Where to WOD: 9 Standout CrossFit Gyms in (And Around) Seattle

Where to WOD: 9 Standout CrossFit Gyms in (And Around) Seattle

Obviously, CrossFit is not a secret at this point. Seattle has a history of proven boxes—what CrossFitters call a gym—and seasoned competitors in the “sport of fitness”. So, if you’re thinking about giving CrossFitting a try, or need a new spot to get your sweat on, then read up on these CrossFit gyms every Seattleite has at their disposal.

  • CrossFit Belltown

    Workout Spots Seattle
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    At CrossFit Belltown, you might want to start with their offered ‘Basics + Boot Camp’ program — a quick and fun way for anybody to get acquainted with the day-to-day. You’ll be in good hands as you do so. Nadia, the owner and head coach, helped make CrossFit in Seattle what it is today. Going all over the world to teach and preach on the merits of CrossFit as a lifestyle, she’s been transforming bodies since 2006. And CrossFit Belltown boasts trainers equipped with levels 1–4 CrossFit certificates, a CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Level 2 coach, hosts of Olympic Weightlifting Clinics, and more.

  • Stoneway CrossFit

    StoneWay Crossfit - Seattle, Washington
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    Stoneway CrossFit operates in northeast Queen Anne. The gym’s driving principle is one deeply ingrained in an academic/school-like training method — you’re going to learn a thing or two about yourself. This box encourages a growth of mind and body to all participants that work out at his gym. And this tight-knit crew will be cheering your name when you hit that 20th box jump (when it seemed like the 200th).

  • Foundation CrossFit

    Foundation CrossFit Seattle
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    Are you the “learn by doing” type of person? You may have found a home in Foundation CrossFit. They believe that CrossFit is for everyone and “specialize in not specializing”, which means you may be working out next to someone twice your age or someone a few months pregnant. And they won’t pretend to wow you with fancy lingo; their actions speak so much louder. That’s why people who do their FREE orientation and intro workouts are so quick to join their Capitol Hill community.

  • CrossFit Felix

    CrossFit Felix Seattle
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    If you’re in the downtown area, it’s probably about time that you feel out a CrossFit workout at CrossFit Felix. Their beautiful (and clean!) facility houses tons of equipment. Bars, bumpers, medicine balls, and rings on rings on rings for any pull-up or muscle-upping activity. Their hands-on training will teach you to train, whip your butt, and leave you with a smile.

  • Tiltshift Lab CrossFit

    The LAB - East Lake Crossfit Seattle
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    Formerly The LAB Strength and Conditioning—and before that Eastlake CrossFit—Tiltshift Lab CrossFit in Wallingford prides itself on an approach can improve endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, and more. And while it’s certainly not a competition, members love to see their name move up their whiteboard when they crush a WOD (workout of the day).

  • Northwest CrossFit

    Northwest CrossFit
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    Northwest CrossFit has a traditional structure to their classes, but more than that, they’re a community of fitness lifers that want you to be a part of their family (we’re not just talking about their Family CrossFit Class). They never stop trying to be a little healthier and a lot stronger each day. And with spots in both Greenlake and Interbay, they make it easy to join the movement.

  • CrossFit Amped

    Crossfit AMPED Seattle
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    At CrossFit Amped, they don’t want you to just feel blah about your workout. They want you to be—you guessed it—amped. But don’t think that means everyone here is a total fitness junkie. CrossFit Amped is all about being welcoming and non-intimidating, whether you’re a complete CrossFit newbie or just dropping by to get that WOD in while traveling. They even make it easy to get your sweat on, with locations in Capitol Hill, Bellevue, and Shoreline.

  • CrossFit LOFT

    Crossfit Loft Seattle
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    This West Seattle spot is more than just CrossFit. And by that we mean they also offer HIIT bootcamp, mobility, yoga, strongman, and Olympic lifting classes, as well as nutrition guidance. And did we mention they also offer kids and teen programs? But with such a wide array of offerings, they like to make sure everyone has the basics down first. At CrossFit LOFT, they focus on safety and proper form first and intensity second, so no matter your level of experience, they’ve got you covered.

  • CrossFit Deliverance

    Crossfit Deliverance Seattle
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    CrossFit Deliverance is the real deal. This U District spot is the place for a no-nonsense workout that will help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. But don’t let their dedication scare you — CrossFit Deliverance focuses on fostering a positive, supportive, and fun community. They also have some pretty sweet amenities, like a 3D body scanner, and other great offerings, like yoga for CrossFit (they call it “Croga”). And if you’re the competitive type, they also offer a competitive program aptly called Compete that concentrates on training athletes for gymnastics, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and metabolic conditioning competitions.


    **Updated by Kiley Beck, December 2018