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UPDATED JUL 14, 2020

Rain, snow, sleet, crazy heat… you name it, we’ve biked through it. Minneapolis has a long reputation for being cycle-friendly, so if you're looking to switch up your workout or simply get your wheels turning in a studio, there are plenty of local studios that are perfect picks.




Finding a cycling instructor you really vibe with can be just as challenging as an intense climbing interval workout, minus the endorphins. Thankfully, Surge Cycling makes finding that instructor easier than ever by providing in-depth instructor bios and—most importantly—sample playlists on its website. Just wait — it gets even cooler! Whether you get your groove on at the Maple Grove studio or venture to St. Louis Park, the color-changing lights in the Surge studios will basically make all of your dreams of becoming an extra in Ariana Grande’s “Side to Side” music video a reality.

If you prefer to get your wheels spinning at a national chain, you will love CycleBar. There are hundreds of CycleBar locations throughout the United States, but we really wouldn’t be doing our due diligence if we didn’t shout out its MN locations. Drop by for a "Classic Class", where you can monitor CycleStats like heart rate, RPM, and calories burned in real time (and have them emailed to you after!), or swing by for a "Wine Down Wednesday" class where (you guessed it!) your workout is concluded with a glass of vino. Fitt Tip: Check out their monthly Charity Rides, where proceeds are donated to a good cause.

We’re just gonna give you Torque Cycling by the numbers; stick with us here. Torque studio in Northeast has ZERO mirrors, allowing you to let the sweat drip without, well… fixating on how sweaty you look. The studio offers FOUR classes suited for all cyclists, whether they’re fresh on the saddle or can crush a hill without even breaking a sweat. And the Torque team believes that a 45-minute ride (the length of most classes) will have you well on your way to looking and feeling your best. And, let’s face it — that’s 15 more minutes for your post-cycle happy hour plans.

Cycling is technically only one-fifth of The Firm’s offerings (its roster also boasts CrossFit, a yoga studio, and personal training), but its cycle offerings earn a 5/5 rating in their own right. The Firm is the OG of cycling studios in the state, having been around since the mid-90s, AND it has its own trademarked heart rate monitoring system, FIRM Factor, used in Performance Cycle classes. Whether you drop by the North Loop studio for a 45-minute HIIT class, the monstrous "Cycle 2 Hour", or something in between, we bet you’ll agree: your spin is gonna be FTW.

Whether you are a fitness newbie or a founding member of the #fitfam, it can be frustrating to invest time and energy into working out only to feel like you’re spinning your wheels. Enter: Fulton-based Urban Cycle, where the team is serious about cycling and its role in a helping you live a healthy lifestyle. How serious? With five class options to choose from and staff members who specialize in nutrition, yoga, personal training, and even chiropractic, it just got waaaay easier to stay on top of your health goals — both on the bike and off.

The word ‘cycling’ is pretty much synonymous with burning quads… in other words, your legs will get a helluva workout. But at Northeast Fitness on Marshall St. NE, cycling isn’t just for the lower body (although they do have RealRyder bikes that are totally worth a shout out of their own!). So if traditional cycling doesn’t work for you or you’re looking for a spin (sorry) on your usual workout, check out Northeast Fitness’s "Krankcycle Upper Body Cycling" class. It packs the same punch as traditional cycling but with your arms instead of your legs. Cool, right?!

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