The Best Vegan-Friendly Ice Cream Spots Across The US

  • Cassandra Pisone
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The Best Vegan-Friendly Ice Cream Spots Across The US

The sound of the ice cream truck. Sticky fingers from a melting ice cream cone. Standing in line filled with anticipation at the thought of what flavors you’re going to try — is there anything more nostalgic than ice cream? Some may even say ice cream is the great American pastime, but if you’re living a dairy-free or plant-based lifestyle, it may have been years (literally) since you’ve tasted the sweet, creamy flavors of summer packed into a waffle cone.

Luckily, that’s about to change because non-dairy ice cream shops are popping up all over our great nation —and we’ve rounded up the top 20. So whether you’re plotting out your end-of-summer road trip or just looking for your next favorite flavor, you’ll want to add all of these places to your Google Maps (and share this list with all your friends so they know what’s up).

  • Sweet Ritual (Austin, TX)

    Sweet Ritual
    image via @sweetritual | Instagram

    Whether ice cream is your go-to celebration or consolation indulgence (or both, if you’re us), you know it’s more than a food — it’s a ritual (see what we did there?). And this Austin spot offers exclusively vegan ice cream as well as gluten-free cones and toppings. Plus, most of their options are allergy-, paleo-, and keto-friendly. We recommend chocolate olive oil, toasted coconut, or unicorn poop (yes, you read that right!).

  • FoMu (Boston, MA)

    image via @fomuicecream | Instagram

    You may have seen FoMu in the ice cream section of your Boston area grocer, but we recommend going straight to the source for their plant-based ice cream. Their three locations around Boston offer coconut milk ice cream churned into a gelato texture in your old standbys chocolate and vanilla and non-basic flavors like bourbon maple walnut and sweet lavender.

  • Little Baby’s Ice Cream (Baltimore, MD | Philadelphia, PA | Washington, DC)

    Little Baby’s Ice Cream
    image via @littlebabysic | Instagram

    While some of Little Baby’s Ice Cream is made with a dairy base, their coconut cream base is just as decadent, rich, and creamy — and dare we say, maybe more delicious. Sweetened with agave nectar, you can choose from unique flavors like chocolate salt malt, speculoos, lychee lemonade, or vanilla coconut clove.

  • Chloe’s Fruit (NYC)

    Chloes Fruit
    image via @chloesfruit | Instagram

    Okay, while not technically an ice cream shop, Chloe’s Fruit serves what we like to call nice cream. And trust us when we say this place  is a must-do if you’re in NYC. They offer a frozen, creamy base made of banana, chocolate, mango, or strawberry that you can top your way or choose from one of their four sundae options. They also offer a seasonal base flavor and, wait for it… house-made vegan waffles.

  • Nami (Phoenix, AZ)

    image via Nami | Facebook

    We also thought the “tSoft tServe” was a typo, but Nami in Phoenix does things a little differently. Introducing their signature organic indulgence: the “tSoynami”. Order one and you’ll choose between a homemade vegan soy chocolate or vanilla ice cream base and then have the option to stir in all kinds of decadent treats like cake, cookies, and peanut butter. Or, you can just leave it up to the experts — they offer 18 signature tSoynami flavors, most of which are gluten-free, too.

  • KindKreme (Los Angeles, CA)

    Kind Kream
    image via @juristhea | Instagram

    Vegan and gluten-free aren’t new words in LA, but that doesn’t mean the ice cream options are ordinary. You can find this plant-based ice cream shop in the front of Sage, a well-known vegan restaurant in Echo Park. Beyond their signature banana coconut, mint chip, and coconut strawberry vegan and gluten-free ice cream flavors, you can get shakes, kombucha floats, and waffle sundaes (all also dairy-free, of course).

  • Van Leeuwen (NYC | LA)

    Van Leeuwen
    image via @vanleeuwenicecream | Instagram

    Van Leeuwen might just be the OG of vegan ice cream shops. From their humble beginnings in NYC, they’ve expanded to the West Coast and have an ice cream truck in both cities, too. Their cashew, coconut, and cocoa butter base is featured in all their seasonal specials (like passion fruit, pink lemonade, and vanilla with orange preserves and pistachio) and eight classic vegan flavors.

  • Holy Gelato! (San Francisco, CA)

    Holy Gelato SF
    image via @holygelatosf | Instagram

    Offering 12 vegan flavors (and vegan cones, too), Holy Gelato! is our ice cream fix anytime we’re in San Francisco. Their gelato is real gelato, not a vegan sorbet. And their flavors rotate daily — but if they happen to have peach & champagne or mint cookie when you stop in, don’t sleep on them. Wanna stay on your couch but are craving one of their sweet treats? They deliver via Doordash!.

  • Bobboi Natural Gelato (San Diego, CA)

    Bobboi Natural Gelato
    image via @suzzy_joo | Instagram

    While not all Bobboi’s flavors of gelato are 100% vegan, they made the list because their vegan flavors are 100%. We’ll just leave you with a list of some of our faves: bellini (yes, it includes champagne extract), dragon lemon, and pistachio.

  • Sticky Sweet (Portland, ME)

    image via @stickysweetmaine | Instagram

    BRB while we book a plane ticket to Portland, ME. Sticky Sweet started as—you guessed it—a sticky rice shop, but now, they’re also a plant-based creamery. The ingredient list is simple: coconut milk, raw cashews, organic Maine maple sugar, coconut sugar, coconut oil, and Maine sea salt. While all their flavors are home runs, a standout is the vanilla date caramel. And don’t worry, we won’t tell if you get a side of sticky rice, too.

  • Eb & Bean (Portland, OR)

    eb and bean
    image via @ebandbean | Instagram

    While we could have added Salt & Straw to this list because they make a mean vegan ice cream, Eb & Bean earned it’s spot in our list by offering a rotating list of three non-dairy soft serve flavors. Past options have included salty chocolate peanut butter, vanilla roasted macadamia, and amarena cherry lemon. They’re made with either an almond milk or coconut milk base and you can top them with a looooong list of goodies like vegan cookie dough, dye-free sprinkles, and five (!!!) magic shell options.

  • Frankie and Jo’s (Seattle, WA)

    frankie and jos
    image via @frankieandjos | Instagram

    The team at Frankie and Jo’s has spent countless hours perfecting their plant-based ice cream made from homemade cashew milk, gum-free coconut milk, and clever inclusions of adaptogens and superfoods. And it’s safe to say they nailed it. Ready your spoons, friends — this Seattle shop offers seven everyday flavors including salty caramel ash, gingered golden milk, tahini chocolate and three rotating seasonal flavors.

  • Over The Moon (Houston, TX)

    Over The Moon
    image via @extended__magz | Instagram

    Over The Moon is Houston’s first all-vegan ice cream shop but it gives every dairy-filled ice cream option a run for their money. Beyond cones or cups of mint chocolate chip, coconut, lemon and poppyseed, or vanilla charcoal (among 14+ others), they offer a selection of vegan toppings that are to-die-for. Oh, and did we mention they sell vegan cookie sandwiches, too?

  • Milkjam Creamery (Minneapolis, MN)

    Milk Jam Creamery
    image via @milkjamcreamery | Instagram

    We’ll let you in on a secret — Minneapolis is a foodie’s paradise. And Milkjam Creamery is here for it with vegan-friendly ice cream options like STRAWGUAVALIME (strawberry, guava, and lime), pink lady (raspberry sherbet w/ dark chocolate chips), and hibiscus lemonade.

  • Freezy Street (New Orleans, LA)

    freezy street
    image via @freezystreet | Instagram

    If you haven’t been able to try the new rolled ice cream trend because the only options at your local shop aren’t vegan-friendly, you’ll want to book your flight to NOLA now (and not just because you love a good pun). All of Freezy Street’s ice cream options can be made dairy-free and include delicious selections like Gimme S’more (chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow), My Thai (Thai iced tea and condensed milk), and Cherry Connick Jr.

  • Koko’s Ice Cream (Nashville, TN)

    kokos ice cream
    image via @kokosicecream | Instagram

    Nashville only has one locally-made, dairy-free, 100% plant-based, nut-free ice cream company — and it’s Koko’s. But just because they’re the only guys in the city offering vegan treats doesn’t mean they’re coasting. From their humble ice cream bike beginnings (you read that right), Koko’s now has a storefront where you can try scoops of their peppermint candy, cuban dark roast, and, of course, chocolate chip. They’re so good, you’ll forget it’s not made with dairy.

  • Magpies Softserve (Los Angeles, CA)

    magpies soft serve
    image via @magpiessoftserve | Instagram

    Magpies is the soft serve dessert shop dream of couple Rose and Warren. Half of Magpies signature flavors of the day are vegan at both their Silverlake and Tarzana shops, and they are all inspired by the team’s upbringing and heritage. Expect flavors like corn almond, black sesame, and orange creamsicle. And you’ll definitely want to go hard on their toppings.

  • Kippy’s! (Venice, CA)

    kippys ice cream
    image via @kippysicecream | Instagram

    Kippy’s! rose to fame with their ice cream cleanse, but stayed in our hearts due to their list of 14+ coconut-based flavors like kosmic matcha, goldenmik, cinnamon date (all made with five ingredients or less), and superfood toppings like goji berries, hemp seeds, cacao nibs.

  • Like No Udder (Providence, RI)

    Line No Udder
    image via @plantbased_raych | Instagram

    No udders were harmed in the making of this ice cream. Providence-based all-vegan ice cream shop Like No Udder offers soy-based soft serve and hard ice cream. You can’t go wrong with kitchen sink, maple grapenut, or the classic rocky road.

  • Nourish Creamery (Las Vegas, NV)

    Nourish Creamery
    image via @unlokt | Instagram

    Vegas typically isn’t the picture of health, but Nourish Creamery aims to change that perception. Besides lots of smoothies and pitaya bowls, half of their ice cream flavors are vegan, including earl gray tea, rose hibiscus, and taro. We also recommend getting the charcoal cone, because #insta.