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JUL 14, 2020



It’s time to wrap up those hands and dust off the skipping rope, Sydney. Stepping out of the dingy, sweaty school gymnasium and into the bright lights of luxury boutique fitness, boxing is experiencing a renaissance. And whether you’re Rocky or rookie, looking to upskill technically or just find a novel way to torch calories, we’ve got you covered with our pick of Sydney’s best boxing studios!

The brainchild of celebrity trainer/boxing extraordinaire Zach Vickers and GoToFitness’s Kes Commerford, Undercard is everything a boxing studio should be — and much more. There are high-intensity intervals on the Technogym SKILLMILL treadmill to raise the heart rate, plenty of free weight exercises to add a strength component, and—of course—heavy bouts on the bag to improve coordination and increase technical boxing skill. Fitt Tip: Undercard also does an epic smoothie, so stick around post sweat to refuel and chat with your fellow classmates.

Few studios open with quite the same hype as Potts Point’s Hustle Boxing — and not just because it’s co-owned by Dan Conn, Andrew Paps, and Ellice Whichello. But Hustle is not just witty signs and carefully curated social media — it’s also the home of a well-planned, motivational, truly challenging boxing-based workout. Whether you try the "Jagger" (four rounds boxing, four rounds Tabata), the "Queen B" (10 total rounds of functional floor work and boxing), or even "The Godfather" (16 rounds of all-out burn) classes, prepare to sweat and punch your way to better fitness, Hustle-style!

Ever planned on making it to a fitness class but snoozed that alarm one too many times and realised you are four minutes past making it through the doors on time? Yeah, us too. And 12 RND has the answer: small group, class-based fitness sessions with no designated start and end times! The full workout is based around 12 three-minute boxing rounds, with a few rests thrown in. And with a new round starting every three minutes, we guarantee you’ll be able to fit in a session, no matter your timetable. Best of all: with multiple Sydney locations, accessibility is no issue either! Book your free trial here to see what all the fuss is about.

Old school meets new cool in this exhilarating full-body workout. If it’s a full on sparring session you’re after, WCB has found a way to make it safer, with a novel scoring system based on speed, not strength. If you’re not looking to jump into an actual ring, there are loads of boxing based fitness classes which offer the same endorphin inducing results… without so many headshots! Check out their timetable for a list of cardio, skill, and power pad sessions — plus dedication classes for the kids! And if you’re super keen to get more technical, lock in an individual session with one of the knowledgeable coaches — The first session is free, so what have you got to lose?

So, you want to be the next Conor McGregor? Everyone knows the secret to succeeding in The Octagon is to master multiple martial arts while building strength and stamina in all areas. No wonder UFC athletes call themselves the fittest in the world! Global franchise UFC GYM takes this mentality and harnesses it to create a fun, challenging workout regime, which is as powerful for mental agility as it is for physical health. We love the "DUT" class, aka “Daily Ultimate Training” — it’s the signature HIIT bootcamp that incorporates everything from battle ropes and TRX to kettlebells and free weights. Sign up for your free pass here, or stop by one of the many Sydney locations to get started.

When we told you boxing has come a long way from the grimy underground ring, we were talking about studios like Bondi’s 8Limbs! This Bronte Road mega-gym has heaps of floor space, chock-full of state-of-the-art cardio and calisthenics equipment to supplement your boxing training. However, possibly the biggest draw, 8Limbs pretty much has the kickboxing market cornered. With five experienced trainers and more than ten classes per day (incorporating bag and partner work, mobility, and conditioning pieces), it’s literally impossible to get bored of this workout! Fitt Tip: If you are looking to level up a notch, 8Limbs offers a weekly sparring session and can even arrange an amateur match with another member.

With two easily accessible Sydney studios, all the usual cardio and resistance equipment, bespoke jiu-jitsu, boxing and kickboxing areas, and one of Australia’s best-respected martial artists at the helm, Boxing Works is a heavyweight contender! 40-minute lunchtime boxing classes (great for those looking to get fit, not hit) focus on strength, endurance, and core work, while evening classes are more skills-focused, with drills and techniques designed to improve your bag and pad work. Best of all, Boxing Works offers an unlimited eight-day trial for just $40, so you can try it all before you buy!

This three-level Potts Point studio asks the simple question: lift, shred, or box? If boxing’s your game, get fit with BOX or try the specialty PUNCH or KICK classes, focusing on specific techniques that teach the essentials of boxing. If that’s not enough, you can head for the stairs to give Squad’s lifting or cardio class a go after your session with the bag.

You may know Shelter for its spa-like vibes and services, but make no mistake, there’s lots of sweating to be had here. Shelter’s boxing class runs 45 minutes, focusing on 10 guided rounds that split your time between the bag and the floor. It’s a high-intensity burn with low-impact with repetition meant to bring on a meditative sweat.


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