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DEC 2, 2019



Sydney’s ever-growing health and fitness landscape has inspired the rise of a new phenomenon: recovery. Athletes and fitness freaks alike are looking to new-age techniques and programmes allowing them to relieve aches, pains, and soreness, prevent and treat injuries, and enhance and improve performance — utilising everything from high-tech boots that squeeze your legs to freezing-cold ice baths.

The growing demand for these services has seen many dedicated recovery facilities popping up around the city, with one studio in particular leading the charge.


Frequented by the likes of famous NRL players, your favourite gym trainers, and everyday athletes like you, Cultivate Recovery in Darlinghurst is setting the bar high in the recovery scene, aiming to bridge the gap between the fitness world and educating Sydney on the importance of recovery in their fitness routine.

“With recovery, there’s more to it than just sleep and nutrition. If you can recover better, you can train and relax more,” co-founder Tori Charlton said.

Tori and Hamish Charlton are a big part of the appeal of Cultivate and have cultivated their own loyal customer base. These Canadian pocket rockets are personable, knowledgeable, and helpful — not to mention fun (they love a good whiskey too, so aim to be loitering when they whip out a bottle!).

This community feel is one of the reasons Cultivate is so successful. The core competencies, however, are all the top-notch services on offer in the beautifully designed warehouse space, equipped with high ceilings, dim lighting, and zen vibes.


Ready to recover? Cultivate offers four different types of recovery. They have NormaTec compression boots, designed to increase circulation to your legs and hips, keeping you fresh in preparation for your next training session. You’ll bounce back quicker than ever after some time spent in these inflatable “pants” (it’s a similar sensation to balloons pressing against your legs) — and you can even watch Netflix on the big screen while they work their magic.

The infrared saunas on offer are something else… The treatment, available at a growing range of Sydney studios, is said to relax your central nervous system and reduce cortisol levels. Cultivate’s just happen to have the right amenities — they’re all located in their own dimly lit, beautifully decorated rooms and come equipped with Bluetooth so you can chill out, embrace the heat, and listen to your fave playlist or poddy at the same time.

They also offer localised cryotherapy—which helps reduce inflammation in the treated area, promoting recovery and healing—along with a hyperbaric chamber, which uses oxygen therapy to assist with mental or physical fatigue.

And time spent attending one of Cultivate’s Exposure Workshops is like hitting the recovery jackpot – you’ll alternate between ice baths and the infrared sauna, focussing on breathwork and healing.


As demand for recovery services continues to increase, so too does the competition.

Koa Recovery in Waterloo, a similar concept to Cultivate, offers a range of services to benefit both your body and mind, including whole body cryotherapy, float therapy (a unique experience in itself), infrared saunas, NormaTec compression therapy, and electro muscle stimulation (EMS).

La Cure in Caringbah South is another new addition to the scene, offering cryotherapy (including cryo facials), float therapy, infrared saunas, IV drip therapy (which provides 100% of the vitamins and nutrients your body requires), skin and massage services, and, what has become a hallmark for the budding recovery industry, the compression boots.

As the scene develops further, take some time out and test out these recovery services for yourself — if you want to feel fresh as a daisy, that is! Wondering where to even begin? Cultivate Recovery recommends that for people training regularly, a 30-minute NormaTec and 30-minute infrared sauna combination will relieve those aches and pains and get you prepped for the next week of training.

Keen to make this part of your weekly routine? Hit their website or give them a call for bookings — it’s something for your body and your social calendar!


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