StretchLab is on The Move With Plans to Open Studios Across The US

  • Cassandra Pisone
  • Fitt
StretchLab is on The Move With Plans to Open Studios Across The US

If you’re reading this article, we know you love to work out. And if you love to work out, we know all those cycling classes, runs through the city, and HIIT workouts can take a toll on your muscles. And let’s all be honest — none of us is great at stretching at home.

Enter: StretchLab, the boutique assisted stretching studio (yes, you read that right) that is popping up everywhere, including our very own Lakeview as of December 2018.

A helping hand

Since StretchLab opened in Southern California in 2015, the assisted stretching scene has lit up the fitness market. “Recovery” classes like foam rolling, therapist-assisted stretching, and even “cocooning” are now an integral part of many fitness-lovers’ routines.

Beyond those spending their mornings and evenings sweating it out on a bike, in a class, or on the pavement, assisted stretching is for the way we live our lives today. We’re all guilty of hunching over our computers at work or school and looking down at our phones a little too often. StretchLab’s unique class format doesn’t just help people recover from their workouts but from the wear and tear of daily life.

All locations offer group stretching or one-on-one stretching classes — perfect for a tune-up before your next 5k.

Future-proofing your body

StretchLab is answering the demand for even more recovery classes with plans to open dozens of new studios all across the US, signing franchise agreements in Chicago, San Francisco, Texas, New Jersey, Seattle, Idaho, Tampa, and Phoenix.

StretchLab is committed to helping people stay limber and mobile throughout their lives. You’ll want to carve out time in your schedule for a weekly StretchLab sesh when they open near you. Because let’s be real — when has stretching ever not felt great?