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MAR 24, 2020



Some things are hard to find in DC: parking, a studio that’s not an English basement or converted sunroom, bottomless mimosas under 12 dollars… Gluten-free options, however, are not one of them.

This city is filled with gluten-free restaurants, markets, and snacks — you just have to know where to look. From sit-down meals to food truck bites, there’s no shortage of gluten-free alternatives in this city.

Originally a food truck, District Taco has now opened multiple brick-and-mortars across DC and Virginia. This local spot pays special attention to specialty diets, noting all allergen information clearly on their site and offering corn tortillas by request for all menu items.

Imagine walking into a restaurant and not having to ask for a gluten-free menu because only gluten-free items are offered. You’re not dreaming, that’s The Little Beet in Dupont. Whether you’re building your own lunch from their protein and veggie bar, enjoying a ham and cheese breakfast sandwich, or treating yourself to a snickerdoodle cookie — every item is free of gluten contamination.

Jose Andres’ restaurants have always been centered around conscious cuisine, but you don’t need to drop three figures at minibar to enjoy a meal from the culinary genius. Each option from Beefsteak (beefsteak refers to the tomato variety) is packed with market fresh veggies. Plus, every menu item — minus the sandwich and seasonal salad — is gluten-free. Try it out for yourself in Tenleytown, Dupont Circle, or at George Washington University on 22nd St. NW.

Can we get a round of applause for the good &pizza has done for this city? Never has pizza —let alone gluten-free pizza — been so widely available at 3am. Each of their signature pies are available with a gluten-free crust, or you can build your own. Looking for suggestions? We’re partial to the Maverick and Gnarlic.

As its name suggests, the Flower Child chain is plant-based and health-minded, with almost everything on the menu checking in as gluten-free. Every bite is made from scratch and with all of their offerings just as appetizing as the Glow Bowl—spicy sweet potato noodles, jalapeño, coconut milk, sunflower butter, and more. If that sounded up your alley, we’re confident that this spot might just be the GF mainstay of your dreams.

In our humble opinion, Kyra’s Favorite gluten-free crust by Pete’s New Haven is one of the best-tasting crusts out there. All ingredients for Pete's trio of pizzerias are sourced from local farms and purveyors, so you know exactly where your pizza is coming from. If you want to get real wild with it, Pete's also offers vegan cheese.

Agora clearly notes gluten, dairy, and nut ingredients for each dish on their menu. The Turkish restaurant in Dupont offers a variety of gluten-free mezzes (small plates), including stuffed grape leaves, grilled calamari, and lamb dishes.

Before you cross the threshold of Rise Bakery, you'll see the phrase, "gluten-free, flavor-full" shining on the awning. There are facts and then there are tastes — Rise has got both, whipping up a variety of gluten-free goods that don't sacrifice quality or texture. Whether you're looking for avocado toast or a blueberry streusel muffin, you're sure to be satisfied.

One need not dig for gluten-free bites on the Busboys & Poets menu, the options are extensive: fried chicken, vegetable curry, shrimp and crab fritters… and trust us — the list goes on. With seven locations throughout the city, this artistically influenced eatery can satisfy a craving no matter where you’re located, and you’re always welcome to wash it down with an Omission ale.

This gluten-free patisserie in Falls Church boasts cakes, crepes, ciders, and more. Plus, the gluten-free goods are personal. When Owner & Executive Chef, Emma Chen, was training to be a pastry chef in France, she discovered she was gluten-intolerant. Thus, she set out to ensure she could always enjoy her favorite french pastries and luckily, share them with us. If you're feeling savory, grab the Californian crepe. Sweet? Try the Caramel Banana.

Always seasonal, always delicious, and always catering toward specialty diets, we were thrilled when True Food Kitchen came to the DMV, specifically Bethesda and Fairfax. Created by a doctor of integrative medicine, True Food Kitchen commits to making food that, “makes you feel better, not worse.” There’s more than enough gluten-free options on their menu, not to mention an array of vegan and vegetarian options.

This fast-casual Korean joint is the go-to spot for a quick lunch-break bite. Pick a rice bowl, sushi burrito, street taco, or salad as your base — it doesn’t matter ’cause it’s all gluten-free (as long as the filling is, too). We love a good street taco filled with spicy beef, veggies galore, and ginger carrot dressing.

One of the best things about living in this city is how easy it is to find food from all over the world. This Balkan restaurant on Capitol Hill has gone out of their way to accommodate allergen requests, publishing allergy menus for lunch, brunch, dinner, and dessert — with over 80% of the menu gluten-free.

Farmbird is changing the way people think about chicken, only serving birds raised on an all-vegetarian diet without hormones or antibiotics. Their menu is almost entirely gluten-free, sans sandwiches and mac ’n’ cheese. Our favorites are the Avocado Basil and Lemon Tzatziki — choose breast, thigh, or tofu over riced cauliflower or supergreens.

Eat Brgz boasts the “first truly custom made-to-order burger.” Is it true? You’ll have to decide for yourself, but there is no doubt that the namesake offering, ‘brgz’—beef, chicken, or Impossible—are accommodating to the gluten-free gang. Build your burger in a bowl or on a cauliflower bun, then choose from an array of signature mix-ins like the Kafta: garlic, red onions, bread crumbs, and kafta seasoning. And save room for one of their Super Shakes, mouth-watering milkshakes with 20+ grams of protein.


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