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JUL 14, 2020



With a diet rich in fish, game meats, fruits, and vegetables, legend has it that the Vikings ate pretty close to paleo. So, it should come as no surprise that the MSP food scene offers plenty of paleo options, influenced by the area’s Nordic heritage.

Whether you’re totally paleo or just looking for some healthy eats without grains and dairy, read on for your go-to list of caveman-friendly spots in the Twin Cities.

Brasa on Hennepin Ave. in Minneapolis and Grand Ave. in St. Paul features meats that are bursting with flavors inspired by the South, the Caribbean, and Mexico. The restaurant gets all their meat and eggs from mostly local, free-range, and organic sources. Plus, their sauces are entirely gluten-free. Our favorites include the rotisserie chicken and slow roasted poke plates. Be sure to round out your meal paleo-style with a side of romaine salad or plantains!

At this California-inspired eatery in St. Louis Park, almost everything is clearly marked as gluten-free. Watch out for other grains and order your meal without cheese, and you’ve got yourself some darn good paleo eats. We’ll make it easy for you — order the curry beets with a side of lemon kale.

Whether you stop by the food truck or the brick-and-mortar in Uptown, World Street Kitchen will not disappoint. Sadly, menu items are not identified as paleo, but smart eaters will recognize the lamb belly or lemongrass meatballs (gluten-free) piled high on the perfect paleo substitution for tortillas: lettuce wraps. Word on the [world] street is that they even have a dairy-free and gluten-free soft serve that’s nothing short of incredible!

Cauliflower rice and yucca pizza crust are just a couple of menu highlights at Sassy Spoon in South Minneapolis! Their food is entirely gluten-free with options that can be made paleo, like the chicken shawarma served over said cauliflower rice. You can even put together an entire meal from their sides — think roasted sweet potatoes topped with a couple of eggs!

With four locations in MPLS, and one in St. Paul, Agra Culture is your go-to spot for paleo grub. Menu items sans gluten, dairy, and legumes are marked with an orange “P”, making it easy for you to spot what you want at first glance. You can’t go wrong with the paleo "Burger Bowl", "Arugula Detox" salad, and "Thyme Asparagus". And for dessert? Chia seed pudding. Please and thank you!

With a menu that’s full of grass-fed meats and plenty of vegetables, you can alter almost any dish to fit your needs at Peoples Organic. Try the local bison burger, minus the bun and cheese, with a side of the roasted beet salad (minus the goat cheese). You can even stop by any of their MPLS eateries for breakfast, and get yourself a plate of eggs and nitrate-free bacon (hold the toast, please)!

Eating paleo is easy at Rare Steak and Sushi in Eden Prairie. Choose from any of their 100% grass-fed steaks, and add steamed broccoli, grilled veggies, or sautéed spinach and mushrooms on the side. 100% delicious and 100% paleo!

Brim’s commitment to organic and gluten-free menu items makes ordering paleo a breeze. Grab a sandwich with (wait for it...) paleo-friendly, gluten-free focaccia. If a handheld meal isn’t your thing, Brim also offers a variety of customizable bowls. From chicken to chimichurri beef, there’s something for every meat-lover. And don’t miss out on their weekend brunch, offering smoothie bowls and a variety of GF toasts.


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