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JUN 18, 2019

How do you know if someone is vegan? They’ll tell you. This is never truer than in Vancouver, which was recently ranked fourth in the world for interest in veganism. It seems there’s a new vegan eatery opening up every day, making it tough for any one brand to stand out. That is unless you’re newcomer Bonus Bakery. This small shop in Coal Harbour is on a mission to take veganism mainstream by creating cruelty-free versions of the classic animal-based dishes many of us grew up on.


The first 100% plant-based bakery in Vancouver, Bonus Bakery is the brainchild of Pierrick Tanguy. If the name sounds familiar, he’s also the genius behind local plant-based pizza chain Virtuous Pie, where he discovered how fast the plant-based movement was growing.

“The challenge is figuring out how to do good business while being vegan,” says Tanguy. “To appeal to everyone, not just vegans, you can’t push it down people’s throats. Working with Virtuous Pie made me realize that there are real opportunities in this category from a business standpoint.”

The Bonus Bakery concept grew from that goal: to make vegan food accessible to everyone, regardless of their lifestyle or dietary choices. He hired baker extraordinaire Monica Tang, who also owns and operates her own plant-based cake company, Level V. Together, Tanguy and Tang have combined their passions for good food and good business to bring plant-based treats to the masses.


One of the main arguments against a vegan diet is that you can’t give up animal products without compromising flavour and texture. But with Bonus Bakery, you’ll never feel like you’re missing out. What their baked goods lack in dairy and eggs, Bonus treats make up for in all-around deliciousness. With expertly blended flours and animal-product substitutes (like Earth Balance butter and flax meal “eggs”), the Bonus Bakery team is baking its way into the vegan revolution.

For Tanguy, it’s not about turning everyone vegan — it’s about creating options to show people that going plant-based doesn’t mean sacrificing everything they know and love. At Bonus Bakery, you’ll find all your favourites (muffins, cookies, scones, bars, and the like) alongside original creations like the Bonus Cookie (stuffed with pretzels, cornflakes, marshmallows, and Oreos). Not only are the treats a dead ringer for their non-vegan counterparts — they’re all priced to match the originals, too.

“I don’t want people to fabricate any excuses for why they can’t eat plant-based,” says Tanguy. “They can’t say it’s too expensive, that it tastes weird or looks weird, or that the place is not inviting. So now what?”

And that’s where the name came from: no matter what brings you to the shop — whether it’s improving your personal health, helping the environment, fighting animal cruelty, or something else altogether — you get the bonus of all the other benefits. Excuse the tired phrase, but at Bonus Bakery, you really can have your cake and eat it too.

Vancouverites have always been quick to jump on the latest healthy trend, whether it’s green juice cleanses, yoga on the beach, and now veganism. But veganism is more than a trend—it’s a lifestyle—and if the locals have anything to say about it, it’s here to stay. And let’s be honest: if all plant-based goodies tasted as good as Bonus Bakery’s, we’d probably all go vegan faster than you can say “tofu”.