Planta is Toronto’s Go-to Spot For Delicious Veggie-Friendly Eats

Planta is Toronto’s Go-to Spot For Delicious Veggie-Friendly Eats

Don’t let one of Toronto’s most notorious nicknames fool you — Hogtown is no longer a city full of carnivores. It has been undergoing a pretty serious veggie revolution over the past few years, and plant-based eatery, aptly named Planta, has been at the forefront.

100% Plant-Based

Nestled in downtown’s trendy Yorkville neighbourhood (also home to Palm Lane and Whole Foods Market, among many other health-conscious spots), Planta offers a menu full of 100% plant-based dishes. It sure does feel good knowing you can order anything on a menu, doesn’t it?

And with a menu full of mouth-watering goodness like pizzas made with cashew mozzarella, roasted rosemary potatoes in lemon truffle oil, or salads made with goji berries, green papaya, fresh avocado and topped with sunflower vinaigrette, any choice you make at Planta is a solid one.

You’ll need something to wash down all these delicious, healthy eats, and luckily, Planta’s drink list is almost as long as its food menu. Cold-pressed juices made with beet, carrot, and pineapple from nearby Village Juicery are a favourite. But if a beverage of the adult variety it what you’re after, try one of their alcoholic sips— the Watermelon Sangria is a must-try, made with cold-pressed watermelon, agave, fresh fruit, and white wine.

Star Gazing

If you’re not sold yet, this might get you there: Planta was one of the most-booked restaurants at the Toronto International Film Festival this year, drawing celebs like Jessica Chastain and Gabriel Macht to its funky dining room, complete with comfortable couches, wallpaper with plants on it, and yes — actual plants in the cubicles hanging from the ceiling.

And word on the street is they are planning a second location this spring, taking over the space where restaurant Nota Bene once resided.

One thing’s for sure, whatever your reason for coming to Planta, you won’t leave disappointed. Or hungry. Just make sure to save room for dessert — did we mention the chocolate truffles?