Say Hello To SoulAnnex: SoulCycle’s Brand New Bikeless Fitness Studio

Say Hello To SoulAnnex: SoulCycle’s Brand New Bikeless Fitness Studio

SoulCycle. Where do we start? We can’t get enough. From coast to coast, this studio community has swept the fitness scene (and the hearts of sweat junkies everywhere) with its bumping tunes, awesome spaces, and killer workouts. And with a mind-body experience that has really taken indoor cycling to the next level, what more could we ask for? There’s nothing quite like hopping on a SoulCycle bike and letting loose for an epic 45-minute ride.

Plot twist: SoulCycle has something new in the works and it does NOT involve any bikes. Say whaaaaaat?

  • Explain this madness!

    Our beloved SoulCycle is opening a brand new studio called… *drum roll please* …SoulAnnex next week in New York City’s Flatiron District. Because of course Manhattan starts all the best trends! The studio’s custom-created classes (meant to complement their cycling classes) come in three different flavors: Move, Define, and Align.

    Move is all about feeling the beat, bringing the energy, and taking your workout to the next level.  Define slows it down to focus on sculpting those muscles with HIIT and plyometrics. And Align is there to take care of your body with active recovery.

    These classes are a new way to stay true to your SoulCycle tribe, but mix up your routine off the bike (plus, no shoes to clip in!). Take a peek at the class descriptions here.

  • What you need to know

    Complete with changing rooms and a retail wall where you can stock up on gear, SoulAnnex’s new digs officially opens on Tuesday, October 3rd at 32 W. 18th Street. Online class sign-ups open on Monday, October 2nd at noon, but you can buy your class passes here and be ready to log on and snag your spot for Tuesday’s opening day lineup.

    Here’s your chance to become an even more badass SoulCycler (an ass-kicking Annexer?). See you there!