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JUL 14, 2020



So long to the days when cafes only served a classic brewed coffee or cappuccino. With the changing trends in wellness, lattes shops are now offering mushroom-infused and butter-laden drinks. We’re not complaining at having more choice but we can definitely get lost between all the new superfoods showing up in our cups. Read on to find where you can be sure to get your fix of the best-tasting wellness drinks in The Six.

For one of the best butter coffees in the city, FUEL+ definitely makes the top of the list. The shops are small, grab-and-go hot spots in the Village and Corktown but loved by the health and fitness-crazed from all over the city. Have it hot, iced, decaf, regular, with coconut oil, or even as an espresso shot for a quick dose of high-fat energy. You can’t go wrong to pair it with one of their power snacks or delicious smoothie bowls either. Fitt Tip: if you’re running in the area, you can leave your stuff in their lockers for free!

BOLO is a popular boxing boutique in the heart of downtown TO. The studio directly caters to the hustlers that keep our city going, so naturally, a café and working space( had to be implemented. Equipped with smoothies, healthy snacks, and regular coffee, the menu would not be complete without Bulletproof coffee. We think it’s the perfect treat on the way to work after your morning Tabata Burn or while answering emails in their cozy café space.

One of the must-try drinks at Tandem is the Matcha Latte, and it’s even rumoured to be one of the best in the city. This cute, hole-in-the-wall cafe situated on King St. East is owned by a Japanese couple that also makes all of the pastries and treats in-house. The cozy atmosphere—plant wall, vintage collectibles, and culture magazines—makes it inviting for productive work mornings or afternoon coffee breaks.

This superfood snack cafe is most known for their special blend of nut milk with almond, cashew, and coconut that makes for an incredibly creamy and deliciously unique taste. At nutbar’s Summerhill or Assembly Chef’s Kitchen locations, you can keep your matcha simple with hot water and steamed milk, or you can upgrade by adding medicinal mushrooms like chaga, reishi, and lion’s mane. If you want to hop on the Bulletproof coffee train but want to skip the coffee jitters, go for the supermatcha that adds coconut oil, vanilla, raw honey, and steamed nutbar milk.

Calii Love has got every type of wellness latte imaginable, and best yet, they offer vegan versions of Bulletproof coffee and bone broths, too. There may be beachy vibes all around when stepping inside this favourite poke spot, but no matter the season, it’s always a perfect opportunity for a matcha, collagen, or golden milk latte. Others include beet, activated charcoal, and also a chaga hot chocolate. Thankfully hot or iced versions are available, and to top it off, one of their baristas at their King Street West spot takes special requests for latte art that’s made this chain of local eateries a must-go for people outside of the city.

Impact Kitchen has become a healthy community hub for those living in Corktown and The Fashion District, but it’s also our prime choice for good, wholesome food. They cover all the bases for broth, matcha, and Bulletproof drinks, but they take classic recipes and add their own twist to it. Their chicken bone broth is mixed with onions, lemon, carrots, apple cider vinegar, herbs, peppercorns, and garlic. They’ve also been known to add signature Miso Ginger, Thai Curry, or a special Gold Mine flavour blends. For the drinks, check out The Impact Fuel on the menu, which includes Bulletproof versions of coffee and matcha, with ingredients like beekeeper’s raw honey, grass-fed butter, MCT oil, and organic chaga.

A minimalist and stylish cafe, find Neo Coffee Bar in the lively corners of the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood. You come here for the high-quality beans and extensive high-end coffees, but they’re just as serious about their matcha and green tea game. Better yet, their food consists of a rotating menu of Japanese desserts, all made with organic ingredients and Uji matcha from Kyoto (said to be the finest in the world). When it’s not being used for desserts, it’s, of course, being used to make their matcha teas and lattes. Curious to try something different? Matcha-lovers would regret not trying their Uji Cha, another type of green tea.

Spread across Toronto and the GTA, the organic cold-pressed juicery perfect for those on-the-go looking for a healthy bite or drink. All of their lattes are vegan and can be served hot or iced. Their green tea latte includes ceremonial matcha and steamed cashew milk, while their bulletproof coffee might be perfect for those who need something more substantial. With your choice of almond or cashew milk, you also get vanilla, maple syrup, MCT and coconut oil, almond butter, and an optional add-on of collagen.

The Healthy Butcher is a dream for those who seek out high-quality, locally-sourced meats, and the market’s bone broth happens to be one of their most popular products. In particular, it’s organic beef collagen bone broth from grass-fed cows, which is simmered slowly for maximal nutrition. It may not be sold for on-the-go consumption, but you can find them on Queen St. or Eglinton West to grab a tub so you can make big batches at home.

Found in Roncesvalles, The Simple Kitchen is great for anyone that wants uncomplicated, healthier food with flavourful ingredients. But when it comes to the drinks, the menu is pumped full of superfoods. If you’re looking for an original Bulletproof coffee, look out for the MIGHTY Coffee on the menu. And for Bulletproof sans caffeine, you’ll want to hit up the MIGHTY Uncoffee, which is a latte made with your choice of turmeric or matcha. The choices get even more extensive with the Energy Coffee, Warrior Coffee, or Carricks’ Fuel that add ingredients like cordyceps, collagen, and their homemade cashew milk. If you’re craving for more, The Kitchen also has their own in-store market that carries hard-to-find health foods.

With a name like Extra Butter, you can expect them to serve up some mean butter-infused coffee. It’s slightly hidden among the residential streets, which makes it a gem to find but also a great place for those in the neighbourhood looking to get their morning coffee fix. Coffee drinks aside, they’re actually most known for their homemade pastries, which are a must-try if you’re near the streets of Roncesvalles.

You don’t always need bones to reap the benefits of bone broth. At Village Juicery, you can enjoy a boneless version, perfected by their in-house nutritionists, made with simmering fresh and dried mushrooms, weeds from the west coast of Canada, and blends of herbs and spices. And when it comes to hot lattes, their matcha is a nutrition powerhouse with a blend of cashews, walnuts, brazil nuts, raw honey, and Himalayan pink salt. It’s a boost of energy, focus, and comfort drink all in one. Find them in most neighbourhoods across the city when you’re in need to warm up with a specialty drink!


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