the city. With a variety of soups, salads, and sandwiches, everyone’s sure to be happy with their selection. Plus, there’s nothing more important than happy workers with happy bellies.

  •  Sunlight Cafe

    Sunlight Cafe in Seattle
    image via Sunlight Cafe Yelp

    The weekend brunch is usually packed at this vegetarian cafe, but now you don’t have to wait around for a table. Order a meal to go from Roosevelt’s Sunlight Cafe to start your weekend off right. Get a sesame crunch waffle to-go, or even a vegan scrambled egg dish. Don’t worry – there’s plenty of gluten-free options as well. And yes, they taste just as delicious on your couch as they do in-restaurant.

  • Portage Bay Cafe

    Portage Bay Cafe
    image via @Jessica_Spengler

    Eating an organic lunch has never been easier with Portage Bay Cafe’s locations in Ballard, 65th, South Lake Union, and Roosevelt. They pride themselves on using local ingredients, such as Washington-raised beef for their burgers and local, organic eggs in the flavor-packed Farmer’s Hash. If you do happen to be there during the weekend, it might be hard to resist one of their famous Bloody Marys while you wait for your order.