Crunched for time, but want to eat healthier? Stop by one of the best juice bars in the area for drinkable nutrition right at your fingertips! You'll sip your way to a productive work day or fuel up after a hard workout in no time at all. Bottoms up!




Serving our friends in the heart of Uptown and the North Loop in MPLS and Selby Ave. in St. Paul, TRUCE is a neighborhood favorite with all of the fixin’s you need to fuel your day. Plus, all ingredients are 100% organic. Try an acai bowl to up your antioxidant game, or grab a vegan Caesar salad to pair with your Charcoal Lemonade. Either way, you won’t regret stopping by Truce.

Agra Culture is filled with healthy drinks and eats, and conveniently presses at three different spots around the city (and now a fourth in St. Paul’s Highland Park). Whether you’re in the mood for a filling smoothie, or a refreshing raw juice, this is your place! Looking for your daily dose of superfoods? Try the Antioxy. Want a jolt of caffeine in your morning smoothie? Give the Nutty Espresso a whirl. Plus, drinks are made dairy-free with almond or coconut milk. And you can even add an extra dose of probiotics!

Keep your digestive system healthy and your inflammation in check with Green Bee’s special combinations of antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies. Sip on the “Turmeric Glow” or “Happy Belly” as you power through your day. Need more? We thought you might. While they don’t have the true brick-and-mortar to themselves (they’re part of City Food Studio), you can pick up your goods every Tuesday night and Saturday morning. Plus, their products are available for juice-lovers across the city from stands at both the Kingfield and Northeast farmers markets.

Who doesn’t love a good workday lunch spot? Especially one that also has smoothies! Grab your co-workers and stop by Crisp & Green in the North Loop for some mid-day grub. With smoothies like the Prince-inspired Purple Rain or tropical-flavored Big Island, you can’t go wrong. Add a signature salad or grain bowl for a complete and healthy meal. That’ll help prevent dipping into the snack drawer or office candy bowl!

This South Minneapolis spot has quickly become a neighborhood favorite for fresh juices and smoothie bowls. What started as a food truck is now a bustling brick-and-mortar and a go-to for energizing drinks. Get that spring in your step by adding one of Whole Sum’s popular “boosters” to your drink. Think spirulina, matcha tea, and flax, chia, and hemp seeds galore! Whole Sum even offers juice cleanse packages for your detox needs.

As the name suggests, this Skyway (x2) fixture has a menu full of juices that are just SO good. And if you’re looking for non-GMO ingredients, this is the place for you. Still not convinced? So Good So You even makes coffee drinks of the “Coffee So Good” variety! With locally roasted Peace Coffee, they are perfect for your AM commute. Can’t make it to the Skyway? You can find SGSY’s Juice So Good and Coffee So Good products in grocery stores like Kowalski’s Market in Uptown.

Tao doubles as a small grocery store and cafe, and even offers holistic health services and classes. But the real MVPs of this Uptown spot are the fresh juice blends and “potions.” Choose your beverage—and all of the health benefits that follow—based on its name! Stay energized with the Alive or get a natural glow with Radiance (ginger explosion). And for a warm and soothing drink on a cold Minnesota morning, try the Sun — a crazy-flavorful turmeric latte.

A natural extension to Highland Park’s yoga studio/strength lab/playground Alchemy, Passionflower just sounds like they’re going to fill you up with healing. Between their Elixirs, Tonics, Smoothies + Shakes, and “Functional Beverages”—from Matcha Man to Cold Brew Coffee—you’re ready for whatever. Recovery. Energy. Whatever it is that turmeric does…

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