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JUN 3, 2019

Whether it’s a cayenne A.C.V ginger shot, beetroot latte, kombucha, or activated charcoal sprouted almond mylk smoothie you’re after, there’s a speciality beverage hot spot serving it across the city. But what about when you’re short on time and need that immune boost or energy fix on-the-move right before your flight? Born in Copenhagen in 2002, Joe & The Juice is landing at YVR this year with its deceptively simple menu and energetic presence to fill you up with fruits and good vibes pre- or post-flight.


Brought up on business and boxing, creatively-minded Kaspar Basse tried something a little left field in his late 20s — he opened a drinks stand in a department store. Fast-forward almost 17 years later to where Joe & The Juice’s popularity now spans over 200 cafés across the world, from London to Australia, Asia, and the US. And the latest two units will take up residence at Vancouver International Airport this summer and fall — their first stops in Canada. Kaspar’s distinct focus on the importance of the people he hires, rooted in community, entrepreneurship, and having fun, shows up in stores and creates a memorable experience that you’ll keep coming back for.

Case-in-point: Joe’s juicers come together once a year for an internal competition called the ‘Show Off’ to demonstrate their creative flair, so don’t be surprised if you see fruit being juggled, your juice made with an extra little oomph, or a fresh joke with a side of avocado smash. The dynamic and friendly feel may take some customers by surprise at first, but you’ll leave with your mood lifted.


Just three to five ingredient offerings may seem simplistic by some standards, but these combinations have been fine-tuned over more than a decade, and the names alone are sure to catch your eye. You’ll get an energy boost from the ingredients of Sex Me Up, Iron Man, and the aptly named Power Shake. If your immune system’s struggling, be sure to grab a Green Shield, Herb Tonic, Go Away Doc, or the four-ingredient Turmeric Shot. There are a few curveballs thrown into the mix, too — with butternut squash, broccoli, and red bell pepper making an appearance in some recipes.

And while juice is what this fresh spot is best known for, you’re still able to grab an organic coffee, sandwich, and a couple of egg-based or granola-style breakfast options if that’s what your heart is set on.


You may well have swung by Joe & The Juice internationally, but come summer you’ll be able to give those delicious flavours a go on home turf. Put those tasty juices and shakes to the test while you’re waiting to jet off to your next destination, as they open post-security first within the Domestic, then the International terminal in 2019. Whether it’s joe or juice, you’re coming or going, make sure you have this new YVR addition on your travel itinerary.