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Beth Copenhaver

Finding a vegan alternative to most sweets is a little bit like chasing down a unicorn: just about impossible. Fortunately, husband-and-wife duo Shawn Peterson and Nicole Dao are here to save the day (and make dessert history) with DC’s very first plant-based donut shop — Donut Run.


Using all-vegan ingredients, these expert bakers have created a donut batter to compete with the best of ‘em. (We’re looking at you, Krispy Kreme!)

For those doubters in the room who don’t think vegan donuts can taste just as good as the real thing, consider these hit flavors: nutter butter, cookies and cream, peanut butter chocolate, Oreo, gingerbread, Cap’n Crunch, and matcha. If you’re still not convinced, then take a look at these highly-Instagrammable treats — they’ll make you forget everything you thought you knew about vegan sweets.

And it gets even better. Donut Run is currently working on perfecting a vegan cake donut recipe as well as gluten-free and soy-free alternatives. Plus, they’re always coming up with new flavors to enjoy (vegan bacon and maple, anyone?), and there’s even talks of a plant-based ice-cream stuffed donut. Seriously — there’s never been an easier way to ditch dairy.


Following two years of hard work and hustle as a pop-up, Donut Run is officially opening a permanent space. You can scope out their new storefront in spring 2019 when they take over the Vegaritos shop in Takoma.

And if you weren’t already excited, just know that free samples will be there waiting for you. That’s right — if you’re debating which flavor to try first, they’ll let you sample a free donut hole. We also hear that the staff has a reputation for being extra-friendly, so play your cards right and you just might get an extra sample. Just be sure to get your donut fix in the morning before your favorite flavor runs out for the day.

Serving up fresh donuts and locally-roasted coffee, Donut Run is bound to be your new favorite neighbor in town.