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AUG 21, 2019



Nitro, drip, iced, black. There are a million ways to take your coffee. But, there are even more places to grab coffee in Toronto. With a new shop popping up what feels like every week, it’s hard to stand out in a sea of expressos and matcha lattes. For one local shop, it’s about having a healthy menu as vibrant as its aesthetic.


It’s the colourful coffee cups that first catch your attention at nutbar, a superfood snack café in Summerhill and formerly in Assembly Chef’s Hall as well. But, it’s the selection of adaptogens, antioxidant powders, immunity enhancers, and brain boosters that keep us coming back.

Plant-based nutbar first opened its doors in 2016 and has been serving its nutrient-rich, high-quality food and drinks to people looking for a healthful, meaningful coffee shop experience ever since. Say goodbye to the classic café selection of morning muffins and croissants!

“It’s really exciting to see how there’s been a widespread and increasing awareness in healthier food options”, says holistic nutritionist Kate Taylor Martin, founder and owner of nutbar. “We’ve noticed a huge difference in only the two and a bit years since we’ve been open. For example, a common custom question has evolved from, ‘What is matcha?’ to ‘Where do you source your matcha?’”

If this sounds like you, or if you’re new to the whole superfood trend, nutbar is here to help guide you and help fuel your day — there’s even a new Leslieville location expected to open in September 2019 to keep up with demand.


Walk into any of the calm, quaint nutbar locations and you might be surprised by the large menu, made entirely in-house with organic ingredients.

Grab that coffee we know you’re after, or, if you’re looking for a little more pep in your step, try the “supercoffee” or “supermatcha”, featuring drip coffee (or matcha), vanilla, coconut oil, raw honey, and steamed nutbar nut milk. Plus, you can add any blend of adaptogenic mushrooms to any drink on the menu.

Come here often enough and you may want to venture from your morning routine opting for a tonic, elixir, or superdrink. We suggest the “detox” — filtered water, mint chlorophyll, vitamin and mineral-packed E3 live blue majik, and lemon juice.

Then there’s the “beauty bomb”, “chillpill”, and “power potion”, all created with some of the most powerful plant medicines to do just as their names suggest. Bringing in practices and products of Eastern medicine, you’ll see shelves full of anxiety-reducing “sacred lotus pollen” and ashwagandha, skin food tocos, mood-improving maca, and more.

Need a superfood-packed breakfast to go with your drink? We hope you brought your appetite because you’re going to want one of everything. You can grab the “ultimate recovery smoothie” after a workout—a blend of blueberries, collagen, ceremonial matcha, vegan protein, chia, vanilla, dates, and nutbar nut milk—or bite into one of four sweet or savoury toast choices, all served on double-fermented organic whole wheat bread. If you need a little more, try the “kale caesar salad”, “pink chia”, or “omg oats”.

No matter what you choose, Kate says one thing is guaranteed: “Everything we do is fuelled by a desire to make people feel good.”


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