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JUN 18, 2020



Unless you’ve been under an enormous rock for the past decade, you will have heard of CrossFit. What started as simple movement designed to test functional fitness has blossomed into a multi-billion-dollar industry worldwide! It’s no wonder then that Sydney is absolutely teeming with CrossFit “boxes” (as they’re known to the hardcore fans).

So, with so many affiliates on the table, how do you know which gym to hit? Easy — we’ve done all the heavy lifting! Here are our picks of Sydney’s best CrossFit gyms.

If it’s superstars of the sport you’re after, look no further than Play Movement Co. Three-time games athlete Khan Porter trains here. And it’s not just the Instagram ops that this affords — world-class athletes tend to signal world-class trainers! But there’s another big benefit to Play, and the clue is in the name. Play members are famed for their social outlook and community mindedness — come for the WOD, stay for the beers or meal afterwards. You’re guaranteed to work up a sweat during one of Play’s gruelling MetCon sessions and equally likely to meet some cool people along the way. Fitt Tip: Saturday morning serves up the ultimate experience, both in terms of fitness and community.

An institution in Sydney’s CrossFit scene, Creature Fitness has been providing high-quality coaching services in the Inner West and Eastern Suburbs for years. Class sizes are kept small, coaches are well-qualified, and with state-of-the-art boxes within a stone’s throw of convenient train stations, there’s a Creature handy for every keen athlete. What’s most unique about Creature is that they’ve actually moved beyond CrossFit with the development of their own class: Hybrid. It’s a 60-minute session where they’ve taken everything they loved (and nothing they didn’t) from their years of CF training and reimagined the workout for safety and overall strength gains.

One for the city dwellers, 2010 opened its doors to CrossFit enthusiasts in 2013 (the name refers to the postcode where you’ll find it rather than the year it began!) and has been growing ever since. Under the steady hand of head coach Karl Robertson, 2010 offers a range of WOD options for beginners through to athletes, as well as technical skills classes around gymnastics and Olympic lifting. Plus, with a diverse timetable—HIIT, yoga, and foundations courses included—2010 caters to every skill level and goal.

Formerly CrossFit Athletic, Be Athletic’s legendary coaching staff and top-notch training facilities have broadened their offerings to include Metabolic Conditioning, Functional Strength Training, Aerobic Endurance training, and the Vitality plan for Masters members. And it certainly puts its money where its mouth is in terms of backing up that reputation — the box has sent athletes to Pacific Regionals every year since 2011! It’s a little pricey compared with others on the list, but you certainly get what you pay for. Visit them in Brookvale or in the CBD to see what all the fuss is about.

One of Sydney’s older boxes (up and running since 2009), Active is a true establishment on the CrossFit scene thanks, in part, to the amazing sense of community they have fostered. The coaches are friendly, knowledgeable, and genuinely there to help. And classes are capped so you never get the sardine-in-a-can vibe, nor have to fight over a squat rack or pull-up rig. The emphasis at Active is on quality movement, as well as fostering functional fitness — meaning what you do it the gym should translate to what you do outside of it! But best of all, there are a bunch of different membership options for everyone from the 5am hardcore to the weekend warrior — and its reasonably priced. Well worth the trip across the bridge!

CrossFit Bondi is not your average gym these days: no selfie mirrors, no isolation exercises, just hard work and amazing results. The unofficial CB motto is “workhorses, not show ponies” — and they live and breathe this mentality, so expect to be pushed to your limits with varied and challenging workouts, all in a safe environment under the watchful eye of master trainers. If body composition is the goal, there’s a dedicated nutritionist to help you plan your macro. And if you like to enjoy a drink after a long day’s WOD, there are plenty of members who will show you around Bondi’s best watering holes!

Like most of Sydney’s Inner West, CrossFit Marrickville can truly boast diversity and inclusion. With a strong Masters contingent, a ‘CrossFit Parents’ session, women-only classes, and weekly Oly lifting coaching, CrossFit Marrickville has something for everyone. It looks like your classic CrossFit box: an open, warehouse-style with all the toys! Think strength rigs, Olympic rings, tyres to flip, plenty of ropes, and, of course, racks and racks of barbells. And with the offer of a free trial class on the table, there’s no excuse not to head out west for your next WOD.

Around 30 scheduled sessions per week. Student membership pricing. Free use of the gym during open hours. Coaches consultations anytime during open hours to talk specific programming or pursue fitness goals. It sounds like Sydney’s most flexible and progressive box, right? We think so too! With a no-nonsense approach to fitness and nutrition, which takes the guesswork out of elite performance, CrossFit Sydney has a load of resources (and all the right support) for you to reach your peak. Fitt Tip: check out their awesome diet and nutrition guides that go well beyond the standard “paleo” meal planning!

Kia Kaha — forever strong! The name says it all about Maroubra’s premium CrossFit facility, which prioritises fun and fitness across a strong membership base. Famed for its “Super Saturday”, we highly recommend you join the whole crew for a sweat session and kick the weekend off in style! So close to the beach that you can smell the salt through the open-air gym facilities, Kia Kaha boasts more than just a stunning location. Choose from strength, conditioning, lifting, yoga, or barbell-focused classes, and round out your key CrossFit skills with the team of awesome trainers (who happen to boast backgrounds across a range of professional sports!).

One for the city slickers and fitness-focused professionals, cross the thresholds on 168’s Sussex St location or Kingsgrove facility to enter a new world of training. Each space is well-utilised, packed with equipment, and classes still maintain a hands-on coaching style. As you’d imagine from a city gym, CBD’s timetable is built around a standard working day, so you can definitely squeeze in some conditioning en route to the office, or skip out during lunch for a short and sharp barbell session. Mornings are pretty general, designed to get you sweaty, while evening sessions focus around a specific skill or function and are geared to those looking to build a specific CrossFit capability. Whatever your flavour, CrossFit 168 provides the capability to build a whole new level of fitness.


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