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JUL 14, 2020



Multi-use fitness spaces are becoming a norm in the city, and while we love being able to get a good sweat and post-workout fuel under the same roof, there’s no doubt the extra amenities rack up the price tag.

The reality is, the rent for up-and-coming instructors isn’t too cost-friendly in Toronto, which makes it harder for those that teach, but the loyal followings looking to get in on regular classes. With this in mind, Ashley Noelle from The Feelosophy and Alena Luciana, better known as Training2XL, teamed up to bring us Sweat Feels: a modern community space with dance, yoga, Pilates, strength, and all the feels.


The studio, already unique in its concept, is housed in one of the shipping containers in courtyard #2 at stackt market on King West. Summed up in a few words, Sweat Feels is all about “Community, connection, and accessibility”, says Ashley Noelle, whose restorative, hands-on yoga concept has been a nomad until now, popping up at local venues and as far away as Vancouver.

But Ashley and Alena didn’t just slap The Feelosophy and Training2XL stickers on the nameplate and call it a day — they made this a shelter for all the local hustlers who needed a home. The new space is a movement collective of all the best things Toronto has to offer in the fitness and wellness space — and as our town is currently booming with talent, having it accessible under one roof is a dream come true for exercisers.

The studio has a cozy interior that brings zen vibes while you flow, but also lights you up while you hit that 7am bootcamp as the sun rises over the CN Tower. And as you’ll see, the weekly schedule of classes is diverse as the city itself.


At a high level, you’ll see that Sweat Feels offers yoga, dance and Pilates, strength training, meditation, and even therapy — but this is just scratching the surface.

When it comes to practice on the mat, founding concept The Feelosophy is a great place to start. During seven weekly sessions, expect restorative flow sequences with light supportive touches and adjustments from your instructor. The goal is for you to leave feeling uplifted and in touch with your body and mind.

Moving with the dumbbells more your style? Training2XL, the other anchor tenant, will be leading strength and conditioning classes five times per week, where you’ll definitely be challenged.

But there’s more. You can drop into a empowering, soul-enriching, meditation-laced practice with The Wellness Collective, who seeks to bring more diversity into the global wellness space once class at a time. You can also move to the beat with Rhythm and Flow Yoga from Unchained Athletics. If you’re feeling adventurous, definitely hop in on UA’s Weapon X that will introduce you to the iron mace and the Indian club — you’ll find your muscles fired up in unconventional ways and you’ll walk out feeling like an elite athlete.

And how do you deal with stress? You could go one route by grabbing some pads and getting to work with Daryl Mack of Built By Mack Boxing — you’ll blow off some steam while you improve your jab-cross-jab. But if you like to slow things down, there’s also a variety of meditation classes you can sit in on. Though, if you want to get down to the emotions and talk your feelings out, book a therapy session from a trained professional, which will also be offered at a sliding scale.


Each class is offered at a price set by the instructor themselves, but class sizes, for all concepts, are capped around 10 or less people, which means it's intimate but still spacious enough that you’re not knocking elbows with others. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Already getting all the feels reading about all these classes? So are we. Find all the booking links on their website, and make sure to keep in touch with them on their IG page @sweatfeels — this inclusive community definitely wants to hear from you.


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