Earls Kitchen + Bar is Now Offering a Plant-Based Menu at All Locations Across North America

Earls Kitchen + Bar is Now Offering a Plant-Based Menu at All Locations Across North America

Here in Vancouver, we believe we speak for the masses in saying that we never get sick of new and trendy spots to hit up for great vegan and vegetarian food. It appears upscale-casual eatery Earls Kitchen + Bar wants to join in as well. Next time you stop by this popular Vancouver joint, you’ll be spoiled for choices when it comes to healthy, delicious, plant-based food.


Earls, founded in 1982 by Leroy Earl (Bus) Fuller and his son Stan Fuller, operates 66 locations across Canada and the United States. And their latest development: Earls Restaurant Group announced the launch of their 100% vegan, plant-based menu section across all of their North America locations — beginning on October 17.

It’s not a hasty decision, either. The restaurant’s culinary development team have been working on this menu over the past two years, which made its debut at 12 select Earls locations this past July. Now, they’re one of the first restaurant groups in North America to offer a plant-based menu at all locations.

“Earls menus are designed the way our guests want to eat,” said Kristin Vekteris, Earls Vice-President of Brand and Marketing. “We’re listening to our guests and staff. We’re hearing more and more that they are either meat eaters seeking out plant-based options, or looking to enjoy completely vegan dishes as part of their restaurant experience.”


So, what can diners expect from the new all-vegan menu? The menu is extensive, offering a variety of flavourful plant-based dishes including Spicy Tofu Tacos, Avocado Toast, Vegan Hunan Kung Pao, Vegan Quinoa, and Vegan Field Greens Salad.

Your meat-eating friends shouldn’t fret, however — Earls is taking the “mixitarian” approach, still offering their classic globally-inspired, locally sourced extensive menu. The new plant-based offerings just allow for vegans and proud carnivores to dine in harmony. So, for your next lunch or dinner date, find your way to one of their 19 BC restaurants to taste their well-thought-out and meat-free menu.