13 Fitt Stories You Might Have Missed Last Month

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13 Fitt Stories You Might Have Missed Last Month

If you’re a Fitt reader, you know that we’re big on community. It’s just a fact that being healthy is always more fun when you can tag your friends and say “let’s go!”

But you’re actually part of a bigger community. And since Fitt now has 24 different city sites across North America, we’ve got a high-level view of what’s going on in the health and fitness sphere — if New York has something incredible, Philadelphia soon will too, and so on.

Seeing that you have a very limited amount of time in your busy day to catch up on the happenings, stories, and trends that may be coming to your town, we’ve pulled a few page-turners for you.

  • Meatless Meats, Meal Replacements, and the End of Food As We Know It

    lab grown meat
    image via Chabad Intown | Facebook

    If the multiple Netflix food documentaries weren’t enough to tell you that we’re approaching a food crisis, we’ll say it too: we’re in trouble. That’s where meal replacements, Kimbal Musk, and plant-based burgers like the Impossible Burger are trying to step in. Continue reading

  • Healthy Hot Drinks to Your Door: Daily Harvest is Now Delivering Superfood Lattes

    Latte Delivery
    image via @dailyharvest | Instagram

    We’ve all gotten an eyeful of Daily Harvest’s picturesque fresh frozen smoothies on social media. Now, the meal subscription startup is making moves and offering health food junkies superfood-infused lattes that are as simple to make as all of their products. Continue reading

  • Ousted Co-Founder of by CHLOE. is Set to Open a New Vegan Restaurant in Miami

    image via Chloe Coscarelli | Facebook

    Chef Chloe Coscarelli is famous for being the first vegan to win a Food Network competition, coming out on top in Cupcake Wars. She’s notorious for being ousted from her own company, by CHLOE., and filing suit with new, revelatory claims. But the Chef Chloe saga is starting a whole new chapter in Miami, where Chloe and the Vegan Cafe is proving what she does best: delicious vegan eats. Continue reading

  • A New Take on Green Juice: Project Juice is Adding CBD Oil to Their Menu

    A sign of the times, Bay Area favorite Project Juice started offering California-legal CBD add-ins for its many juices and smoothies. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this debuted on 4/20. Continue reading

  • Sol Sips is Bringing Healthy, Affordable Vegan Eats to Brooklyn

    Local Vegan in NYC
    image via @solsipsnyc | Instagram

    From vegan food pop-up to permanent digs — a 22-year-old entrepreneur is challenging the idea that eating healthy is expensive by offering access to affordable, good-for-you meals. Continue reading

  • The Herbivorous Butcher is Dishing Out Vegan Meat Alternatives in MSP (And Beyond)

    Vegan in Minneapolis
    image via The Herbivorous Butcher | Facebook

    For the brother-and-sister duo behind this plant-based butcher shop, biting into hunks of tasteless tofu wasn’t going to cut it. So, they put their heads together and came up with a selection of meat-free meats and cheese-free cheeses that will make even the hardcore carnivore in your group think twice. Continue reading

  • Head to Doom Metal Goat Yoga For a One-of-a-Kind Yoga Experience

    Goat Yoga
    image via Doom Metal Goat Yoga | Facebook

    Doom metal, we know. Goat yoga, everyone knows by now.  In the name of keeping things weird, Austin one-upped everyone by hosting Doom Metal Goat Yoga at Jester King Brewery (a farm and beer garden) during the month of March. Continue reading

  • Clear Your Calendar For Vegandale, Bayou City's First Vegan Summer Block Party

    image via www.vegandalefest.com

    Houston won’t be saying goodbye to barbeque and burgers anytime soon, but this well-known vegan food and drink festival that celebrates all things plant-based is certainly expanding some horizons. Continue reading

  • Rewild, America's First-Ever Vegan Beer Hall & Eatery, is Coming to Quincy

    image via QuinnDombrowski | Flickr

    Yes, there is a such a thing as vegan beer. Rewild, America’s first fully-plant-based beer hall and eatery, opens in Boston this summer with not only animal-friendly suds but vegan takes on Boston classics. Rewild is the first, but this will not be the only vegan beer hall to pop up in the near future. Continue reading

  • It’s Official: Poké Restaurants Are Taking Over The Denver Food Scene

    image via Aloha Poke co. | Facebook

    It’s a trend that is still somehow sweeping the nation: poke bowls. And in some parts of the US, they just can’t get enough. For instance, there are 13 dedicated poke shops in Denver as of this writing. Just call them Mile High Hawaii. Continue reading

  • The Goods Mart, a Healthy Convenience Store, is Coming to Silver Lake

    image via The Good Mart | Facebook

    Move over 7-Eleven, there’s a new kind of convenience store in town and they won’t be serving day-old taquitos. The Goods Mart is committed to selling quality products which means you won’t find anything on their aisles that have GMOs, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, or pesticides in the ingredients list. Continue reading

  • It’s Official: Petco Park Has the Healthiest Ballpark Eats in the MLB

    Best Ballparks in America
    image via Wikimedia Commons

    So long, nacho cheese tater tots. San Diego is already known for being a health and fitness mecca, but their stadium food is healthy eating goals: poke bowls, veggie dogs, and even half an all-organic rotisserie chicken. Continue reading

  • Bye Bye Meat: Pow Pow is Going Meatless For The Entire Month of May

    Vegan Restaurants
    image via Pow Pow | Facebook

    This Asian eatery is testing the plant-based waters by forgoing the chicken and pork add-ons it normally offers for an entire month. And if the response to their temporary vegan menu is positive, there may be no turning back. Continue reading