10 YVR Cycling Studios to Try For Your Next Workout

10 YVR Cycling Studios to Try For Your Next Workout

Let’s get real here. The whole reason Vancouver is blessed with such lush foliage, stunning snow-capped mountains, and gushing waterfalls is the rain — and lots of it. Like, seriously. So. Much. Rain.

Fear not avid pedal-pushers, the clever entrepreneurial folk in this city have noticed a trend and jumped right in the saddle. We present to you the top cycling studios in Vancouver.

  • Spin Society

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    image via Spin Society | Facebook

    If saddle-based dance parties are your jam, then Spin Society is the place to be. A location downtown, on the North Shore, and soon Mount Pleasant give you no excuse to skip this studio. Weekly theme rides on rotation keep things spicy — we love the Hip Hop mash-up in particular. And the family of motivating and empowering instructors will push you to ramp up those RPMs to the max.

  • Method Indoor Cycling

    Cycling Studios in Vancouver
    image via Method Indoor Cycling | Facebook

    Serious cyclers, meet your new BFF: Method Indoor Cycling. Based in the heart of fit and healthy Kitsilano (plus one in West Van), the philosophy at Method is deeper than just music — they pride themselves on elevating your sweat game to the next level. Two different class structures with targeted intervals will appeal to your inner athlete and get you across the next finish line in record time.

  • Ride Cycle Club

    Best Cycling Studios in Vancouver
    image via RIDE CYCLE CLUB Hamilton | Facebook

    A sultry studio with bass-heavy beats, count on a fun (and gruelling) workout at RCC in Yaletown and Lonsdale. When the lights down low, get lost in the music and let the energy of the team around you carry you through their sweat-dripping workout. Want more out of your workout? A weights portion ensures your upper-body is as solid as your quads — it’s a true total-body burn.

  • The Dailey Method

    Best Cycling Studios in Vancouver
    image via Dailey Method | Facebook

    If an hour on the bike is a little too much for your butt to handle, then fatigue those muscles in a slightly different way with The Dailey Method’s cycling class. Thirty minutes on the bike, 30 minutes at the barre — it’s the perfect balance of high caloric burn and body sculpting. Plus, a deep focus on stretching and alignment will leave you rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. They’re got two convenient locations, one in Kits and one on Dunbar.

  • Eastwood

    Best Cycling Studios in Vancouver
    image via Eastwood | Facebook

    Slip into your complimentary cycle shoes at this sanctuary downtown. Modelled on a Moroccan riad with exposed brick walls, Berber cushions, and lush palms, the studio vibes embody their motto to ‘Live West, [Cycle] East’. Your vibe attracts your tribe, right? Well, this tribe is one of the coolest in town. Don’t forget to check out the goods in the store after class; it’s packed full of local treasures and statement tees to ensure you look the part.

  • Cyklus Vancouver

    Cycling Studios in Downtown Vancouver
    image via Cyklus | Facebook

    Some people are motivated by numbers and stats, and if that’s what gets you out the door and pumping those pedals, then Cyklus in Yaletown is the sweat spot for you. Data is collected each ride and compiled weekly into a in-studio leaderboard. Not the competitive type? We guarantee you will be soon!

  • Cadence

    Cycling Studios in Downtown Vancouver
    image via Cadence | Facebook

    Beginners and seasoned veterans are all welcome here — community is at the heart of this South Granville studio, making it one of the friendliest cycling destinations around. No need to be nervous if it’s your first time in the saddle — top-notch instructors with clear, simple direction will have you moving your muscles to the music in no time.

  • Salted Cycle

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    image via @svojigwan | Instagram

    Do we have Lower Lonsdale residents in the house? At Salted Cycle, passionate, inspiring instructors lead you through a heart-pumping workout set to the freshest new beats. Plus, their studio is sleek and spotless with all the mod-cons (“modern conveniences”, if you’re lost) to get you polished post class.

  • SpinHouse

    Spin Classes in Vancouver
    image via Spinhouse | Facebook

    Lights low, let’s go — as they say at this studio. Set up in South Surrey, SpinHouse features a full-on, exhilarating ride that will challenge your body and nourish your mind. But you get out what you put in, so be sure to fuel up or re-charge at the on-site smoothie and juice bar. There, count on each cup filled with fresh, all-natural ingredients that are designed with purpose by local nutritionists.

  • SoulCycle

    Soul Cycle Vancouver
    image via @soulcycle Instagram

    We obviously couldn’t leave this cycling powerhouse off of our list. SoulCycle is the heart and soul of the cycling world, and their Vancouver arm is situated in none other than the bustling and trendy Yaletown neighbourhood. Stop by to get your heart pumping and be prepared to sweat up a storm. Their engaging instructors will keep you going even when you feel like one more rep might be the last of you. They also have awesome themed classes featuring Beyoncé as inspiration. If Queen B doesn’t get you ramping up those RPMs we don’t know what will.


    **Updated by Meagan Gill, October 2018