8 Great Juice And Smoothie Spots in Vancouver

8 Great Juice And Smoothie Spots in Vancouver

Vancouverites are serious about their health. Really, we’re getting pretty smart about it, too. We know you can’t be fooled into thinking that apple juice with a few spinach leaves tossed in counts as green juice. You want the real deal. You want more veg-heavy bang for your buck.

Well, you know what? We happen to appreciate a good green juice or smoothie as much as the next guy. Read on for all the juicy gossip.

  • Juice Truck

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    image via @juicetruck | Instagram

    The Juice Truck is one of the OG players in the cold-pressed juice business here in Vancouver. Community is at the heart of all that they do, with regular events for both occasional smoothie sippers and hardcore cleansers alike. Hiking, Mama Mondays, and coworking — there is really something for everybody. If we’re talking nourishment though, The Green Protein is our go-to, but don’t be fooled by the name; the protein comes in the form of delicious almond butter. Fancy a treat? Try the Mint Chip — it tastes like milkshake.

  • Body Energy Club

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    image via @bodyenergyclub | Instagram

    Do you work out? Yes? We thought so. Meet our go-to place when we’re trying to make some #gains. Three locations downtown (and seven overall) make it a convenient place to stop on route to work. A large, completely customizable menu caters for all your nutrition needs. Want it vegan? No problem. Dairy-free? They can do that, too. Too many dates? They will just add less, no worries. But if you like to make your own smoothie at home, we should note that they are also a nutrient and supplement store. You’ll be making gains in all the right places.

  • Glory Juice Co.

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    image via gloryjuiceco.com

    A cafe as well as a juice bar, this is the place to go if you want more than just juice. Their juice and smoothie menu is extensive (and the reason why they’ve landed on this post), but it’s the food that sets them apart. Set yourself up with one of the acai bowls, in four flavours, topped with incredible house-made granola. They have us dreaming about bites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Got a cold or feeling sore? The turmeric and ginger shot is lit. Literally. Yowzers.

  • MELU Juice

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    image via @melujuice | Instagram

    Holy health bars! This Coal Harbour juicery knows how to make amazing, good-for-you treats. And if you couldn’t guess from our exclamation, their range of health bars is the best in town — in their own words: ‘Kind of a fig deal’. Back to the juice: their nut mylks are the prettiest in town. The Pink Elephant, blended with strawberries, or Blue Majik, blended with blue-green algae, will keep your Instagram feed looking fresh and your taste buds satisfied.

  • Bluhouse Market & Cafe

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    image via bluhousecafe.com

    If you’ve battled the crowds on the Quarry Rock hike, you are probably going to need to refuel. We’ve gotcha. The Bluhouse Cafe in North Vancouver has a full range of smoothies as well as excellent savoury crêpes and baked goods. And if you’re going, we will have an Om My Greens smoothie and a The Cove Crepe, please!

  • UP JUS

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    image via @upjus | Instagram

    In their words, UP JUS is where health begins. Fair enough. If that’s the case, we suggest you start with the Daisy Water, because where else can you buy a drink with Chrysanthemums in it? Seems like as good a reason as any! Fitt tip: It’s a tiny little store in the heart of Yaletowns busy Mainland Street; keep your eyes peeled for the sandwich board outside or you’ll miss it!

  • Nectar Juicery

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    image via @nectarjuicery | Instagram

    Maybe you’ve tried a three-day juice cleanse and want to take it to the next level. How about a 10-day juice cleanse? That’s right. 10 whole days without real food. Ouch. But Nectarites say it’s a big deal, and you’ll be feeling as fresh as their ingredients in no time at all. We’ll trust them there. Order the goods online or visit one of the three cafes, juice cart, or partner pals to try out a single serving before making the big commitment.

  • The Habit Project

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    image via @thehabitproject | Instagram

    Chilliwack still counts as Vancouver, right? It’s worth making the trip out to the sticks to pick up a pretty bottle from one of their stockists. However, if the thought of leaving the safety of the city makes you shudder, you can just order online. Need help with the menu? The Bronzite nut mylk contains cacao powder, so it’s like a healthy chocolate milk. And in the winter, heat it up. Trust us.