11 Spots in Toronto For Gluten-Free Eats That Actually Taste Amazing

11 Spots in Toronto For Gluten-Free Eats That Actually Taste Amazing

Whether you’re celiac, health-conscious, grain-free, or a curious bandwagoner, we are living in an era where you would be hard-pressed to find a table in a restaurant that isn’t staying away from the G-word.

Well, more than a few special places in the city get that, conjuring up quality gluten-free options that refuse to compromise on taste, texture, and quality. The following list of the best gluten-free eats in TO has been carefully curated (through extensive sampling, of course!) to cover a range of mealtime necessities.

The only question you’ll need to answer is what you’re hungry for. We’ve got the best gluten-free bakery, brunch, snack, dinner, and, of course, late-night eats to help you navigate Toronto’s gluten-free scene seamlessly. Let the gluten-less indulgences begin!

  • Almond Butterfly

    image via Almond Butterfly | Facebook

    Harbord Street Village is arguably the most adorable neighbourhood in Toronto, so spending an afternoon exploring the shops while enjoying an epic range of gluten-free goodies is an awesome bonus. The bake shop was born when a gluten-free CrossFit aficionado began bringing her baked goods to the gym, and they quickly became the go-to post-workout snack for her fellow athletes. Now, she’s baking on the daily with a health-conscious philosophy that hard work deserves delicious rewards. And delicious is the right word — Almond Butterfly makes some of the best scratch-made bagels, muffins, cupcakes, cakes, and cookies in the city… that just happen to be free of gluten.

  • Kupfert & Kim

    Gluten Free Restaurants in Toronto
    image via @a_travelling_hipster | Instagram

    There’s no feeling quite like walking into a fast food restaurant that serves absolutely no wheat. It’s kind of like a kid walking into a toy store and being told they can buy anything. Kupfert & Kim prides itself on being “Wheatless and Meatless” with a huge menu of plant-based, minimally-processed food that’s consistently delicious. They started off in the PATH, making healthy eating quick and accessible for TO’s business scene, but they’ve been rapidly adding above-ground locations right downtown at Spadina and Richmond, at Waterpark Place, and more. Grab a Cauliflower Tahini Bowl or a Vanilla Cacao smoothie and be amazed at how delicious wheatless and meatless can be.

  • Chadwick’s

    Gluten Free Restaurants in Toronto
    image via @audrott | Instagram

    If you know Chadwick’s, you know their line for weekend brunch is no joke, but we promise you that it is absolutely worth it. Just south of Casa Loma, Chadwick’s serves up laid-back, house-made North American food with Latin soul and British slang, a trifecta only enhanced by the special attention paid to making gluten-free and gluten-full diners feel equally satisfied. Four of their six standard brekkie items are naturally gluten-free, but everything else (including their EPIC Build-a-Benny menu) can be made gluten-free with a few easy substitutions. A must? The Brisket Hash. Trust us — it’s one of the best savoury dishes in the city.

  • Revitasize

    Gluten Free Eats in Toronto
    image via Revitalize | Facebook

    With locations popping up everywhere from Thornhill to Woodbridge to Yorkville to Parkdale, Revitasize’s seemingly endless selection of health-conscious goodies are all gluten-free, vegan, organic, and seriously scrumptious. One sip of their fresh-pressed juice and bite of their signature chickpea cookie dough balls and you will instantly feel like a health blogger. Even better, their acai bowls are incredibly Insta-worthy.

  • Gusto 101

    Gluten Free Restaurants in Toronto
    image via Gusto 101 | Facebook

    From Janet Zuccarini, the genius restaurateur behind Trattoria Nervosa, comes Gusto 101 — a spin on Southern Italian classic soul food. Gusto is hidden within a repurposed garage at Portland and Adelaide, and everything from their communal table options to their very trendy patio exudes cool. Although the eatery doesn’t have a designated g-free menu, it’s nothing new to them and they’re quick to explain how almost every item can be slightly altered to fit your needs. Start your meal with the Cavolo Nero, a delicious mix of lemony, parmesan-y goodness that will make you totally forget you’re eating kale. Then, treat yourself to the decadent Mafalde ai Funghi, a glorious mushroom truffle pasta (on gluten-free noodles, of course). Fitt Tip: sip their daily wine on tap for $1 dollar an ounce.

  • Terroni

    Gluten Free Restaurants in Toronto
    image via Terroni | Facebook

    With three downtown locations—one on Queen, one on Adelaide, and one midtown at Yonge and Price—Terroni is basically your go-to for everything: date night, trendy best pals evening, or even dinner with the parents. Their rooftop patio on Price is one of the best views of the city, and each location is as beautiful as the food is yummy. While the spot was once criticized for being rigid with substitutions, they have come a long way with both friendliness and a FULL gluten-free menu. You don’t even have to ask; they fold it right into their main one! You really can’t go wrong with any app or entree, but make sure to try the chocolate torte for dessert — it’s gluten-free and it’s spectacular.

  • Burrito Boyz

    Gluten Free in Toronto
    image via Burrito Boyz | Facebook

    Burrito Boyz is a magical land of efficiency, guacamole, and deliciousness — the three pillars of solid late-night eats. You’ll walk into one of their four locations in and around downtown and the satisfaction on the faces of those already eating will explain the chain’s popularity. With a slew of awards under their belt, Burrito Boyz serves up simple Mexican staples without any of the unnecessary bells or whistles. The best part: while your gluten-eating amigos indulge in the most packed-to-the-brim burritos you’ve ever seen, you won’t feel an ounce of yearning as you get yours — an actual gluten-free burrito, wrap and everything! And if you’re going for more of a clean eats sort of late night snack, you might opt for their “Naked Burrito” instead. The best part: guac is never extra.

  • Bunner’s Bake Shop

    Gluten Free in Toronto
    image via Bunner's Bake Shop | Facebook

    If you’ve ever had the pleasure of biting into a fresh-baked Bunner’s cookie, you know that you have actually tasted a little piece of heaven. That goes for their breads, cakes, muffins, squares, pies, brownies, bites, and more too. See, this spot (in Kensington and The Junction) is the place for baked goods (and your occasional savoury mac & cheese, veggie pot pie, etc.) that will wow your gluten-free socks off. We’re not kidding — throw their gorgeous “funfetti” cake on the table at your next birthday party and watch everyone’s mouths drop when you reveal that the decadence they’re tasting happens to be gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and soy-free — because that’s just what Bunner’s believes in.

  • Fresh

    Gluten Free in Toronto
    image via Fresh Restaurants | Facebook

    Fresh has withstood the test of time. They started as a juice bar over 25 years ago, and have since evolved into one of the best-known vegan (and beyond) places in TO—with locations at Yonge and Eg, The Annex, Queen West, and the Entertainment District. As Fresh grew, their menu did too. Their juices were joined by a huge selection of salads, bowls, tacos, soups, and baked goods, and an equally huge gluten-free menu was eventually added. Try the blueberry buckwheat pancakes for weekend brunch, or the All Star Salad with their fan favourite 3*6*9 dressing. If you’re feeling brave, order a Killer Shot and let the spicy potion work wonders on your immune system.

  • The Beet

    Gluten Free in Toronto
    image via Fresh Restaurants | Facebook

    The Beet is one of the coolest health-conscious restaurants in the city. They are primarily gluten-free, and committed to making sure herbivores and carnivores can enjoy real organic food in perfect harmony. This Dundas Street favourite believes in never serving their diners pesticides or antibiotics and instead invest in high-quality ingredients that have been raised and grown to be as nutritious as possible. Options? You bet. Try out rice and quinoa noodle mac & cheese smothered in real Quebec cheddar OR delicious 100% vegan “cheese”.

  • Relish Bar & Grill

    Gluten Free in Toronto
    image via @kiradrums| Instagram

    With 25 gluten-free dishes, live music seven nights a week (including open mic night!), and 21 beers and ciders on tap, this Danforth spot is an experience more than it’s a restaurant. They’re known for their tapas, which are best enjoyed on their adorable back patio while listening to the local talent. They’re friendly and warm, while serving up dishes for every type of eater. Try their roasted eggplant and almond butter dip served up with homemade (yes, we said homemade) gluten-free pita, or stop by for a jazzy brunch on Sundays. This is a real neighbourhood sorta place, where everyone feels welcome and the (gluten-free) beer flows.