Find Your Flow: 18 Incredible DC Yoga Studios

Find Your Flow: 18 Incredible DC Yoga Studios

Breathe in. Breathe out.

With all the hustle and bustle of the city life, channeling your inner yogi can be the perfect way to start or end your day, or both! Between baptiste, bikram, yogilates, yoga-barre fusions, and more, we’ve got your go-to studios for when you just need to breathe, stretch, namaste, and let. it. go.

We won’t judge you if you only go for the savasana.

  • Flow Yoga Center

    Flow Yoga Center | Best Yoga in DC
    image via Flow Yoga Center Facebook

    Serve. Nourish. Inspire. Gather. Flow Yoga communicates their mission well and manifests it at their two locations: P Street Logan Circle and their second studio on 14th Street studio. Married owners Ian and Debra Mishalove are also founders of DC Yoga Week and Yoga on the Mall. Their passion for community is grounded in the practice of Satsang, based upon the idea of being in the company of truth and good. Flow even builds in time before and after class to mingle and make connections.

  • Epic Yoga

    Epic Yoga
    image via Epic Yoga Facebook

    Right in the heart of DuPont on Connecticut Ave, embracing epic adventures on and off the mat is at the core of Epic Yoga’s story. Founder Emma Saal has a background in yoga, martial arts, and dance, so you might say she knows how to get your body movin’.. Barre, power hour, candlelight flow, yoga sculpt, and our personal fav, EPIClates — a combination of Pilates, dance, cardio-barre, AND yoga all in one. Epic Yoga also offers a weekly cOMmUNITY (yogis get it) class which is donation-based.

  • The Studio DC

    Here’s something you rarely find in DC: FREE YOGA. Once a month, The Studio DC offers Namaste Day—or free yoga classes all day. On a regular day, you’ll find hot yoga, non-heated classes, warm and welcoming, beginner level to advanced. At their two locations in DuPont and Adams Morgan, you’ll find class options including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and if you’re looking to melt away the tension, their restorative class is just for you. Big thanks to The Studio for offering a range of package deals with discounts for students and non-profits!

  • Unity Woods Yoga Center DC

    Yoga in DC
    image via @andmegansaid

    Touted as timeless rather than trendy, Unity Woods Yoga Center DC stands firm on their authentic, uncompromising, and expert yoga instruction. Founded in 1979 by John Schumacher, Unity Woods is now the largest Iyengar Yoga center in the U.S. Plus, John studied in India for 33 years – so you know it’s legit. NBD. This place knows yoga, but don’t be intimidated if you’re a beginner. They are excited to welcome newcomers into their beloved practice with their variety of classes! Check them out in Bethesda, Arlington, or DuPont Circle.

  • Yoga District

    Yoga District | Amazing Yoga in DC
    image via Yoga District Facebook

    Yoga District’s got something cool going on. Choose from one of their seven studios throughout, you guessed it, the District. YD’s mission is to make yoga accessible to all. We are a huge fan of their non-profit, Yoga Activist, partnering yoga teachers with diverse communities and social service organizations. YD also offers a work/study program, gifting free, unlimited yoga in exchange for 6 hours per week of volunteer work in the studio. So, if you’re looking to learn, volunteer, and practice, this is a pretty sweet (and generous!) gig.

  • Be Here Now Yoga, Healing and Wellness

    Be Here Now Yoga, Healing and Wellness2
    image via Be Here Now Yoga, Healing and Wellness Facebook

    On the hunt for your “personal truth?” Be Here Now Yoga wants to help you find it, and wants you to be well, live well. Each of their classes are for “all levels,” as their instructors have been trained to meet every student’s needs. They even offer several donation-based classes (their Community Classes), to reach students of all income levels. BHNY believes in the restorative, healing power of yoga and they do a great job of creating an oasis for their students. If you’re into sunrises and hot tea, start off your day with Sunrise Vinyasa Flow and carry that “omm” straight into tea time at the studio.

  • Kali Yoga Studio

    image via @kaliyogadc

    Kali Yoga is quality yoga. Every body that walks through the door can expect expert, caring instruction. But Kali has a mission beyond the mat.The KYS community supports one another in the evolution of their personal yoga practice. They also build community by supporting the environment, charity, and local businesses. Proceeds from their weekly donation-based Community Classes on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings go to the chosen charitable cause of the month. Yoga with a mission. We dig it.

  • Tranquil Space

    Tranquil Space Yoga in DC
    image via Tranquil Space Yoga Facebook

    Get down with the tranquility and tap into “The Tranquil Space Experience” at either location in DuPont or Arlington, VA. Tranquil Space knows there’s a ton of options to practice yoga, and they believe in the full ‘Tranquil Space Experience’—with special touches like mint, lavender spray, tea, and cookies. They offer benefits like spa-changing rooms, hands-on assists in class, exclusive workshops just for members, and so much more. We love their speciality classes, too — Yoga for Men, Mindfulness Meditation, and Tots & Tykes to name a few.

  • Down Dog

    Down Dog Yoga | Yoga in DC
    image via Down Dog Yoga

    Down Dog Yoga rolled out its first mat in 2003 in an old Georgetown garage. Now they need a few more mats. Washingtonians flock to any of four locations throughout the DC area. Though, we recommend getting your sweat on at the three locations closest to and inside of DC proper: Clarendon, Bethesda, and Georgetown. DDY practices power yoga in a 95 degree room, so check out their free week offer for newbies and don’t forget your water bottle.

  • Capitol Hill Yoga

    Capitol Hill Yoga in Boston
    image via Capitol Hill Yoga Facebook

    Capitol Hill Yoga (CHY) is a community-based studio, consistently ranked as one of the top spaces in the District. If you’re not sure which yoga practice is best for you try out their Yogahour classes (it’s like a yoga buffet). A mix of strength, balance, and fun music in lieu of wind chimes, Yogahour is the perfect class for newcomers. Bonus: You only need to bring yourself. Borrow a mat, sip on some tea, and even snag a towel.

  • Yoga Heights

    Yoga Heights in DC
    image via Yoga Heights

    Yoga Heights in Petworth uses the word “jubilance” to describe their community. And it’s pretty fitting. The two founders have years of experience under their belts and they’re passionate about making yoga and a healthy lifestyle work for you, even on a tight budget. Yoga Heights ensures each individual can practice through their work-study program. Added bonus: During the warmer months, they offer outdoor, rooftop yoga at 615am Tuesdays and 615pm Fridays nearby at Swift Apartments.

  • Breathing Space DC

    Breathing Space | Community Yoga
    image via @breathingspacedc

    Got a newborn? No problem. Toddler? Bring ‘em on in! Breathing Space DC is all about that family life. Their reason for existing is to provide a space for the whole family to experience yoga’s awesomeness. Examples include Baby & Me Yoga, gentle enough for newborn babies and postnatal mommies, as well as prenatal partner yoga – spouses, rejoice! Breathing Space, whose breathing space is on Capitol Hill, also prioritizes family wellness education, offering an array of classes to support the family during pregnancy, birth, and childhood.

  • Shaw Yoga DC

    Shaw Yoga D.C.
    image via Shaw Yoga D.C. Facebook

    Shaw Yoga’s home is a space called the White Room, a multi-purpose studio filled with bright, natural light. The Shaw neighborhood studio offers on average, 3 classes per day, to include a Yoga for Runners class every Tuesday. You can also find them at various pop-up yoga classes around the area. Kudos on their recent “Do Good, Get Good!” campaign, which rounded out the end of 2015. Shaw Yoga promoted good deeds by offering a free class if you snapped a pic and sent them an email detailing your gracious act. Ah, sweet karma and sweet yoga.

  • Yoga Noma

    image via Yoga Noma Facebook

    With the goal of being one of the most affordable studios in the DC area, Yoga NoMa offers $100 per month unlimited memberships. They offer several weekly workshops, including one of our personal favs, a Yoga Foundations class specifically for beginners and re-beginners. Particularly unique to Yoga Noma is their weekly yoga class offered in American Sign Language. Wow. How awesome is that?! We love Yoga Noma’s mission to serve their community well.

  • Hot Yoga Capitol Hill

    image via @liz_glover

    26 + 2, bikram yoga is calling to you! If you’re itching to flow (okay, sweat) through the 26 Hatha yoga postures coupled with two breathing techniques, this is the hot spot. HYCH has extensive time offerings for hot yoga class on a daily basis, with the majority being 90-minute sessions (in keeping with the classic bikram practice). If you’re looking for a relaxing yoga getaway, check out their inaugural retreat going to CasaOm, Mexico this year! And for those looking to learn more, HYCH also offers a work study program.

  • Yoga Del Sol

    Hot Yoga Capitol Hill | Yoga in DC
    image via @hotonthehill

    Setting up right on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown, Yoga Del Sol is one of the most beautiful yoga spaces in all of DC. With exposed brick walls and all the charm Georgetown has to offer, you will have no problems finding your inner zen at this studio. And since opening the studio, teacher Diego Del Sol has gained quite a following—consistently being voted one of the top yoga studios in the city. Classes are not centered around levels or competition, so even newcomers can feel comfortable participating in a class.


  • Dupont Circle Yoga

    Dupont Circle Yoga in DC
    image via @mimirieger

    Best tagline for any DC yoga studio: Turning type-A Washingtonians into blissed-out hippies since 2012. Dupont Circle Yoga, you so get us. If you’ve ever wanted to shake the person standing next to you on the metro (just SMILE already!), you have to try Dupont Circle Yoga. Your first two weeks are only $28 unlimited (so, you know, less than the cost of bottomless brunch) — you gotta try it out. Located just west of Dupont Circle (that’s toward Georgetown, guys—remember the quadrant), this gorgeous studio might be the one to get you into yoga.

  • Embrace Yoga

    Embrace Yoga in DC
    image via Embrace Yoga

    As every yogi knows, yoga is as much about the lifestyle as it is the practice. Embrace Yoga has dedicated itself to the lifestyle through weekly workshops and classes. Instructors and teachers are eager to share their individual areas of expertise—from meditation, karma, and even prenatal workshops—through mini seminars. Want to try ‘em out? They offer free community classes each Saturday at 915am, and Embrace newbies get a month of unlimited yoga for just $49.

  • Bluebird Sky Yoga

    Yoga in Washington, DC
    image via @bluebirdskyyoga

    Bluebird Sky Yoga was founded in order to bring art, mindfulness, and community to the neighborhood of Brookland. Their list of events and classes is enough to keep you guessing—featuring yoga n’ wine, live DJs, and even a superhero class (we didn’t ask). Name a style of yoga you prefer, we’re sure you can find a class that suits you. If you want meditation, martial arts, Vinyasa, or something else entirely; you’ll find a class to love.