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JUL 14, 2020



“The Twin Cities’ most effective workout” is a pretty confident boast. Is North Loop fitness community ALTR biased? Yes. But when it comes to truth, their high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts speak for themselves.

The original ALTR studio has changed the game for Twin Cities sweat enthusiasts, but as concepts like Orangetheory Fitness, Alchemy 365, and the incoming Barry’s Bootcamp are gunning for their title, ALTR is doubling down. As the two-year anniversary of the North Loop space approaches, the HIIT studio is expanding its reach in MSP by opening a new, upscale, 3,500-square-foot studio in Edina.


The experience you’ll get at ALTR is like no other, and it starts when you walk into the studio — “they call it a sensory experience”.

As you step inside the North Loop studio: take it all in — you’ll feel at home right away. Think bright, natural lighting, wooden lockers, modern furniture, and a changing room with everything you need to freshen up after your workout, from shampoo to styling tools.

You’ll almost forget why you’re there: the workout. Step into the studio space, smartly organized with grouped TRX straps, SkiErgs, and rowing machines—plus a tidy cubby system stocking kettlebells, canvas medicine balls, and more—to maintain ample floor space (which is shock-absorbing, by the way). And the unique programs they host are essentially a two-in-one deal — the 50-minute sessions combine the expertise you’d get from a personal trainer and the energy of a group class setting.

Get ready for heart-pumping, muscle-toning moves that will leave you feeling energized, empowered, and, most of all, inspired by RESULTS. Add in the motivation from instructors, crystal-clear sound system, and collective energy from the class and you’ll feel like you’re at a party instead of an in the midst of an intense workout… making it easier to go the distance in classes like their signature ALTR class!


Like North Loop, they’ll have locally crafted kombucha and nitro cold brew on tap to help refuel and rehydrate after your sweat sesh. Plus, private shower and changing rooms stocked with your favorite vegan-friendly luxuries.

But, even better: the new facility is bigger. The Edina space has a higher class capacity than North Loop’s, open for 40 students compared to the 32 that North Loop is able to accommodate. The more, the merrier!

ALTR’s schedule is set to accommodate even the busiest of folks, too, with eight different class times starting at 5:30am and running until 6:30pm. And for folks who need lower-impact workouts, they have Performance Yoga classes available that are focused on athletic-style Vinyasa practice. Oh, and if you didn’t know, ALTR was founded by former CorePower Yoga executives Kari Ament and Vincent Amendola, who are definitely no stranger to a sculpting workout... without any joint jarring.


Find ALTR Edina at 3925 W. 50th Street — and check out limited-time membership deals to kick off the opening of the studio, including Founding Memberships available for $149 a month. If you do the math, that’s a $30 a month savings, including extra perks and privileges.

And with the workout, the industrial-chic community lounge, and a dangerously good nitro cold brew, this “effective workout” is effectively a social club too. Come join in.


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