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Diana Ghidanac

Making time for the gym in our busy schedules can sometimes feel harder than the workout itself. With our on-the-go lives, we could only dream of having things like coffee ready as soon as we walk out of that changing room.

Now, you no longer have to. Understanding our busy-lifestyle needs, BodyLove—aka BOLO—decided it was time to create a space where you can have your coffee, office, and even a hair salon in the same place you go to break a sweat.


BOLO originally dropped into the downtown scene as a pop-up fitness boutique offering a variety of unique boxing and bootcamp-style classes. The old studio was rad to begin with, a social-club-meets-fitness-club vibe in an open-concept space, hip enough to show off where you are but professional enough to get stuff done (on the mat or at the desk). But their permanent setting (now found on Richmond and Peter Street) takes this to the next level. Besides a boxing ring, you’ll also have access to a coffee-bar, blow-bar, an event space, and even a healthy eatery.

And when it comes to events BOLO understands what gets us going — in Toronto, that’s brunch and maybe the occasional cocktail. So it couldn’t be more fitting to host monthly events like Boxing x Braids x Brunch, WINESDAYS, and Sunday Sweat & Sip. You also don’t want to miss out on their Full Moon Party that pairs boxing with a bit of flow and meditation.


Boxing is the specialty here. If you’re a first-timer, BOLO Boxing is highly recommended for the ultimate sweat sesh. Never punched a bag? Don’t worry because fundamentals are covered and trainers take good care of your form.

Even for the trained boxer, BOLO’s approach is unique from most studios. They use TRX, BOSU balls, dumbbells, slam balls, and your own body weight for a challenging 45-minute burn. They offer both full-body and part-specific classes (i.e. Box n’ Core and HIIT Box, to name a couple). But besides punching and kicking, you can tone it down with BO-FLOW or BOYO (aka BOLO Yoga), which ups the intensity on your conventional yoga moves. Expect sweat, expect soreness, but also expect a satisfied mind and body.


When you’re not planking on a BOSU, take a second to look around the studio. Self-love and motivational quotes are found all around. While they’re great for the post-workout Instagram, BOLO is all about confidence and being your baddest (read: best) self. So, while you might be huffing and dripping in sweat, feeling at your weakest during a workout, rest assured you’ll be walking out feeling like a total badass.

If you’re ready for it then don’t wait any longer. Find out when you can have your turn in the boxing ring with their schedule here.