Introducing STELLASPACE, Stella Artois’s New 20-Minute Guided Beer Meditation

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Introducing STELLASPACE, Stella Artois’s New 20-Minute Guided Beer Meditation

There’s no denying that meditation has gone mainstream. Mindfulness studios are popping up around the country and meditation apps are taking over phones. The practice has transcended the wellness space — so much so that it now has ties to an entirely unexpected market: beer.

Sip, savor, and reflect

It should come as no surprise that the folks behind the beer meditating are the same brand that claims their beer tastes better out of its own branded glass… we mean, chalice. The folks at Stella Artois have found a new way for fans to connect with their brew. They believe that “the beautiful complexities and wonders of a Stella Artois can only be discovered by attentive, mindful sipping.” So, they’re giving you a way to do just that with a new mindfulness guide to help you properly experience their beer.

Stella has partnered with mindfulness app INSCAPE to create STELLASPACE, a 20-minute audio guide narrated by actor Luke Evans that combines mindfulness techniques with expert inputs from Stella Artois’ Sr. Educator and Master Cicerone® Max Bakker to give a beer drinker the ultimate resource for fully connecting with their beverage. And yes, you can get a special STELLASPACE chalice complete with lines to pace your consumption. Because, apparently, a Stella is best savored in exactly 12 sips.

So, is STELLASPACE for you? Find out with a five-minute preview on Stella’s YouTube channel. Cheers! Or should we say, Om…