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JUL 14, 2020



Shop, sweat, and snack — get ready, MSP! Athleticwear giant lululemon is redefining what “retail therapy” means by layering on a sense of community thicker than their fleece-lined leggings. With the opening of their “experiential store” at the Mall of America (MOA) in November 2019, the space is now your one-stop shop for health and wellness.


The 19,700-square-foot collective is the place to go for gym rats, yogis, and athletes looking to check off multiple tasks on their wellness to-do list. Fitness enthusiasts can visit the store to purchase the latest and greatest fitness gear, sweat it out at an invigorating workout class, get their zen on in the meditation room, and nourish up at the Fuel Space.

The Canadian-based retailer has been at the forefront of exploring “beyond-retail” spaces like these in recent times. And the MOA location is the first mall-format store after the original experiential lululemon opened its massive, three-story facility in Chicago last summer.

lululemon-MOA’s offerings are numerous, and it has something for everyone. The store has an area for lululemon’s lab, which is a sub-section that feature collections of “no-sweat” products. Think everyday clothing like blazers, pants, and shirt dresses. While these products are nothing new to lululemon, it’s the first time you can purchase them in a brick-and-mortar format outside of Vancouver or NYC.

And the store’s Fuel Space is also almost worth the visit alone. Customers can choose from healthy food and drink options like smoothies and salads, or caffeinate with their coffee selections. This part of lululemon’s MOA store brings a local touch, as they’ve partnered with Minneapolis-based Penny’s Coffee to offer these delicious bites. Whether you need energy to shop till you drop or a snack to keep you busy while your friends explore the store, a You’re Kal’n It smoothie with supergreens, avocado, coconut water, pear, honey, and matcha is just what the doctor ordered!


Nothing says innovation like a chance to take a fitness break while you’re shopping (complete with post-workout shower). lululemon started offering in-store, drop-in fitness classes in December for $25. And their schedule for the studio goes beyond yoga — there are also HIIT, kickboxing, and bootcamp classes to choose from. Plus, the cast of expert instructors features energizing Yoga of the Day (YOD) class formats, which combine classic yoga moves with HIIT for extra calorie burning.

Yet, the class schedule is still growing; right now you can expect to see between one to three classes on the schedule per day, and you can check out their list of classes here. Fitt Tip: No worries if you don’t have your workout gear with you — the store will lend you some if you decide to drop in a class last-minute, giving you the opportunity to test drive key styles!

Open throughout the day is also their dedicated meditation studio, where you can take a comfortable seat to do some soul-searching or book a 15-minute session in their vibrating Tune Beds.

Oh, and don’t forget to keep your eyes and ears open for pop-up classes and collabs. They’ve already hosted fun events in partnership with Om Brewers and other local businesses. Naturally, we’ll keep you in the loop by posting these on our events page!


Although the experiential format is brand new for lululemon, word on the street is that 10% of lululemon stores will look like this one by 2023. So, even if you don’t call MSP or Chicago home, you’ll be seeing lots more stores like these in years to come.

Not only do these stores give lululemon bonus points for their brand, but they also have a goal to make the store so much more than that. The hope is that lululemon will become a lifestyle for its fans, making wellness a way of life rather than a trend. And let’s just know they really know how to sell that ideal with meals, workouts, and even beds.

lululemon is on the west side of the mall, opening on the first floor at 6am on weekdays at 116 West Market.


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