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JAN 16, 2020



What do a muscle-up, a barbell deadlift, and hitting a truck tyre with a sledgehammer have in common? They’re all part of Australia’s most popular workouts — CrossFit, circuit-style bootcamp, you name it. And what else? They’re things you probably can’t do forever.

One new Sydney CBD health, fitness, and well-being club, however, is setting the trend for the future. SOMA Collection, a purpose-built wellness facility in Chifley Tower, is so much more than just a body-punishing workout — it has a commitment to serving the real hustlers: Sydneysiders in suits.


Co-founder Simon Anderson said the all-inclusive club was born out of a desire to bring something different to the fitness landscape.

“We had been observing a steady over-commercialisation of the fitness industry and a decline in service and quality (particularly by large chains) as they squeezed for profit, at the cost of members and personal trainers,” he said.

Anderson added that they also wanted to steer away from the circuit-style training which is currently dominating the fitness scene, asserting this method pushes people to fatigue with poor form and low individual supervision, leading to injury.

Cue SOMA. The club was specifically designed with the office worker in mind, allowing professionals to balance their demanding careers with their need to remain healthy (both physically and mentally) and productive as they age.

SOMA’s programming is about balance, with class sizes capped to facilitate more individual attention and form correction from expert instructors. Between two studio spaces—Mind + Body and HIIT + Strength—it’s home to a wide range of classes, offering reformer Pilates, mat Pilates, barre, boxing, power yoga, Yin yoga, meditation, and more, plus personal training.

The mix of fast-paced HIIT, athletic yoga, strength training, and boxing are met by relaxing and caring styles of yoga and meditation, focussed on postural correction and lengthening of muscles that are cramped under a desk for long periods, as well as relieving stress from the workplace.

And the true strength and originality, Anderson says, lies in the gym’s understanding of its target audience. They might even know your body better than you do after the detailed movement analysis provided to each member. You’ll move better, feel better, and maybe even work better because, after decades in the fitness industry, SOMA’s crew knows what ails you.


SOMA doesn’t just treat the body; it’s a holistic experience. And the luxurious touches are the icing on the cake. If you’re coming from either of the fitness spaces, you’ll find the beautifully-equipped bathrooms are fitted out with Dyson dryers, and you can also access two custom iHealth infrared saunas, featuring the latest near- and far-infrared technology.

The club also offers a day spa, with traditional massage and aromatherapy, along with more exotic treatments — think French-style lymphatic drainage massage for detoxification and immune support!

The boutique suite of services on offer complements the refined aesthetic and warm and comfortable environment. And between the strength and spa, the team is determined to only improve their offering from here.

“We do have a few changes on the horizon; we are increasing our tech connectivity to bring a more dynamic and interactive high-intensity offering, perfecting our studio spaces, and that's about all we can say at this stage,” he added.

We’ll be keeping on top of all these changes, and if you’re reading this in a desk chair right now—possibly complaining of a backache—you know where to go to sweat, socialise, and spa.


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