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JUL 14, 2020



Vancouverites are well-known for their active lifestyle, but studio-goers now seek something more than just a class — they look for community, one-of-a-kind workouts, and an experience that will leave them feeling something beyond sweaty when they leave.

MISFITSTUDIO, the brainchild of Amber Joliat founded in Toronto in 2010, might be just the fresh, soulful offering West Coasters are looking for, as it transcends to Vancouver under the energy of local fitness connoisseur Trilby Goouch.


“MISFITSTUDIO is about (re)discovering the freedom of movement—tapping into its transformative powers,” Trilby told us after a signature class hosted at Kitsilano’s TurF. Its multi-disciplinary, hour-long classes come together under a plethora of unique titles ranging from the glute-heavy, Pilates-style Get Cheeky and meditative Get Lunar to others like Work-It, Reset-It, and Be Radiant.

Elements of yoga come through in the meditative aspects of the movement, in the downward facing dog, and restful child’s pose. Pilates shows up as you sweat it out, weights in hand, challenging yourself to do the work, push a little further, rep a little longer. And dance comes in as you move to the music’s beat and find yourself playing with the flow between each alignment.

The class also has depth, which is unique — it’s an emotional element that comes with the release of the physical body, inspired by a soundtrack that energizes and calms as you do the same. Ultimately, Trilby shares, it’s the “practice of presence, in each move, each breath, and all that is required is an open mind”. Founder Amber initially filled the gap in what she herself was looking for in both community and class, and in doing so, discovered it was just what a whole wave of others were seeking for themselves, too.


In its uniqueness there is inclusion, a dynamic experience that will no doubt appeal to a breadth of exercisers, as it ticks a multitude of boxes without being placed in a box itself — a trait that can be all too common in this yoga-infused city. Trilby herself is vibrant and respectfully extroverted, sharing in the space, the experience, judgement-free, and mirroring each move. First-timers are reassured, vulnerability is acknowledged, and closing your eyes as you relax into the sequences is actively encouraged.

The class is a breath of fresh air, with an ethos that focuses on embracing “everyBODY” and, in turn, your whole self. As we can agree with, you’ll come out of it “feeling more alive, more like yourself and closer to your truth”.


TurF, as a location, seems the perfect place for these initial Vancouver classes. A studio-store-café hybrid that has a strong sense of community and offers innovation and inspiration both in class and out.

And there’s even more feel-good news: MISFITSTUDIO’s partnership with nomadic yoga community The Feelosophy—who’s known for their authentic bonds and hands-on adjustments—was only natural, aligning on love, connection, and the transformative and healing power of touch. The two studios will be showing up for an extended combination class at The Garden, Strathcona in May 2019.

TurF will continue to champion MISFITSTUDIO — the programming will be increasingly sprinkled in with existing TurF classes, so keep an eye on their schedule to learn when you can join Trilby next. But to dig even deeper into the MISFITSTUDIO mindset, you can also check out MISFITVIDEO (online classes), MISFITRETREATS, and their podcast, BE MOVED.


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