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JUN 9, 2019



If you love Mediterranean food as much as we do, you probably know how hard it can be to avoid finishing a whole tub of hummus in one sitting. Luckily, you can now completely indulge in a full Mediterranean meal, guilt-free. Plancha is Toronto's first restaurant to combine the rich, cultural cuisine with 21st-century dietary restrictions.

They’ve found a way to combine Toronto’s need for healthy eats with delicious recipes that won’t make you sacrifice your love for authentic dishes, including plenty of hummus. They call it “The Plancha Diet”.


Cooking “a la plancha”—roughly translated to “on the griddle”—is a tradition that originated in Spain but migrated all over the Mediterranean, eventually becoming the inspiration for the Downtown Core restaurant’s menu. Plancha prides itself on offering "Educated Street Food", which reflects the perfectly portioned "Plancha Diet" that they've created themselves.

The Plancha Diet, as you’ll discover by ordering any meal, consists of 40% vegetables, 25% whole grain, 25% healthy protein, and 10% fruit. This may seem like a simple concept, but the creation of Plancha’s menu took Benny and Noa Cohen, the owners of Plancha, one year of constant research.

As a chef that specialized in the Mediterranean cuisine prior to Plancha, Benny was determined to take things one step further by fully committing to a healthier concept while still incorporating the Middle Eastern philosophy of having a balanced plate of healthy fats, lean proteins, and plenty of fruits and veggies.

With that in mind, the duo wanted to ensure that each item on the menu was created with purpose, adhering to their distinct dietary ratios. They also make it a priority to source all of their organic ingredients locally — the pair never cuts corners on quality by buying cheap. The result? A fresh, wholesome, and delicious yet surprisingly affordable meal every single time.

Understandably, as Benny told us in an interview, you should take their diet and lifestyle with a grain of salt: you may not become automatically healthier overnight, but you will feel a difference in your body. Could this be balance?


This place is no Jimmy The Greek. Their organic all-day breakfasts, Moroccan flatbreads, and soups bring some spice to your life. One of their top-selling items? It's a toss-up between their unique salads and organic Ras el Hanout chicken. And with menu choices like the butternut squash and kale chip-packed Power to the People and Hemp Like A Bunny, a salad with organic mixed greens, Tabasco & lime glazed walnuts, and hemp oil, who wouldn’t want to get their lunch cravings satisfied at Plancha with a “Plunch Box”?

If you thought it couldn’t get much better, Plancha is determined to meet as many dietary restrictions as they can. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or anything in between, there are options for however you eat! Fitt Tip: Starting in July 2019, they will even be offering organic quinoa, organic fries, and a few more items that will be cutting down on gluten.


With flavors from Portugal, Spain, Israel, Cyprus, and Egypt plated in new, health-forward ways, you can expect an unforgettable experience when you visit Plancha at their downtown location or their newest spot at Square One’s Food District. We’ve also caught wind that new Plancha locations may be in the works!

Though, for however many kitchens they open, or if any other restaurants pick up their signature diet, expect the ratios of your plate to stay the same, with 100% more flavour than 99% of fad diets out there.