Meet Restore Human, Vancouver’s One-of-a-Kind Functional Fitness Studio

Meet Restore Human, Vancouver’s One-of-a-Kind Functional Fitness Studio

This is Vancouver, so we know you’re jonesing for a climb on some prime Squamish slab or a trek to the least-trodden peak. But, before going no holds barred on the next sunny Saturday, getting your mind and body in shape will empower you to handle any twist, slip, or impact like a pro.

And for that, you’re going to want to visit Restore Human in Kitsilano. Here, they’ll re-introduce your brain and body to one another. Welcome to intuitive fitness.

  • No more injuries

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    Lose the fear when grappling a boulder-intensive hike or hurdling over fallen tree trunks with some love for your wrists and ankles. The RH crew will not only show you how to fall gracefully like a ninja but also how to protect your precious limbs from popping and spraining — and downright strengthen the shit out of them.

    Weaknesses will be pointed out for you so that you will learn to think about every muscle, tissue, and joint in your body for every exercise (that’s kinesiology at work). And with classes that hold up to only 12 people, you get the attention required for every error you make. Don’t worry — it gets easier and high-fives and smiles set the vibe.

    With a computer nerd turned master military sniper and Spartan racer behind this methodology, there is no reason not to try vaulting over logs in fitness class.

  • Remember when moving felt good?

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    On top of the regular fitness schedule, RH gets even more technical with its Fitness Mobility classes. We’re talking deep and slow rotations, steady tension, hyper-focused stretches, and crazy-intense muscle engagement for the tiniest of movements. By the end of the class, your reach will be higher, your arm will twist further, and your trapezoids will begin to melt back into place. Yes, your mind will be blown but at least your knees won’t be!

    For those wanting to dive even deeper, performance classes are the new thing at RH and incorporate step-by-step methods to attaining a physical goal by the month’s end (i.e: handstands). Stay tuned with Restore Human’s Facebook page and newsletter for what’s in store in upcoming months.

  • Chill out

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    Sore from your newfound mobility? Cold therapy (or Wim Hof Method) is killing it in the anti-inflammatory world, and Restore Human is happy to show you how it’s done with its monthly Ocean Dip & Coffee Sip series.

    One Saturday per month, RH gets a crew together to undergo an intense breathing session followed by a one-kilometre barefoot run on the beach and a two-minute-minimum ocean dip. After the feat, brave ocean dippers immediately do a 10 minute, non-stop movement exercise to get the blood flowing. Trust us — you’ll feel incredible, and you won’t even need your towel!

    Oh, and coffee has never tasted better. That alone should inspire you to join their welcoming tribe.